Monday, October 1, 2012

75 minutes of Thunder and Rain - Relaxed and Soothing sounds for your ears

Typical Summer Monsoon Forecast
Some time early on this blog I have posted about my love for the monsoon season. Not just any rain event, but summertime monsoonal rain events with all the Thunder & Lightning that goes along with it. 

Of course there is even more. To me summer rains mean the scent and fragrances that come along with them. Back in the 1980s, long before internet reading I did things the old fashioned way with a book and a chair or couch on my covered porch deck in the afternoon. Whenever there was a weather report indicating monsoonal moisture out of the east from Arizona to California mountains, then you knew porch reading in the afternoon was going to be a pleasure. 

By Meteorologist Kevin Martin

Southern California Weather authority
A big part of the experience for me was not only the sights and sounds, but also the almost addictive highs one gets off the refreshing fragrances which came off of the Redshank or Ribbonwood chaparral and also from the low deserts filtering up through Coyote Canyon from Borrego Springs the smell of the Creosote Brush. I recently found an audio recording of a Monsoonal Thunderstorm which lasts for 75 minutes. The sound is wonderful to read by and I have had rain forest sound recording before, but found this by accident yesterday. It starts off slowly with rain and thunder moving closer until finally it's right on top of you. Then at the 58 minute mark it starts to taper off as it does in real life. I remember sitting for three hours after the initial blast came through and a slow steady gentle shower just pelted away at the roof until the cloud formation was dry. Sometimes it was something to fall asleep by.

Essential Oil Humidifier
The only other thing that would make this listening pleasure perfect is to have some sort of replication of those fragrances & negative ions floating all around in the air in your room when you are listening and reading. And I think I've found an answer. We use to have a humidifier which had a reservoir depression just where the mist came out which you filled with your favourite Essential Oil (Volatile Organic Compound Tincture or oil extraction from plants). You know of course any proper monsoon season has high humidity. So that is a must along with the fragrant atmosphere. Surely such oils could be made from home if you've got the proper equipment and know how. Can you imagine having Creosote & Redshank essential oils ? Of course around our globe many people experience fragrances which are local to their areas, but you can adjust accordingly. 

There are countless other recordings on Youtube, but you can find them. Enjoy the experience from the one posted above if you have time (75 min). And don't forget to Bookmark it. 



  1. I'm listening to your storm audio, over and over...I can feel the humidity until I look outside. Then, back to 80F, no humidity, dry ground, and clouds building up on the opposite side of the mountains, etc.

    But so soothing. No music needed! Thanks...I need this. I'll probably repeat play this until dinner time.

    1. Yeah that is the way i was when I first heard it. Relaxing while you work. If I'm not listening to that then it's Enya or something close like Ed Van Fleet instrumentals like "Grand Eagle".


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