Friday, August 17, 2012

Ökenliv (Desert Life 2012) Cactus & Succulent Art

A large part of the Desert Life theme this year was the creative way of incorporating Cactus and Succulents into various art forms. Take a look at the photo gallery of Arts & Crafts from this year's show.

photo: Mine
Desert Chair art with Barrel Cactus as the foot stool, hanging pictures in the background consisting of various succulents and a Lamp created by an upside down cactus plant in it's Nursery Container. You definitely 
don't want to sit in this chair.

Looks almost like a very old chair you'd see in your Grand Father and Mother's house.

Close up shot of Cactus Lamp
I have to say here on many of the varieties of Succulents used above, that I have these very same plants in the cracks and crevices of my backyard in that mass of Granite Bedrock and they survive the nasty winters here. I suppose or imagine they would fry in the Deserts southwest though. Go figure!
photo Mine
I would imagine this is something like a morning breakfast scene.
photo: Mine
Examples of decorative pieces that could be utilized as accents to walkways or decks

This of course was the front entrance to the interior greenhouses where frost tender cactus and succulents from around the world are perminantly housed. But I wanted to draw attention to the giant outdoor pots and the rock slate they incorporated as a decorative mulch. Below are some close up examples.

photo: Mine 
Charcoal coloured slate used as a decorative mulch
Photo: Mine
 No weeding problems here
Succulent arrow arrangement pointing towards Entrance

Photo: Mine
This is what greets you at the Greenhouse entrance.

photo: Mine
Examples of Succulent Picture Framed Wall Art
Here is a quick blow up gallery of the above art framed works which utilized old fish crates from the Fish Market. I've used old agricultural equipment parts as well in outdoor cactus arrangements. Clearly they could be incorporated on indoor themes also.

photo: Mine
All 4 of these above examples would be perfect for decorating an Arizona or California room which are nothing more than enclosed porches. At the very least these can stimulate interest and creativity utilizing house plants that don't require the regular maintenance of the common popular examples of indoor plant decor.

Photo: Mine
This whole room was loaded with Artwork examples before walking into the main Cactus House
Photo: Mine
These would make great artworks for the newly rebuilt and renovated Salome Cafe & Cactus Bar
Tomorrow more on the actually education on desert Life presented and Greenhouse itself .


  1. Wow, lots of succulents! I don't have any here at home, but I find them nice.

  2. Succulents make such wonderful art pieces around the garden. I've had an interesting mix of success and failure with a variety of them. We have to watch the freezes here and in most cases, the direct sun.

    1. Incredibly though, many of the examples they show in the artwork with the ones on the outside actually do well here. In fact I've purchased several from Nurseries here and inserted them into the rock crevaces where they have been for several years now and they survive extreme below Zero cold. It's a matter of finding the right ones. On another note however, some succulant will fry in direct sunlight of deserts, so homework and asking the experts what works is imperative.


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