Monday, April 23, 2012

Pod Wavelem Restauracja (Polish Hofbräuhaus)

Well just to take a short break and share something fun we did last night in Krakow Poland. If you've ever been to München Deutschland and went to the Hofbräuhaus then you should know that Poland has it's own version of German/Czech/Polish food and Beer Hall. This is right in the center of town below the castle. I can't remember the name of the castle, but once you've seen one you've seen them all.
After coming from Sweden and the insanely outrageous prices there, it was refreshing to step back in time to what prices were like decades ago. More on that, but first here are some more gallery pics.

First thing you see when you walk into the hall are the Polish "Tyskie" and Czech "Pilsner Urquell" bier taps. My 1 Liter of Tyskie bier was (12 Polish zloty) U.S. dollar = 3.77988 U.S. Dollars

I had the Wienerschitzel mit Kartoffel Salat (Potato salad). The food was unbelievable in large portions. My Wienerschnitzel, Saurkraut & Potato Salad was (20 Polish zloty) U.S. dollar = 6.2998 U.S. Dollars
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, Apfelstrudel mit meine Frau !

They had so many foods that you will find both in Germany and Czech Republic as well. Here are some examples of traditional foods that fill you up in cold regions.
Here is their version of a Kebab seen here at the outdoor sun room or garden room area. You can actually choose different side dishes to go with it. They eat a lot of cabbage there and that is reflected in the various forms of Sauerkraut you find there. Even shredded beet roots are a favourite. Root crops are very big there.

Traditional Bavarian pigs knuckles are popular. We also saw a lot of this in Prague restaurants.

A sort of puffed up potatoes with meat and mushroom sauce served with Sauerkraut & Beets

Duck is another popular favourite over there. Don't really see it much in the States.

Another thing that absolutely amazed us is the amount of weight these little waitress gals could carry on all those trips. As you can see above, they aren't shy about feeding you. In Sweden you wouldn't even be given half that amount and it would also cost you an arm and a leg.
Like Germany they serve some serious food and the Wurst (sausages) are almost completely solid meat, unlike the Swedish Korv (sausage) which usually has alot of fillers like fat and meal. The Sausages or Wurst are one of the most popular things for Swedes to bring back to Sweden after the holiday.

Of course there we also saw some guys (it's always the guys) really downing their fare share of the ever popular BEER at low prices.

The men's toalette area had numerous urinals (Pissors) and sometimes they had other services to relieve oneself of the excesses.

Of course no self respecting HofBräu would be without emergency facilities seen above in the men's Toalette!!!
Pod Wavelem Restauracja

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