Thursday, October 25, 2012

Salton Buttes Volcanoes: Not as Old as Once Thought & Still Active ?

photo by Cliechtenstein (Crawling Around Geology)
Salton Buttes Volcano field at the southern end of Salton Sea and northern reach of agricultural fields.
Image - L.A. Times
Note the location of the Salton Buttes Volcanic Fields. Also take note of the recent pattern of Earthquake incidents this past summer as numerous swarms of quakes shook the area this past summer. In fact it was heavily reported on back in August of 2012 this past summer as this L.A. Times article reveals
L.A. Times: "Earthquake swarm 'classic' activity for Brawley area, USGS says"
In some ways this is exciting. I've been to Salton Buttes Volcanic Field and the hissing bubbling hot mud pots and mini volcano mud domes fields. It's a really kool area. But it appears that geologists today are taking a fresh look & newer viewpoint on the actual age of this field as much younger than they first thought. It was once thought that this field was attributed to seismic activity along large well known San Andreas Fault Zones. They once thought the area last erupted about 30,000 years ago, but new information has come to light that has last eruptions as early as between 940 & 0 BC. That's less than yesterday in geologic time. The interesting thing about the alarm being given is that Scientists are now monitoring several potential live active volcanic fields and Salton Buttes is on that live active list. The seismic activity epicenters on that map back in August did not exhibit the typical main initial shock and aftershocks patterns which it would be were it on the tectonic faults. Note that the swarms of quakes are actually away from the Fault lines marked in red lines on the map. This is why they are taking a more serious monitoring approach to this area. Below is the full article from Live Science:
(Articles Source)
Salton Sea Volcano Mystery Solved

Further Food for thought and discussion. does anyone remember the great Indonesian Mud Volcano disaster and who and what caused it's existence ? Seriously, Fracking and Energy Well Drilling. And what exists and continues to be explored down in this region of the Salton Sea and Imperial Valley ? Geo-Thermal Exploration. could these activities even slightly be responsible for recent earthquake swarms in the area ?

Indonesian Mud Volcano Was Man-Made, New Evidence Confirms

Just Something to Ponder


  1. Interesting. One of my students, years ago, mentioned the mud pots, but I've never seen them. Time for a trip down there after school one day!

    1. Or make a field trip of it with students and have the school pick up the tab. The area is really kool. That pyramid shaped cone jutting up out of the ground like that when everything else is flat is astonishing.

  2. I just read that there are plans in Pennsylvania to do some fracking only a mile away from a nuclear power plant. A representative from the power company doesn't think that's a problem!

    1. Wow, a mere mile away. Well like I said, it's something to ponder in view of mistakes that have been done elsewhere on our planet. Time will tell. But ultimately it's things are governed by the "Golden Rule" - "Remember the Golden Rule. The one with the Gold makes the Rules"

  3. Does anyone know if you are aloud to play in th?e mud from these mud volcanos

    1. The area is open to the public. As far as playing in the mud, I have no idea if it is too hot to handle, but I guess a person could try it. You must be thinking in the therapy sense ?


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