Thursday, May 10, 2012

'Rancho Fruit Market'

Temecula California

Becky Bevel - Rancho fruit Market - (951) 676-5519

Now below here is a picture of Tom Bevell who is the Fruit Stand's owner with his wife Becky (the Beck). Uncle Tommy is the skinny one in blue over on the left in that photo. Then of course there is his sister-in-law Chello who was gone at the time visiting her Son I believe in Oklahoma. Or as she was affectionately known as the Chello-meister. - kidding!

Photo: Mine
There's Uncle Tommy at the entrance in blue shirt.
Below is a short video taken by a regular customer. Nice short video which pans around the country store.

Temecula Night Out
The old Rancho Fruit Market is what I remember. It was out on Hwy 79 South going towards Warner Springs and Anza way. Driving east from the I-15 freeway it was just a mile past the Pala Road turn off which goes to the Pechenga Indian Casino. The Barn unfortunately burned down under some suspicious circumstances and they eventually went to a roadside Fruit Stand location on the way to Fallbrook. Later they moved to a location on old Hwy 395 in Rainbow, thereafter to moved next door to their present location next to the Swing Inn Restaurant in Old Town Temecula where they have the best Steak n Eggs served almost all the time.

Now if I was to describe the old Farm Implement Barn they leased and ran the original Fruit Stand out of it would look a lot like it's twin sister Barn still in existence down at an old Homestead I assume is run by the Temecula Historical Society. Here's a picture. It has the same exact architecture and style with corrugated tin roofing.

Well if the Beck can answer my emails, I'll post several shots of the Good Ol'Days before Temecula became a giant of a city. On a sad note: Tommy's Uncle Jack Bevell who was always a part of the old Rancho Fruit Market at Hwy 79 passed away not long ago. Seems like so many have passed away who were regulars at Rancho Fruit Market. As an update, Jack Kluggman who was a close personal friend of Tom Bevell also died a while back. 

Here is an update of another individual who died just just recently and did a show of old downtown Temecula and that guy is Huell Howser. He did a show a couple years back on Old Town Temecula and it was uploaded on Youtube in 2011. Such a sad passing to someone who had a talent for making out of the way places so interesting and with such a friendly country charm.
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  1. Interesting post! We have lots of these fruit stands here in Maryland. It is a great way to buy and support local products. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Everywhere I go I like stopping at some Mom n Pop fruit stand. Even in Ruidoso New Mexico when we were at a family reunion we stopped at Frank's Fruit Stand owned by Frank Cox who just so happened to be a cousin of Jack and Tom Bevell.
      Frank Cox always had signs advertising his North Carolina Peaches and Georgia Tomatoes, but Tom and Jack sadi they saw him every Friday Morning loading up his large truck with LA Market produce from California.

  2. Oh, I love Temecula and the road to Warner Springs. We go that way when we drive out to Ramona...stop there at the corner where the road splits and one way goes to Julian, the other to Temecula...Sometimes we'll drive to Julian just to get an apple pie!!!!

    1. Rancho Fruit Market use to carry Dudley's Bread from Santa Ysabel, but Mel Ashley and Marylee sold out. Now she runs a treasure store across the street. We saw she an Mel last summer when we past through.

  3. I love supporting the "Mom & Pop" stores. On our trip to San Francisco we stopped at a Fruit Market in Half Moon Bay and got the best strawberries ever. Deep red, firm and very flavorful.

    1. Hmmmmm, they sound like the Chandler Strawberries we use to buy at Rancho Fruit Market. Tom told me that the woman in Fallbrook who use to grow them exclusively for him retired, so he has to get them from LA Market like everyone else.


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