Friday, June 17, 2016

Text Messaging My African Brothers in Gothenburg

Sending Text Message to the Brothers:
"Greetings, wish you were here" 

image: Kevin Franck
Sending greetings to all the folks at Gothenburg Engelska Församling. Seriously, this is real communication. Even a child gets this, take a look below at this cute one minute video of a father and his one year old son.

image: Kevin Franck
The Kumbu Kumbu Market Cyber Cafe. I know, it should be Kumbi Kumbi Cyber Cafe, but the setting is east Africa, not the Congo!

image - uncharted101
This is the WaTuTu village. Notice those familiar Acacia trees ? And notice below some familiar animal friends ? I belong in areas where Acacia and Mesquite thrive. Reminds me of a post I wrote of the African Prosopis tortilis trees of the Savanna.
Acacia tortilis: Poster Image of African Savannas

image: Kevin Franck
Even Mama Bettan says hello among her new friends the Jumping Cholla Cacti

image: Kevin Franck
Now see what some of you Swedish born African descent kids are missing from living in Sweden and not living down in Africa ?

See you back in Göteborg

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