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ICA Kvantum Sannegården: Our Personal Grocery Shopping Store

ICA Kvantum Sannegården

Well the picture above reveals the favourite ICA Kvatum Sannegården grocery Store my wife and I go to every week. We use to go to the Torslanda ICA MAXI a year ago previously and even the one near Mölndal on the other side of Göteborg. But there is one main reason we switched. I'll get to that at the end of the post. Of course I've written about the ingredients I purchase and use for Swedish Taco Night Fridays, but you can purchase those just about anywhere. However I will note that they have recently gone along way out of their way in adding great variety in the spices and Hot Sauces. I mean the last thing I thought I'd see is the American Brands like Dave's Insanity Sauce or Ass Kickin Habanero Spices & Salsa Products. I mean these are Swedes. Sweden like Great Britain I always thought burned their lips on Ketsup. (kidding) Seriously I never would have thought a store here would carry such products from the USA. Even the Santa Maria & Old El Paso Mexican line of products have create a heat level of spicyness on their line that was invented for the Gringo & Gringa palate. Even their version of *** Hot*** is not so hot for me. But lookie here what I saw today!

Photo: Mine
I actually took this Thursday afternoon when I went shopping. This is a portion of the display of the Ass Kickin Habanero Salsa, Sauces, spices and snacks Product line. They even have the little sample case gift packs. 

In fact a couple weeks ago a man and his wife were looking down an aisle to the left of this picture at another collection of Hot Sauces they wanted to give the friends they were going to visit that weekend. I directed them here above and they chose a variety gift pack of the Ass Kickin Habanero Hot Sauces
Today I met one of the store managers and asked about the Habanero Corn Chips like you can see here to the right in the photo. These things are hot and you have to stop eating them for a few minutes until your mouth cools down, but then you get this craving for more. Even Habanero Salsa has the same effect. A bit on the Nuclear side, but has a roasted sort of hot smokey flavour that is somehow irresistible. 

Photo: Mine
This display stand with many of the Santa Maria Taco Products was just across and in front of the Vegetable and Fruit produce section.

Photo: Mine
I did photograph one thing in the Produce Section. I've never seen CoronasSchwepp's Lime Mojito which I have never before seen to tasted before, so I got one. Still it was humorous to se all of this snuggled in between the Avocados and Limes. Great Sales ploy.

We tried the Schweppes Mojito with La Jimador 100% Puro Agave Tequila we got from friends who visited us this past summer and it was very good. Well actually we didn't really have a summer, but that's Sweden. On a special note, though you see Beer being sold in a Grocery Store here, this Corona like the other beers are a special brew with Alcohol percentage at 2.8% to 3.5%. Only the government run and controlled  SYSTEMBOLAGET  has the monopoly on the good stuff. The Mojito was actually pretty good and apparently popular to use in a variety of drink mixers or by itself. Tomorrow I'm making my well known  Swedish Taco Fridays Salsa recipe  and Chicken Chipolte chocolate Molle which is a sauce made from roasted smoked chiles (which you can actually get here - Chile Ancho) and chocolate among other ingredients. 

But hey, that is not what brought me to the  ICA Kvantum Sannegården in Eriksberg and drop the ICA MAXI in Torslanda & Mölndal. Actually I went out of my way for a couple years to go to the ICA Store in Torslanda because of their bread which were made fresh at the in-store Bakery. But after they did a major remodel overhaul in the Torslanda store, the upgraded and made a much larger and beautiful Bakery. However, they changed Bakery Supply Company and dropped the wonderful Rustic old world styled Bread so common on the continent which I loved because of it's moist chewy texture, and they went with some other supplier which has a bread that dries out quickly. when you bite into the french bread, thousands of crumbs go everywhere and their clearly is not the same flavour as the heavier bread recipe as before. However, the ICA Kvantum Sannegården store did pick up that favourite brand and that is why I go there. The other reason I like Kvantum better than a ICA MAXI is that the MAXI is like a giant Walmart with all manner of clothes, furniture and whatever else they can stuff into a store to maximize sales of everything. This Kvantum Store in Sannegården doesn't have all that. Their specialty is groceries and I have noticed they are able to concentrate on more a larger variety of specialty items.
Photo: Mine
Here is the ICA Kvantum Sannegården Bakery. The brand or style of bread is Stenugnsbakat. Numerous type of moist inside, crusty chewy on the outside breads.

Photo: Mine
When it's fresh I generally can't wait till the next day. I've got to have a piece NOW!!! My favourite is this chewy crusty outside bread with the large chucks of sliced Apple inside the moist bread. Sometimes I'll have a slice of Arla's Port Salut Cheese on it. Making me hungry just writing about it and it's late and I really need to go to bed.
Okay that was pretty much it. My wife and I have always found the employees there extremely helpful and friendly. Here they are to the left in the store photo. I don't really know their names with the exception of Andreas there who is the tall one. But I definitely recognize most of them since I'm there every week. I would suggest to readers of this blog in and around Göteborg, that you go once a week or once every two weeks and stock up on some of their breads. You can immediately put them in freezer plastic bags and keep them frozen until you need them. I use to be in the Gourmet Bakery Distribution business in Southern California and I can professionally say that this bakery's bread is the real deal. Keep stopping by as I'll have more recipes on Swedish Taco night Fridays as a regular post.
ICA Kvantum Sannegården Website!
Dave's Insanity Sauces & Gourmet Products Line

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