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Swedish Taco Night Fridays: A Mexican Food Supplies Store in Göteborg

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Extreme FOOD Blogg 

Yesterday I tripped on over to Gothenburg's (Göteborg) only real Mexican Foods Supply Store. It's a bit out of the way in an older part of the city overlooking the harbour. For those who know the area it's close to the Feskekôrkan (Fish Church) - building looks like a Cathedral but sells fresh fish - don't ask why!  Northern Europe is a challenge for a lot of good spicy flavours traditionally, but in these modern times with more and more exposure to the immigrant influences, things have changed. And for all those "keep things homogeneous only protestors", Hey, it's your own fault, if only Europe didn't try to conquer the rest of the planet and intro all those newer innovations in ethnic food diversity, Hmmmm, then you'd still be stuck with your Sourmilk & Mueusli för Früstuk and Meatballs & Potato Mash with Lingonberry sauce för Abendessen..... - Go figure!

Extreme Foods owner Mick Johansson

This is Mick's Mexican Stock Room shelving in the back. There are a number of things here that were of interest to me. Mainly the brand name "Cholula" stood out as well as some other popular brand names which will be familiar to most Americans as a well as Mexicans. I purchased two of the Chipotle sauces produced by different companies. I love the smokiness. Also that Clamato Juice (or Saft) on the right side top shelf is great when you add some Worstershire Sauce, Tobasco Sauce, Celery Salt and some Absolut Vodka. Everything the average Swede needs as a Frukost pick me up in the morning! Kidding of course. 

The Product Stocks!!!

Mick actually carries a common but well known popular brand of various items. One group of sauces which most Americans will recognize on the dining table at many Mexican Restaurants and Cafes in the southwestern part of the United States are the famous "Cholula" brand hot sauces. The original of course being the most popular and well known. I also found a number of other kool things on the shelf like refried beans, though I usually make my own from scratch. And Nopalitos, where are the younger springtime Prickly Pear Cactus pads which look alot like a Beaver's tail, hence the name often refered to some variety of a bluegreen of Cactus in the Southwest known as Beavertail Cactus. The taste to me is much like that of green beans when cooked. I generally wild collect back at home because they usually have a deeper richer flavour as do the fruits or Tunas as the Mexicans call them.

And who in the world could forget my Tenerife Canary Island wild collected Beavertail Prickly Pear Cactus pad and growing experiment gone terribly wrong here in Sweden. I thought the growth was great on my red clay Teracata Pot, but so did those stupid Spanish Slugs which have invaded Sweden. Stupid Slugs!!!

More sauces. Some mild, some medium and some hot. Many however are Nuclear on the heat scale. Something of an odd introduction to a northern European culture which is often times known for burning their lips on Katsup!!!

I admit it, I loved the interior decor.
 So Anti-IKEA

Asskickin product line of Southwest Specialty Foods

I loved this section as well. This line of products became introduced into the States somewhere around the late 1980s or early 1990s in a number of Specialty Food Stores found mostly in Tourist locations and then once becoming popular found their way into other main stream commercial Grocery Stores where you may find them today. They were one of the first to utilize the heat and flavours of the Habanero Chiles. My flavourite product, but we probably won't see them in Mick's store because of "Sell By Date Issues" are the Asskickin Habanero Corn Chips. Even though these Chips are eventually too hot to keep eating and you find the need to take a break, once your mouth has cooled off, this craving comes back for more. That's Habanero Chiles 
for you = Addicting!!!

Mick's wife was very friendly and hospitable
 as well. 
Okay, kidding of course!!!

TEXMEX från GRUNDEN by Jonas Cramby
This was an interesting book and one that is
apparently very popular here. Mick expects
to sell many as a gift giving present this year.
There are many in stock on the shelves and
packing crates or boxes.

And last but not least here are the products I purchased. We love anything Chipotle at home. I even make my own Chipotle chocolate mole at home from scratch using smoked Poblano or chile Ancho chiles purchased from ICA Stores. The Clemente Jacques Chipotle sauce in the squeeze container was great and though having some flavourful warmth, was not hot at all. 

I ever so greatful to have found this place in a such a cold northern wilderness where spicy flavours are not a native tradition. Though I hear things are changing. Below is a video in Swedish which is a short documentary of sorts for all those Swedish listeners and viewers. As always - Enjoy!!!

Once again here is the website:

Ingenjörsgatan 5 , Göteborg

ExtremeFood Göteborg

Ingenjörsgatan 5

411 19 Göteborg

Tel: 46+ 031-743 48 87

Mobile: 0708-80 70 18



  1. We LOVE Cholula!!!!! our daughter made chipotle yams for Thanksgiving using Bobby Flay's recipe...yummy!!! Glad you have some variety there in Sweden.

    1. Yeah I love Cholua too. The Chipotle sauces were a real find, I often make my own from scratch though as with many things here. Finding Mick's Extreme Foods shop was definitely a real find.



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