Monday, March 2, 2015

Astrobiology or Earth's Biology - which ?

If all of the dire News Reports on the Earth being in trouble ecologically are true, where have all those research funds & government grants gone for the purpose of reversing all this ??? 😕 Take a look at the image below. It was everywhere in all the News a while back & people ate it up like candy.

Alien Seed ???
Typical World Headlines Lately
"UK Scientists: Aliens May Have Sent Space Seeds To Create Life On Earth"  
"Antifreeze on Titan Could Affect Its Chances for Life"

Of course I could go on and on and list countless headlines and papers over the last few years where a plethora of  words like "could" or "might" or "perhaps" and "may" are used repeatedly in all of the Astrobiology literature and News Media haedlines. But isn't biology by itself supposed to tell everyone the just what "does" happen now or what "did" happen in the past ??? 😟 Years ago as a kid in the 1960s and later 1970s, I was intrigued by the fantasy of the possibility of life on other worlds. Hollywood actually helped out a whole lot with further promoting that fantasy, as they still do today. Of course I'm not exactly on speaking in terms of Hollywood anymore. Today mankind and our own planet face countless major ecological crisis after crisis which are very very real and Scientific experts continually pound their collective fists on the Media Soap Boxes declaring how dire the consequences will be if this Mankind doesn't listen to the science and change their habits. Yup, Climate Change is a real crisis, but unfortunately the warnings ring hollow when the very same people who led mankind and gave us climate change now insist you listen to them when they say "Trust us, we're Scientists. we can fix this." But on a similarly related subject we have something called Astrobiology, you know, the research of possibility of life on other planets even though it's never been proven. Once again, these so-called Astrobiologist experts who study this subject claim only they know what it takes for life to exist somewhere out there. Yet right down here on Earth, they haven't even come close to explaining how life originally got here or how to reverse life's present degradation. But supposedly because of their credentialed background, that's why they got the job in the first place, because they're the experts and know answers others do not, right ??? Then why can't regular down to earth biologists find real world solutions to reverse climate change & restore damaged ecosystems and improve or save existing wildlife habitats that go beyond mere half-hearted token protection concepts in the form of rabid protesting through eco-activism ??? Here's a start, how about eliminating pollution caused by Industrial Science-Based agriculture ??? With all their collective understanding about life on Earth, why not teach people around the globe to utilize a real world discipline we call biomimicry in caring for the earth ??? The fact is they really don't know have understanding of Earth's natural processes or we wouldn't be in this mess we are in at present. So how can anybody believe the almost weekly dosage of storytelling fantacies we are receiving in the Pop Sci News Reports on a daily basis about some mythical lifeforms on other imaginary earth-like worlds ??? Of course I still think it would be kool if life were elsewhere, but mankind has more pressing priorities now right down here on Earth. 

NASA image of Amazon
If they actually know how live works on other planets, then why aren't they down here helping correct this mess they themselves caused here on earth ??? Well, NASA has shown us good productive viable results through meteorological satellites which have helped identify important cloud formation mechanisms which old growth trees and shrubs from rainforests and other plant ecosystems help facilitate. This is imperative for helping the world to reverse climate change. But the fact is, while NASA does a number of great things to help us identify climate mechanisms in nature like those that create cloud formation like this recent photo on the right here, over the Amazon where clouds always form over healthy vegetation, the Astrobiology division appears to be nothing more than a fund raising distraction which deflects attention away from our miserable reality of life down here on Earth. And most folks like that and go along with the fantasy without questioning anything they say. It's a form of escape for most people, where wasting one's time debating on social media networking sites is more like a sport venue outlet then any real helpful viable discussion for problem solving. The reality is, NASA needs to recall all their astrobiologists back down here to earth to start researching and creating real world viable solutions for the Earth's real problems. Let me tell you what the real science was long before Astrobiologists started using divination to foretell the future from the stars. For me, the real science was done by the men and women scientists, engineers, mathematicians and others who created and designed the Hubble telescope, even though they later had to give it a contact lens for better universal eyesight. The real science were the scientists, mathematicians and engineers who designed and built the rocket ships which blasted Hubble from the Earth and released the Satellite into the orbit above us. Where the science fails is when Astrobiologists make up stories about what they think or imagine is out there based on personal bias, presupposition and blind faith religious metaphysical gut feelings of how they wish things to be somewhere out there. Now as I've stated, I would love for there to be other places in the universe where untouched pristine life could be existing and waiting to be explored, but the fact that Scientists are incapable of fixing anything down here on Earth leaves me extremely doubtful that these astrobiologists are even close to knowing what they are talking about. Had our planet been managed and maintained more responsibly based on accurate knowledge of how nature really works, I'd be much more willing to allow them a greater measure of leniency for their published stories. Recently, the world lost one of the great actors who helped all of us escape the reality of our miserable world around us, even if it was momentary. This was actor Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek star). Many of the basic myths of what could be out there as far as lifeforms were actually breathed life into by episodes of this very television series. For example you will often hear people talk about how real Silicon based lifeforms are possible somewhere out there. However, the only reason such a myth has itself been given any "life" is from none other than the mystic subject matter presented on one or two key episodes of "Star Trek." Leonard Nimoy was an actor, and so were the other cast and crew members who were nothing more just plain people on a movie set. None of them were scientists on an actual star ship which in of itself doesn't even yet exist. Neither does the so-called sustainable clean eco-green energy which was said to propel these mythical starships. But Leonard Nimoy also narrated some very interesting science programs. I wish he had done more, he had a great voice for it making science interesting.

The fact is, there never really has been any "bio" (Greek for life) in the field of Astrobiology. The articles that come out in various Pop-Sci journals are simply loaded with stories and myths inspired by fantasy for the business purpose of clickbaiting to increase ratings for advertisement revenues. You know what you get when you take the word 'bio' out of the word "Astrobiology" ??? You get Astrology. Know what Astrology was to the ancient Babylonian civilization who invented it ??? Divination. What these ancient priests did was simply gaze at and divine the stars to tell out future fortunes and happenings not yet realized or discovered. Of course these ancient Babylonian Intellectual wisemen also engaged in something known as hepatoscopy, where is fortunetelling by reading the livers of butchered animals. How scientific was that ??? Know what Carl Sagan had to say about Astrology ??? Listen to this 9 minute video on just what he said about astrology, especially at the very beginning and pay real close attention to his first line in the video:

"There are two ways to view the Stars. The way they really are and as we might wish them to be"
In many ways, I really miss Carl Sagan. I may not have agreed with many things he said and believed in, but he made Science far more interesting than those who've since laid claim to taking his place in explaining the cosmos. Today there are numerous Science Gurus who want to trip you off into another mythical world of multi-universes where reality is not what we know it to be here. They tell us there is no such thing as freewill or that real solid truth is just an illussion. Indeed, they believe truth is a collection of like-minded philosophers of Science who agree on a preferred worldview and exclaim the Truth has been established by Scientific Consensus. Seriously people, do you really like that kind of distraction to take you away from finding real world solutions for correcting things down here on Earth ??? At the end of last year 2014 a fantastic article came out about Climate Change which was far different from the other dumb boring political spitting contest articles by opposing sides on this issue that we generally read. It dealt with reality and viable options for solutions. I commented on it the first day it came out. I later went back and revisited it three days later to find out what others had to say and there were only 5 or 6 comments. Only 5 or 6, so I'm guessing most readers found a real honest article boring. Yet at that very same time, there was another modern day time wasting asinine article whose subject matter was something like, "Honey Boo Boo's Mama June has affair with Uncle Poodle who molested her Sister." Seriously folks, really ??? That article at the time I saw it had been out for only 4 hours and already had almost 2000 comments. People like being distracted from reality and slipping off into fantasy world at an alarming rate. Fact is people in general have no real viable hope that things will ever improve down here on Earth. Now more than ever the biblical words below have more meaning than ever before:
"And they took no note until the flood came and swept them all away. (Matthew 24:37-39)
Okay, you fill in the blanks! The point of that verse was that the people back then were preoccupied and busy with the customary daily activities of life, even though they were no doubt concerned about the prevalence of violence of that time. Unfortunately they paid no attention to Noah's warning which they viewed as a joke. Same application was further made with regards the city of Sodom, near the Dead Sea, in the days of the man Lot, a nephew of Abraham. The countryside was described like a paradise. The city was prosperous. The people were carefree. In the days of Lot the same warning is given where it says, “they were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building.” Had you lived back then would you have taken to heart the warning when Lot spoke out against bad practices??? Would you have listened when he told you that God had determined to bring the city of Sodom to ruin??? Or would you have treated it as a joke, as did Lot’s prospective sons-in-law??? Might you possibly have begun to flee but then turned back, as did Lot’s wife??? Now here we are today living in the time of the end which was referenced by making of a comparison of those warnings. People like being distracted and the world we all live in has no end to all the distractions available. We live in times where people just want to get back to a distracted sense of normalcy where the failed world on the outside is blocked out of their minds by countless distractions. In a twisted sort of logic, if the average person refuses to view the reality outside, then the real world problems don't exist. Please heed all the warning signs out there and stop putting blind faith in those who claim to be credentialed experts for whom you are indoctrinated into not questioning.
Update: July 4, 2019 - Mother Jones
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