Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Playground Behind Our Home

New Playground at the end of the Lake

My wife and I were taking a walk around the lake behind our home. It's been some months since springtime when I was last there and surprise surprise. This end of the lake is most popular with families and sometimes they have summer concerts there. Of course the cultural origin of the music is mostly immigrant. 

Photo: Mine
Newer boat dock replaces the old rotten one that was there and the wooden deck in the background along the shoreline with steps and lakeside seats is a new addition which wasn't there previously.

The New Playground. Let's hope it lasts

A common site not mentioned 
in the Tourist brochures
I know I know, it sounds negative. But Sweden has a terrible delinquent problem with it's boredom plagued young people and destruction or vandalism of public Bus or Trolley Stop property.  Not exactly the picture an outsider has of Scandinavia is it ? Or for that matter something the Authorities will admit takes place at all.  Don't you love Tourist Brochures ????????  *smile*

Photo: Mine

We had similar giant log climbing pieces in parks in Southern California. The difference being the absence of mosses and lichens on ours. 

Photo: Mine
Notice in the background a little foot trail with climbing ropes for little kids. It doesn't go to far. Just a small loop.

Photo: Mine
These Swings were really kool. Not exactly created and restricted to little kids. Even adults could enjoy these Swings. Sorry for the sideways image, but they were not that way originally. Below here is an important warning however on this new rubberized matting which apparently has some health issues:
New Study – Many carcinogens found in Yale analysis of crumb rubber infill and playground mulch surfacing 

Bar-B-Q pit
Another nice feature added was an improved picnic area for families who want to Bar-B-Q. The climate here is not exactly conducive to grilling weather and outings, but people still do it. When I go out and Bar-B-Q, I used the usual pine to get it started, but then I go into the woods and cuts some small wild apple tree branches which of course are still damp and create a lot of smoke to add flavour to the meat being slowly cooked over  the slow burning coals. Not many know of Applewood's wonderful qualities when it comes to flavour. Most people here know only fast grilling.

Picnic Area in the background near the lake.

Photos: Mine

The two top photos are examples of islands created out in the middle of this rather long lake. In Springtime this place is crazy with all manner of bird species like Ducks, Geese, Coots, Sea Gulls and other Sea Birds that fly inland away from the sea water coastal areas to nest in shallow freshwater lakes and marshes of which there are literally millions here.


  1. Hello there!!! Oh my sorry it's taken me so long. Okay don't shoot me....but I kinda like this park. It looks like some excellent birding and critter watch could happen here:) But as you say, I hope the idiot young ones who think it's fun to vandalize decide to leave this place alone. But what a beautiful park.

  2. I never would have guessed on the vandalism..."uff da", as they say in Minnesota.

    The scenes are so dark, green. I;m enjoying the way their play areas are set up, as well as the clean look of the dock and wood work. Slow grilling with apple wood sounds divine. I often use apple chips when I cook on the gas grill, to impart a flavor. But mesquite is used the most!


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