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Time Out Post: Guerrila Habitat Improvement

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In  the archives of both my blogs, this one you are reading and "Earth's Internet" I have a number of personal accounts of Guerrilla Habitat Restoration. There are a number of organizations and folks out there somewhere who just plain love the natural world who have privately and covertly created natural beautification enhancements where it was once lacking. One such example comes from Tucson Arizona where an un-named individual made a rather remarkable street improvement where nothing more than just plain gravel existed between a sidewalk and the street in what is normally a planting space. Such spots can be found everywhere in any city, in need of loving care by some dedicated landscaper, Guerilla or otherwise.

By Matt Griffiths
The improvement involved digging up a volunteer Mesquite Tree Seedling and transplanting it where it would be better appreciated instead of being weeded out of it's previous location. Now there is no surprise that I love deserts and all things to do with Mesquite Trees. But this mystery individual/s (He & Wife) documented the progress of their tree rescued seedling and transplanting into a location that badly needed improvement in a location where no one including the city cared to bother with. Frankly the idea of doing such a thing appeals to me because I also have done things similar with regards to Torrey Pine tree planting where they shouldn't have existed. Take a look.

Guerilla Street Tree Planting of Mesquite in Tucson Arizona

Four years from seedling to street tree
 Guerilla Street Tree Planter's comment on their success with their covert street improvements:
"My sweetheart and I noticed this tiny mesquite seedling sprouting beside an old stump in 2007. We watered it and look: Shade in 2011!"
Here is their next apparent attempt at improvement of a property where the landlord didn't care to create a nice habitat for his Tenants.

"Planted May 17 2011. Three little seedlings on the brutally hot west side of a three unit house.  The tenants like to sit on the steps and visit. I can’t wait to see them shaded. This works best on properties with indifferent tenants and  landlords that don’t care."

I sure hope they update us on  it's progress!

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