Friday, June 17, 2016

Text Messaging My African Brothers in Gothenburg

Sending Text Message to the Brothers:
"Greetings, wish you were here" 

image: Kevin Franck
Sending greetings to all the folks at Gothenburg Engelska Församling. Seriously, this is real communication. Even a child gets this, take a look below at this cute one minute video of a father and his one year old son.

image: Kevin Franck
The Kumbu Kumbu Market Cyber Cafe. I know, it should be Kumbi Kumbi Cyber Cafe, but the setting is east Africa, not the Congo!

image - uncharted101
This is the WaTuTu village. Notice those familiar Acacia trees ? And notice below some familiar animal friends ? I belong in areas where Acacia and Mesquite thrive. Reminds me of a post I wrote of the African Prosopis tortilis trees of the Savanna.
Acacia tortilis: Poster Image of African Savannas

image: Kevin Franck
Even Mama Bettan says hello among her new friends the Jumping Cholla Cacti

image: Kevin Franck
Now see what some of you Swedish born African descent kids are missing from living in Sweden and not living down in Africa ?

See you back in Göteborg

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Face of the Climate Change & Drought in San Diego County

Google Maps
Remember the old saying a picture is worth a 1000 words ? This first picture below is in San Diego county in California along Hwy 79, close to the junction of highways 79 & 76. The man made reservoir which created Lake Henshaw is now itself practically a mud hole. This first photo is of an iconic Cottonwood Grove which for me has existed since my childhood in the early 1960s when our family took those Sunday drives out into the rural backcountry. Over the years this cottonwood grove always thrived, even during the dry periods. The cattle which grazed this property which I believe is owned by the Vista Irrigation District and leased out to ranchers always found shade and shelter in this grove from the hot summer sun. Those days are gone forever. But these past several years have been different. Aside from the obvious lack of measurable rainfall, it just seems that other factors are playing out in this present environmental degradation.
photo credit - Kevin Franck - (May 15, 2013)

These native Fremont Cottonwoods are all but gone now as the picture below reveals. What ever rains have fallen have been spotty at best. Even Palomar Mountain to the west of here which historically received 8" to 13" even during small winter storms because of it's unique geographical location has at best gotten 2" to 3" in latest storm events these past seasons. Nothing in the realm of drenching downpours, subsoil recharging caliber floods which were promised by the Press and Scientific soothsayers has happened this past season. Their promised weather Messiah El Nino was a bust, a fraud and as usual unpredictable. The El Niño eco-activist cheerleaders around the internet with Pom Poms were smoke screening the true irreversible climate change problems behind the scenes. Nobody wants to deal with such a possibility as the idea that human activity has gone to far to be salvaged. I understand wanting things to improve, maybe even getting back to the way things use to be (whatever that was), but times have changed and I'm afraid we've gone well past that point of no return scenario many scientists have feared regarding reversing the climate degradation. The photo below is viewing towards the south. from that point on 1000s upon 1000s of native Oaks are dying. Even many area of chaparral are in trouble.

photo credit - Kevin Franck - (June 11, 2016)

Failed Predictions by Forecasters
And for those who believed what all the cheerleaders said about El Nino saving the day for Central and Northern California, think again. Yes they got large amounts of rainfall in some locations and many mountain areas had large snowpacks. But these mountain ecosystems have a long way to go before subsoil moistures are restored well enough to capacity to allow wild native plants to maintain health and vigor during the dry hot months of the year and these areas are also setting record high temps across the board. Record high temps early on allowed snow melt much earlier as opposed to later when much needed water would be most needed in the peak of Summer. This entire year has thus far had each month setting new heat record highs and this month of June 2016 is set to break even more records as I write. Take a look at the video below of how dire the situation is in forests of the Sierra Nevadas. Eco-Activists don't have to worry about the Timber Industry, nature is deforesting itself in response to irresponsible scientific innovation.  

Update June 19th 2016
 SF GATE: California drought bummer: Sierra water runoff coming up short
But there are some possitives, but they're mainly localized urban landscape ones
photo credit - Kevin Franck - (June 30, 2014)

Pisolithus tinctorius truffle
It was on June 30th 2014 when we first planted Foothill Pines, Engelmann Oaks, California Holly and Cleveland Sage. By most folks standards it was risky because it was during a time of 100+ temperatures outside. We of course inoculated each planting with MycoApply, but I also had visited the Hwy 79 Desert View Vista Point south of Julian and collected numerous truffles of the mycorrhizal fungi Pisolithus tinctorius. The one here to the left was huge as comparison to the USA 25 cent coin shown for scale. I also incorporated crushed truffle spore powder within the soil of each plant. Below this year is the first I've seen of truffle formation on my brother's plants.

photo credit - Kevin Franck - (June 11, 2016)

The photo below is a Foothill Pine [Digger Pine] (Pinus sabiniana) which is probably a little more drought tolerable than others even native to the area and this particular location and climate. Although like others, this pine has limits as well. Back on June 30, 2014, this plant wasn't even a foot tall when I purchased it for my brother at Las Pilitas Native Plant Nursery in Escondido, which also has gone by the wayside. Other decades old specimens exist on  other folks properties here in Ranchita and are doing exceptionally well. Hence I thought it a good fit for my brothers 5 acres in an enviornment which is often challenging because of it's dry climate nature, heat and constant prevailing wind conditions. Not many of the conventional retail plant nursery pics of non-natives will make it up here.

photo credit - Kevin Franck - (June 11, 2016)

 Some references for home gardeners and urban landscapers [habitat restoration is out of the question for the moment]
Is it safe to plant & water California Natives Plants in Summer ?
Creating Chaparral Alcoves in your Landscape for personal regeneration & meditation retreats 
Deep Irrigation Methods for Training Deeper Rooting networks 

Concluding Commentary

It's commendable that many wish to fight to save what remains as a remnant of what once was. Unfortunately all the environmental activism in the world is not going to save anything. Mainly because the passion so often is hatred filled against those deemed as the cause environmental ruin as they see it and their solution is to force the opponant. Declaring massive tracts of land as Preserves, Reserves, Wilderness or National Monuments are certainly admirable, but these are not going to reverse anything regarding climate and other natural world ecosystem disruption. And what are they really saving anyway ? The rescued Land has already been degraded long ago of any old growth plant community ecosystem and it's inhabitants. These heroic acts are more of a symbolic victory than viable corrective solution. More often than not it has become a maneuver to trip up a much hated political opponant's ideological worldview. There is no real materialist fix here or viable scientific solution. Despite the propaganda about Science, it is truthfully not the self-correcting fix all which will reverse the damage caused by the misuse and abuse of industrial science for over a century of imaginary enlightenment. Science today is infected with way too much politicking and ideology. As time pants on to the end, the words of United States Environmental Lawyer, Gus Speth, ring so true. Mankind's problem is a spiritual one and not a materialistic innovative one. And by the word/term 'spiritual', we're talking about clean healthy human personality traits which are not necessarily something physically seen, but rather the secret person of the heart expressed in daily conduct. Every man, woman and child in every land around the globe has to be on the same page morality-wise if mankind and nature is going to have half a chance. Qualities such as neighbour love, which mainly is a respect for fellow man and nature. But admittedly, even the world's mainstream religions are bankrupt on this one. It's funny, I get slammed by both sides if I refuse to participate in one position or another. The old biblical saying, "The Truth will set you Free" doesn't really apply with this subject, especially since telling the truth in this present dysfunctional system more often than not gets you hammered by either side.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nature has been creating "Ocean Dead Zones" long before Humans ever existed ?

Quote of the Day
"Erosion and eutrophication are very natural processes. This has been happening long before man was on earth."
'FarmersSon63' (Anonymous DISQUS Monsanto Shill, Industrial Ag Apologist and Climate Change Denier Extraordinaire)
Image: NOAA

The hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico is the second only in the world to the flush of toxins from Eurasia that pollute the Baltic Sea. Hypoxic zones occur naturally wherever major rivers meet the ocean. However, human activity has increased their area, and these persistent dead zones lead to health threats, economic losses and diminished food supplies.
Union of Concerned Scientists: "There’s Nothing Average About This Year’s Dead Zone Forecast"
The quoted comment at the top of this post can be found at the bottom comments section of an Eco-Watch article (HERE) dealing with the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico where the Mississippi river and all other upstream tributaries running through the American Heartland empty farm runoff out through the Louisiana delta. This creates an average 6,000 square mile dead zone which is second to the filth from the surrounding countries bordering the Baltic Sea, including Sweden where I reside. The Ecowatch article itself was posted from the Union of Concerned Scientists website. Of course the purpose of the comment from anonymous DISQUS user, "FarmersSon63" was not to create intelligent discussion and dialog, but rather to deflect attention away from the true culprit [Industrial Agriculture], which is truly responsible for the escalating pollution catastrophe entering the Gulf of Mexico from the Mississippi River drainage area which is massive. This individual has almost 12,000 posts in about two years. Claims he is a farmer, but highly doubtful as I know of no true farmer who can waste so much valuable farming time countlessly posting on almost every single daily article related to the negative effects of industrial agriculture. His absurd asinine comment was reminiscent of another comment I received in the Science on Google+ forum where I was banned for refuting silly comments like the one from Google Plus poster Nathan Perkins who was defending GMOs as natural to nature as industrial human infrastructure.

"Also Kevin, developing GMO's is not "against nature". Anything that occurs in the natural observable world is natural. Skyscrapers and bridges are as naturally occurring as bee hives."
What's so astonishing and scary at the same time is that many of these defenders are of college youth and background. They view attacks on industrial agriculture as a personal assault on science itself, which is absolutely untrue. Many Industrial Ag defenders are also climate change deniers and hail from the God & Country Heartland of America. They ignore the other science which has been published where eutrophication is the number one cause of all the major algal blooms around the globe in coastal areas directly effected by industrial agriculture in particular. Take the example of the recent massive Florida Fish kill attributed to algal blooms. Where do all those pollutants and excessive nutrients which act as a type of "Miracle-Gro" for Algae come from along Florida coasts ? Likely the source is the Mississppi delta, but how can that be since it is so far away ? It's called the Gulf Stream Conveyor Belt as illustrated below. 

Source: US Naval Research Laboratory

Remember the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon Oil rig blowout ? Remember all those polluted beaches in the coastal areas of all Gulf of Mexico states ? Who could forget, but where else did much of that oil polluted water end up ? Along the eastern seaboard by means of what Scientists called the Gulf Loop Current. 


On a similar line of reasoning, where does all that Heartland Eutrophication courtesy of Industrial Agriculture end up after entering the Gulf of Mexico ? On the eastern seaboard and parts further north as the seas around Greenland are revealing. All courtesy of the Gulf Loop Current. While there may be a continuous deadzone off the Texas, Louisiana and Mississppi coastlines, the dead zone infection is spreading like a disease which none of the experts has one true viable answer for stopping. Yet we all know every single one of them knows full well what needs to be done. But then there is the matter of keeping the precious economy intact. Don't count on change anytime soon. Especially when corporate entities are paying anonymous avatars

Source: US Naval Research Laboratory

Update July 1, 2016

Miami Hearld: ‘Guacamole-thick’ algae fouls swath of Florida coastline
Imagr -Greg Lovett AP

Without going much further, here is a post I recently wrote  regarding the world's religiously inclined climate deniers where I limited the evidence for world climate disruption to the marine environments around the world. Fundies say the darndest things.
Matthew 24:37-39 - A warning message of 'Climate Change' & the consequences of "Apathy" ?
Update - August 7, 2016
Well this year has certainly been a crazy year news-wise. And the topics are mere insanity. So it's refreshing when pleasant news comes along where some farmers actually get it. Of course this takes major deprogramming from the Industiral Cult Complex and re-education into how the natural world really works and how practicle application can be utilized by observing how nature can prosper when allowed to. It's called Biomimetics or Biomimicry.
Washington Post: Iowa farmers ripped out prairie; now some hope it can save them
See also my latest post on Biomimicry being pursued and encourage more and more. This is especially important given that for decades Evolutionary Biologists have been repeatedly using a flawed stupid debate strategy called, "Argument from Poor Design." The result has beenthat nature has been given the shaft and big corporate technological innovation has been producing environmental damaging product and practices for profit because they have always believed the Scientific Orthodoy knew what it was taking about when condemning nature for being flawed, inefficient and badlt designed. Now we are all paying for the consequences in believing them.
Biomimicry: Streamlining Innovation for Environmentally Sustainable Products

Pervasive Greed & Apathy is what is killing our planet. The physical evidence and consequences are only symptoms, but the cause is human. There is no materialist fix, it's a spiritual problem. You'd think of all the peoples out there, the religious Fundies would be on top of this, but they're dead last to recognize it.