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How dumping the "Argument from Poor Design" dogma might just help the planet

Fact: Trashing Designs found in Nature for the imaginary purpose of scoring Brownie Points against religious fundies has had a Degenerative Trashing effect on the Earth
Illustratiom by
The online 'Book of Bad Arguments' link above is an interesting read if you've got the time. It really illustrates just how twisted this world has become when it comes to people coming up with all sorts creative ways to justify a worldview. The lengths and idiocy to which some will argument is nothing but time wasting because it so often falls well short of reality. Today I watched a video posted by the California Native Plant Society's chapter of San Diego. It's an organization which is dedicated to the promotion of native California plants. But only Cal-Natives. That's kool, I love cal-native plants. But like so many organizations championing any kind of cause today, they are generally intolerant of any other types of ecosystem plants being introduced into the urban landscape within California. Okay, I get not wanting something to escape into the wild and becoming a terrible invasive problem, but not every exotic plant is going to be a problem plant. Well anyway, watch the video below, it's only about a couple of minutes.

I understand the benefits of planting natives to the area in attracting all manner of native wildlife to your landscape. My mum's yard has  both natives and non-invasive non-native plants accompanying them which have similar environmental requirements. The various local wildlife (birds, insects, reptiles, animals, etc) also utilize them as well. We've never experienced any problems. But now take special note here of the lady said in this quote below:
"What if people said, 'We should just wait for the Monarchs to throw a random gene that will make their caterpillars be able to eat something other than Milkweed. I'm not willing to take that chance."
Seriously, a random mutated gene ??? Do people still think this way now ? Unbelievable, in this day and age with regards the increased study and understanding of genetics and the part of genetics called epigentics which in actual fact purposefully engineers incredibly ordered changes influenced by any number of stimuli from environmental cues as opposed to the past historical ignorant belief of copying errors caused by dumb luck doing wonderfuk things for no logical reason. Buy why would she use such unscientific nonsense terminology which started out decades ago as nothing more than some group minority's worldview ? Brilliant scientific research by dedicated serious scientists have long since proven this to be false. Nevertheless, such religious doctrinal dogmas diehard. This thinking is so ingrained into many folk's psyche as the result of early indoctrination at elementary school, that clearly many people later in life need to go through some type deprogramming therapy before being re-educated about how our natural world really works. The big question here is, how does one go about experimenting or testing for random mutations caused by dumb luck and expect to obtain any beneficial innovation by practical application to result ? You don't and that's why we experience a natural world various ecosystems that are completely unraveling before our very eyes because we have a Scientific Orthodoxy out there promoting nature as flawed, imperfect and badly designed and that only intellectual humans can fix those flaws. But insisting Bature is flawed only seems mask the gross imperfection of human ignorance on the subject about how our natural world really works. Take for example the world's biotechnology industry. Biotechs justify their existence and methods of technology because they say changes in life happen all the time by means of something called Horizontal Gene Transfer. Hence their transgenic manipulation of organisms is justified in their worldview because it happens in Nature. Except that leads to the assumption that their services  really are needed or the world fails. Take the following example below of this subject, "Argument from Poor Design" which like Junk DNA, does nothing more than hide and sweep under the rug the scientific community's past ignorance and stupidity from decades past.

GMO apologetics are based on this unscientific dogma, "Argument from Poor Design," which is exactly why these geneticists, biologists and other researchers employed by the various biotechnology companies confidently justify all their valuable time playing the gene manipulation game because in their corrupted view of the natural world, it's Nature that is flawed, poorly designed and only their collective credentialed genius can fix those glaring imperfections. The reality is, very few of these genetics engineers have any clue or understanding of how whole plant ecosystems actually function and maintain themselves out in the wild. Yet, in their worldview, Nature is flawed and their collective genius can provide the correction. Seriously ??? 😨 Take a look at this promotional advertisement below on Monsanto's work to gene manipulate crop plants to withstand the present and future global warming.

Advertisement - Monsanto

This is Monsanto's latest development of their infamous "Droughtgard Hybrid" crop seeds. They've informed the public that they only want to feed the world and there's this new problem that hinders this goal and it's called Global Warming. Okay, I understand that. But take a look again at their promotional advert above. They explain that in order to create drought resistant crops like maize or corn or soy, they need to acquire a special stress response gene for encoding cold shock protein B (cspB) from a soil bacterium, Bacillus subtilis, and then insert it into some corn variety's genome. It's also known as “RNA Chaperone” RNA Chaperone from Bacillus subtilis. Yet one wonders why they went to all that time and expense in developing such drought tolerance when Nature has already had these drought resistance tools for countless 1000s of years ? Research time is lengthy and expensive because the seed patenting most often runs into the millions of dollars for biotechs. The real problem is that these researchers are in charge of providing their corporations with a regular consumable product. That ensures an annual profit year after year. But these transgenic seeds are also engineered to work in conjunction with a plethora of other consumables like synthetic science-based fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, miticides, etc. This further ensures huge annual profits for their employers. Yet nature while complex, takes an easier road and is far more sustainable when left alone. Take the mycorrhizal experiment below by the University of Florida on drought resistance and heat stress with Corn. Here, nutrient and water uptake are improved between 200% to 800% depending on environmental soil conditions and drought tolerance is achieved in one single season, not decades of transgenic manipulation and cross breeding.

Image - Mycorrhizal Applications Inc

I have absolutely no problem with any kind of business venture researching, developing, manufacturing and selling a product for profit. But at least when a company like Mycorrhizal Applications Inc develops, manufactures and sells a product for profit, their product doesn't trash our planet. This reminds me of that discussion line of debate from a scene in the Sci-Fi film Jurassic Park. 😆
John Hammond: "All major theme parks have delays. When they opened Disneyland in 1956, nothing worked!" 
Dr. Ian Malcolm: "Yeah, but, John, if The Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists."

Oddly enough, most all of these biotechs know and understand that the microbial community within the soil is the most efficient and safest way to accomplish good farming, but until now have refused to admit this to the public just how dirty their formula for industrial farming really has been to our natural world. Interestingly, some are now attempting a public relations stunt to colour green their image as promoting that they were always on board with microbes all along, but they then spin how it may not have always looked that way at the beginning. It's all about smokescreen folks. The facts bare out that their version of worldview about nature being inept and flawed has brought incredible ruin to our planet through their industrial rose coloured vision of things. 

Now while many are now just starting to admit designs copied from nature really have brought incredible advancement, economical savings and enhanced ecological benefits, more has to be done in a hurry. Here are just three more examples of incredible design copying from Nature which has saved some industries millions of dollars and helped vastly improve the environment.

Airbus A380 winglets, inspired by the Steppe Eagle
During an Eagle's flight, the feathers on the tips of it's wings are practically verticle. This configuration gives maximum lift with minimum wing length. Engineers have studied such soaring birds such as eagles with a view of designing more efficient aircraft. The introduction of modified wing design that includes winglets has improved aircraft performance by as much as 15%. Planes can now fly farther and carry more passengers while saving fuel. In the decade following the introduction of up turned wing tips, airlines worldwide saved six thousand seven hundred million liters or two billion gallons of jet fuel. But the eagleäs amazing design is not limited to flight. As the eagle descends upon it's prey, it's eyes continuously adjust to maintain sharp focus throughout the approach. What man made camera ever comes close to this rapid refocus ?

Mercedes-Benz bionic car
"The concept models of the Mercedes-Benz bionic car are appearing as part of the "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which showcases innovations in the fields of design and science. 
Bionic Car ConceptOne of the highlights of the exhibition is the Mercedes-Benz bionic car, which was first unveiled in June 2005 at the Innovation Symposium organized by Daimler AG in the US capital, Washington DC.   
Engineers, designers and biologists at Mercedes-Benz worked hand in hand to develop the Mercedes-Benz bionic car. Its template was a sea dweller from tropical latitudes: Ostracion Cubicus – more commonly known as the boxfish.  
Despite its unusual-looking shape, the fish is extremely aerodynamic and can therefore move using a minimal amount of energy. It is also able to withstand high pressures and, thanks to an outer skin consisting of hexagonal bone plates, can survive unscathed following collisions with corals or other sea dwellers."

"The Shinkansen Bullet Train which belongs to the West Japan Railway Company is the fastest train in the world which can travel up to 200 miles per hour.   
While they were designing the bullet train, they had a massive problem. The train was very noisy. Every time the train came out from the tunnel, the air pressure changed which resulted in large thunder claps. This noise caused residents a quarter of a mile away to complain.   
The train’s chief engineer and a keen bird-watcher turned to nature to see if they could find something travels quickly and smoothly between two very different substances. They found out that the shape of a kingfisher’s beak was ideal for this situation. Their beaks were ideal because a kingfisher will dive into a body of water to catch a fish with very little splash.   
Once they had copied the shape of the kingfisher’s beak, they modelled the front of the train from that design. Not only did this design result in a quieter train, it also made the train use 15% less electricity while travelling at a speed 10% faster than what it was originally designed for."
(Source: technologybeyond)

Suddenly now we are seeing a surge in all types of Biomimcry organizations claiming they've known all along about the benefits of designs found in nature, but they often refuse to disassociate themselves from the "Argument from Poor Design" dogma. When I've read some of the nature design celebratory articles published by the Biomimicry Institute and their author Janine Benyus, and asked this question aout past worldviews, all I ever get are 'cricket sounds.' Any time I've ever pressed any of the other so-called Biomimicry organizations about this same subject, they too simply refuse to respond. It would appear that deep down inside there is just a little bit of nostalgia for that old time religion. But that old time religion's days are numbered. The Earth can't handle their worldviews anymore. While there has been some push forward in a positive direction from the examples above, it's more than likely not enough. This respect for natural designs in nature should have been followed decades ago.

Now for those who think I'm kidding or exaggerating about the degenerative side effects of pimping one worldview over another causing a serious infection within the Scientific Community, take real close look back at an old well known animated TV commercial from 1977 by Chevron promoting their Ortho agricultural division's products which were created & justified based on the religious blind faith concept of Nature being poorly designed until their industrial science White Lab Coats stepped in and saved the day. Seriously, pay real close attention as to their twisted opinion they had of nature back then as being inept at growing things and making the consumer wonder how life was even able function prior to these guys at ORTHO coming along and saving the day.

We who are old enough to remember these worldview re-educational infomercials saw this barage of propaganda day in and day out for a couple of decades. For many today the answer for correcting the mistakes of the past is unbridled angry Eco-Activism protesting everything and anything. But that isn't a viable answer either. I'm finding it's turning more and more people off towards an  ecological stewardship of earth far more than it's converting the public to get on board. Why ??? Because we are now living in a time where people find it hip to promote themselves as overly sensitive and outraged at the drop of a hat. Any little news report item today that even remotely has the mere appearance of being  out of place according under the new rules of definition shell gaming, must be watered down, because even if it's the glaring in your face factual indisputable Truth people still freak out. There are however many sincere ecology minded people who genuinely do care about the environment, but are paying the price for some of the people they've invited or allowed to come on board their Cat Stevens "Peace Train" to fight the evil industrialists. Here's one glaring spotlight example below that's recently been in the News and caused incredible anarchy which has resulted in terrible ecological destruction.

Trust me, many of the Native Americans do not feel the same way about the white outsiders who took the initiative and invited themselves to the Dakota 'Burning Man Festival', I mean Standing Rock Pipeline Protest. 
Stay tuned! 😸

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All the King's Horses & Men will never put Earth back together again

"Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace — but there is no peace."
 Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775
Patrick Henry, in his famous "Liberty or Death" speech may have had in mind some of the biblical text examples of where the false religious prophets were trying to calm the fears of ancient Israel's citizens by providing them with a sense of false security, only later to watch the nation completely collapse under the brutal seige of their enemies.  Makes sense since most folks were more traditionally religious in those early times. Lately I've been finding today's News Media, Politicians, Clergyman & Business leaders will also often water down the dire warnings of Global Ecological & Social Collapse by telling people things are not as bad as they first thought and that they actually have solutions for fixing the problems. Kinda reminds me of those old "People Do" Chevron TV commercial P.R. Ads showing how much their dirty oil business cared about cute little animals. Remember this from 1986 ??? The cute little kit fox being given synthetic science-based manmade burrow box dens within the massive oil field complex in the southern San Joaquin Valley near Bakersfield was one of my flavourites.
image -

Today there seems to be another strategy trending in the news media today where many articles appear to be watering down the real dangers and previous dire warnings of impending ecological collapse. Especially where climate change is the subject. First, there are the environmental folks telling us that the solution for sustainability is massive wind turbine farms and solar farm infrastructure. Seriously ? Does people really want to see massive amounts of industrial infrastructure throughout the rural countryside ? Below is the new face of the industrial complex's, "People Do" public relation advertising.

The New Look for "People Do" Ads ???

The idea of course with most industry advertising is to clean up their not so clean environmental image so as to promote eye appeal. Throw in some flowers and pristine blue sky and the thought is conveyed that using this product is good for the environment. Unfortunately the reality on the ground often out of sight is far different than what we were told in the Ad or TV commercial.

image -

California Flats Solar Project

The second major problem are those who deny there is any sort of environmental problem on earth in the first place. People should be capable of coming to the conclusion that there is clearly something wrong in the natural world from the things the see around them in real time going wrong and failing. For example the millions of dead and dying forest trees, the lower annual rainfall totals (or extreme weather events which flood & destroy) and clean water availability, claims that climate change does not make drought worse, etc, etc, etc. Here is how climate scientist Michael Mann expressed it not long ago:
“What is disconcerting to me and so many of my colleagues is that these tools that we’ve spent years developing increasingly are unnecessary because we can see climate change, the impacts of climate change, now, playing out in real time, on our television screens, in the 24-hour news cycle,”
Author Tom Roberts
His concern is certainly legitimate and logical. It's also something I have been saying and writing about for well over a decade now. Future ecosystem degradation was revealed to me by San Jacinto Mountains wildlife biologist, Tom Roberts (now an author in the Bay area), back in 1982 where he told me that Idyllwild would loose all it's  giant Ponderosa and other pine species and the Giant Sequoia would be the best replacement. At the time such a suggestion seemed absolutely impossible to believe. Everything looked so clean and pristine. What was he seeing that I couldn't or wouldn't ? Nevertheless I've have personally observed the fact of his 1982 claim when I visited Idyllwild California back in 2014. Huge trees everywhere have died or are in the process of dying.

Photo -

‘A Walk in the Woods’: The Hiking tale that takes a few missteps

So how could we illustrate how people everywhere should have been keenly aware of where things have been going wrong for a very long time now ? Clearly most folks have been purposefully turning a blind eye because responsibly looking ahead would have been inconvenient to one's personal lifestyle choices. Same is true for many other calamities that may come in one's life like HIV, Lung Cancer, Sclerosis of Liver, Diabetes, etc, etc, etc. People who succumbed to such consequences turned a blind eye to the clue-like early symtoms way back when. Let's illustrate our natural world's climate change decline from the film with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte called, "A Walk in the Woods." So take an innocent enough walk in a forest and what happens if you disrespect and ignore numerous warning signs of potential danger ahead. What would most folks think if they saw a tree like this one below?

Looks harmless enough on first glance and almost unnoticeable to the average novice hiker. But some of us would understand that this is the tell tale signs of perhaps a grizzly bear marking the boundary of his territory. But we continue on anyway.

Credit: Alexander Kopatz (

Yup, here comes another sign. Most would also pass this up unnoctied and if they did see it, would also discount it as anything of import. They might even reason that it could be hair from some harmless feral cow. 

image -
Now this next sign is hardly a harmless cow patty, meadow muffin or prairie pizza. This comes from a whole different type of animal. Something big and not necessarily a strict herbivore. Still, many folks out there won't be a scat (poop) expert and will discount it as a harmless creature of nature, say maybe a deer. Of course deer droppings are far different to those that know what they look like from experience. At this point an experienced hiker would be very alarmed when coming across this type of specific poop scenario.

Image - North American Bear Center

Now this next one is much spookier. If you stumbled across such a giant "Big Foot" type paw print, you have to know you are close to the point of no return. If you are rational, you would suddenly realize that you are pushing it if you discount this poop sign and continued forwards along this same pathway. At this point from here forward you know a different course is advisable. Can you imagine someone going forward anyway and all the while comfortably reasoning there is no danger whatsoever ???

Associated Press File

The famous, "Bart the Bear," on movie location in Haines, Alaska, 1993

Finally at this point looking forward, it's clear the danger is real and it is also apparent that you mostly likely have reached a point of no return. Seriously, on a hiking path in the real world of Yellowstone National Park, if you suddenly and surprisingly stumbled around the bend on such a sight as this one and the Grizzly sees you, you come to the quick realization that you are more than likely toast. You also realize that the point of no return was a couple of signs back. You had opportunity to change your direction but refused. You could try to out run this potential calamity but it's probably too late and the Grizzly is too strong and powerful anyway. You might get lucky if you could jump of a cliff into a lake (just like the movies), or find a crevace or slit in some rock face or boulder outcropping, or perhaps climb a tree that this large beast couldn't. But even then such narrow escapes only delay the inevitable. So it would be reasonable not to be a stupid hiker in the first place. Right now we are just a couple steps beyond the Grizzly paw print.

And here we are!

California’s 70 Million Dead Trees: A ‘Botanical Emergency Room’
Short Excerpt from the article:
"Until recently, strolling through a California forest meant walking in dappled light along a path strewn with leaves or pine needles."   
"But across the state, once-towering pines have collapsed, their desiccated limbs sprawled across forest floors. Toppled oak and tanoak trees, their trunks bleeding, decomposing from the inside out, litter the ground.  Choked with the detritus of at least 70 million dead trees, vast tracts of the landscape have become a botanical emergency room, parched by drought, invaded by damaging insects and infected with a deadly organism that may have piggybacked its way to the state on rhododendron leaves." 
"In many communities of the central and southern Sierra Nevada range, “80 percent of trees are dead,” said Ken Pimlott, the state’s top forester as director of Cal Fire, the state forestry and fire-protection agency. “There will be no conifers [there] when this is done.”
Wow, "In many communities of the central and southern Sierra Nevada range, 80% of the trees are dead." & "There will be no conifers there when this is done." I've written about this subject previously (HERE) . Many on the Ecology side attempt to put a happy face on the matter by downplaying the severity of it all. They tell us that beetle infestations are a natural occurrence and that life will find a way. Then the Climate Change denier's strategy is to smokescreen things, definition shell game other things and deflect attention away from the true causes. In otherwords, "We've always had change in the environment, so this change this is nothing new." Wow, where have I heard that before. (2 Peter 3:4)  . Yes it's a biblical text here, but that is because as a rule the majority of those who claim there is no problem with climate change are quite often the very people who themselves claim to be bible believers. I've no problem with that, but I'm just saying. 😕 *sigh*
Will mankind ever be able to tame the beast they've created and learn to live with it ? True, only time will tell. But time is also fast running out.

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Mysterious light pillars in Canada's night sky

Okay, so I don't really like Snow and often say that if I never see snow again it will still be too soon, But I admit this was kool! 😁
Image Credit Allisha Libby
The image above are a phenomena known as Light Pillars. This shot here was one from Alaska and featured on NASA's blog in February 2015. Here is a description of what causes this phenomena.
"Explanation: What's happening behind those houses? Pictured here are not auroras but nearby light pillars, a nearby phenomenon that can appear as a distant one. In most places on Earth, a lucky viewer can see a Sun-pillar, a column of light appearing to extend up from the Sun caused by flat fluttering ice-crystals reflecting sunlight from the upper atmosphere. Usually these ice crystals evaporate before reaching the ground. During freezing temperatures, however, flat fluttering ice crystals may form near the ground in a form of light snow, sometimes known as a crystal fog. These ice crystals may then reflect ground lights in columns not unlike a Sun-pillar. The featured image was taken in Fort Wainwright near Fairbanks in central Alaska."
(Source - NASA)
There was a recent Youtube video posted by a Canadian on this very phenomena. He gives a nice description and explanation below in his video.

Ever wonder where Hollywood gets many of it's ideas for Sci-Fi flicks ?
Image - Pinterest
Many have commented on how the natural phenomena looks very close to those images in a Star Trek flick showing transporter technology. Star Trek-like teleportation remains pure fantasy - for now at least. But the natural phenomena special effects for which they may well have plagerized for the movies is very real.

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Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)

Immigration/Refugee Crisis. A Sign of the times in our World
Image Modern Farmer
The world refugee crisis (immigration) is today a very hot topic of conversation. It's unfortunate that various political ideologies take varying stances on the issue purely to get an edge against another political ideology they have a murderous hatred for. In today's heated ideologue climate you generally have one political side who claims to champion the cause of being the voice for immigrants, while the other claims to voice the cause for it's natural citizens (USA & E.U.). Both sides fail miserably. The true motive is acquiring power over the other side's ideology whom they promote hateful animus towards. In the who has the higher moral ground derby, no matter which side wins, the immigrants will still lose. But suddenly everywhere now it seems stylishly fashionable to champion the side of immigrants which you can see here on the right with "Modern Farmer's" editor-in-chief, Sarah Gray Miller, and her "Immigrants Feed America" T-Shirt. It's shame that this immigration issue has to be a political one. I've never ever once been involved in any country's politics. I could care less for the cause of either side's obsession for worldview dominance. But I do like most immigrants I've ever met. After all, I now live in a foreign country as an immigrant. But this immigration subject has the same generalized fuzzy a definition as I gave yesterday when writing about the words "Science" or "Scientist." Most people have a comfort zone when generalizing a subject which unfortunately renders the words/terms meaningless. Take the Modern Farmer T-Shirt slogan, "Immigrants Feed America." Really, do ALL immigrants feed America by working and laboring in hot fields all day to make a living ? Of course not. This work is mainly done by hispanic immigrants coming into the United States from the southern border. Perhaps it should have read, "Some Immigrants Feed America the United States." See how even the word "America" can be generalized here. Does not America also include Canada, Mexico & the smaller Central American counties ? Also take special note that I'm will be using the term hispanics because all Spanish speaking immigrants are not all Mexican. That's another issue with most folks when viewing the subject of illegal immigration crossing the Mexican border. In most US citizen's mindset, they're all Mexican. See how even this subject can be generalized ? Many come from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and other places in South America. And of course now days immigrants come from every corner of the globe. But let me for the moment just focus here on the hispanc immigrants as referenced by the Modern Farmer T-Shirt. 

Image -

The country of Sweden where I now reside is not all that much different from the United States or any other country when it comes to how immigrants are treated or viewed. Sure, there are certainly several groups and political ideologies who attempt to champion a voice for immigrants, but quite often they have personal ambitious motives for doing so. Like the USA, most citizens here in Sweden or elsewhere in the E.U. won't do any of the blue collar labor jobs (janitorial, landscaping, field worker, construction laborer, etc) that hungry immigrants will do. Like the USA, the citizens here view such jobs as beneath them. They demand free college tuition and high paying IT jobs (or any white collar job) once they graduate. Take this photo above of African immigrants from Cameroon and Nigeria working planting timber seedlings in hot humid back breaking work conditions where you are constantly under attack by Arctic Circle Mosquito hordes. Swedes will not subject themselves to this type work or it's low pay. Same with berry picking. Swedes have a passion for their beloved indigenous Lingonberry, but Swedes won't do this type of work. Worker migrants from Thailand have been employed to do this type of hard labor after being tricked by fliers advertising making easy money in a short time and with a return trip home. Once here, they are not paid what they were promised or paid at all and no return trip ticket available. They are stuck in a foreign land. Rather than elaborate on this any further, you may read what I previously wrote about both of these real life circumstances in the post below in 2013:
The United States of Sweden
Here's a bit of an update for any who may feel I've exaggerated the negative Swedish "Blue Collar" work ethic mindset towards jobs considered beneath their dignity. This comes from the online Swedish News on English journal, 'The' >>>>
Sweden needs immigrants to solve labour shortage: employment agency 
Now Let's Focus on the Hispanic migrant workers
Hispanics in the United States are often subject to exploitation. Believe it or not, often by many of their own countrymen, but little is ever discussed about this. Here in Sweden, there are unscrupulous legal immigrants from Africa and Asia who become entrepreneurial businessmen. They often prey upon the desires of their poorer countrymen back home looking for a better life. Once they get them here (often illegally), they exploit them with pitifully low wages or sometimes cheating them altogether by not paying the promised agreed upon wage. But unfortunately, who can an illegal immigrant run to and complain ? The authorities ? Not likely since they are affraid of being sent back to their homeland. Sound familiar ? And yet I'm describing the conditions within Sweden and the rest of the European Union. Count on things getting worse. This same scenario plays out in the USA with hispanic workers.

Anyone remember the movie classic from 1940, "The Grapes of Wrath" starring Henry Fonda as Tom Jode ? The last time I watched this film it had a whole different meaning to me. The majority of younger generations of Anglos Gringos and the rest of native born peoples of various ethnic backgrounds in the USA, have no clue as to what life was like back in the 1930s for rural working class American families. This film's storyline provides a close enough picture of what life is like for many illegal immigrant hispanics. But once again we cannot generalize hispanics because not all of them work in agricultural fields. Many work at janitorial, gardening and landscaping, or factory type jobs. At one time there was a rather successful guest worker program called the, "Bracero Program," which ran from about 1951 to 1964. Take note of the description as given by Wikipedia:
"The Bracero Program (named for the Spanish term bracero, meaning "manual laborer" or "one who works using his arms") was a series of laws and diplomatic agreements, initiated on August 4, 1942, when the United States signed the Mexican Farm Labor Agreement with Mexico. The agreement guaranteed basic human rights (sanitation, adequate shelter and food) and a minimum wage of 30 cents an hour; it also enabled the importation of temporary contract laborers from Guam to the United States as a momentary war-related clause to supply workers during the early phases of World War II. The agreement was extended with the Migrant Labor Agreement of 1951, which with the PL 78, set the official parameters for the Bracero Program until its termination in 1964."
( - Bracero Program)
When I lived up in Anza California during the 1980s-90s, a friend of mine who grew up in Hemet California on a large Apricot Farm said that his father used this very program to hire good quality talented laborers from Mexico. Of course they made money on a piece work basis per flat of apricots picked and the fast skilled workers made good money at the time. But with the 1960s, the civil rights movement was in full blown protest mode. Labor Unions and Churches were against the Bracero Program claiming that it took jobs away from the unemployed American citizens. The program ended in 1964. At that time my friend said the government created another program to employ out of work Americans from poorer districts of places like the city of Los Angeles who were then bussed out to work in Hemet Valley apricot orchards. They were given the same pay comission per flat as the well skilled Mexican pickers from the previous decade's guest worker program. It was a complete failure. Not only did these formerly unemployed Americans lack the skill to perform this work, but they hated it. As a consequence of being forced to do something they disliked, there was the problem of cheating where boxes of apricots stacked onto the flatbed trucks were packed with rocks and dirt clods on the bottom of the flat with apricots on the top layers. Ironically, this utter failure of this new program to replace the guest worker program is what eventually led to the flooding in of the illegal migrant worker crisis. The ethnicity or race of the natural born citizen is irrelevant when it comes to not liking this type of employment. I don't care if a person is purple, with green stripes and pink poka dots, if you are born in an industrial nation with silver spoon in your mouth welfare entitlements, more than likely you will not have a work ethic for most types of physical labor. Many will call this unskilled labor, but trust me that this is not really the case. For 20+ years I worked in Imperial Valley once or twice a week. Across the street from one of my auto dealer accounts, El Centro Motors (Ford Dealership), there was Alford Liquor store on the corner. Every Friday evening field workers would come in and cash their pay cheques there. In the older days most people did everything by cash, they didn't trust banks. One husband and wife picking team that I knew from the Winter and Spring months made around $800 per week between them. Back in the 1980s, that was good money. They were both very skilled and professional at what they did. As seasons changed of course they traveled north where newer crops came to harvest. But they were hard working good people and actually enjoyed what they did. 

Photgraph - Leonard Nadel (1956)

 Central Valley farmworkers forced to stand 
naked in line to be sprayed with pure DDT.
 The photographer was later arrested in Mexico
 for documenting "bracero" recruitment

There is no comparison to the Imperial Valley hispanics and those of Los Angeles. Both are hispanic, but radically different cultures. This is where one cannot generalize when speaking about most  immigrants. But writing this made me think of that Bracero Program again when both Labor Unions and Churches wanting the guest worker program gone and all workers deported back to Mexico. I was a bit surprised though by the negative reaction of the churches to push for an ending to the Bracero Program. Both Catholic and Protestant. I'm certainly not surprised by the lack of concern on the part of industrial Agro-Chemical companies on the negative effects of their science-based synthetics. This gave rise later to activists like Cesar Chavez, his hunger strikes and call for boycott of US grapes because of dangerous pesticides used in these fields which exposed the field workers to potential negative health consequences. 

These consequences were real. At Clemente Jaime's Auto repair shop in El Centro California, just behind El Centro Motors, many hispanic friends of Clemente and his sons Frank and Joe Jaime would come after work and drink beer, eat food and just generally socialize. One such day a Mexican field worker related a story of a pesticide incident on the outskirts of Brawley to the north. As the account unfolded, apparently one fellow worker was a bit hungry while picking iceberg head lettuce and ate a single leaf of the iceberg lettuce. No one knew that it had been recently been sprayed (I have no idea the chemical used) for pests. But after a while the guy felt sick, then went into a sort of epileptic fit. The worker described his behaviour as when you spray raid on a cockroach and it flips upside down on it's back with it's legs jerking and twitching. Everyone listening to this guy relate the story was spooked. The danger has always been real. So I guess that Cesar Chavez guy wasn't so crazy after all. Modern day incidents from many Industrial Ag ventures overseas like in South America's Brazil and Argentina bear out the reality of these ongoing science-based consequences of following the conventional way Scientists say only with pesticides can we feed the world. Don't buy into that. 

But again, all of this has made me think again not only of the John Steinbeck film, Grapes of Wrath, but also of the folk singer Woody Guthrie who wrote songs about the hardships of depression era refugee's lives. Woody Guthrie also wrote a poem "Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)", which was set to music by Martin Hoffman, commemorated the deaths of 28 braceros being repatriated back to Mexico in January 1948. The song has been recorded by dozens of folk artists. Below I've provided a Youtube version of a Live Record (1975) of Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger performing "Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)" by Arlo's father Woody Guthrie who died not long after the Bracero Program ended. Sure has  a lot of meaning today of how opinions on migrants hasn't changed very much. No matter what country.

'Deportee' Lyrics
The crops are all in and the peaches are rott'ning, The oranges piled in their creosote dumps; They're flying 'em back to the Mexican border To pay all their money to wade back again   
Goodbye to my Juan, goodbye, Rosalita, Adios mis amigos, Jesus y Maria; You won't have your names when you ride the big airplane, All they will call you will be "deportees"   
My father's own father, he waded that river, They took all the money he made in his life; My brothers and sisters come working the fruit trees, And they rode the truck till they took down and died.   
Some of us are illegal, and some are not wanted, Our work contract's out and we have to move on; Six hundred miles to that Mexican border, They chase us like outlaws, like rustlers, like thieves.   
We died in your hills, we died in your deserts, We died in your valleys and died on your plains. We died 'neath your trees and we died in your bushes, Both sides of the river, we died just the same.   
The sky plane caught fire over Los Gatos Canyon, A fireball of lightning, and shook all our hills, Who are all these friends, all scattered like dry leaves?  The radio says, "They are just deportees"   
Is this the best way we can grow our big orchards?  Is this the best way we can grow our good fruit?  To fall like dry leaves to rot on my topsoil And be called by no name except "deportees"?
Other references about Refugees, Immigrants, the jobs they do and our attitude towards treatment of them
I loved this film below because it was so realistic and accurate. Very well done and shows how often hopeless life can be for immigrants (legal or illegal) in places like Los Angeles. This film is called, "A Better Life" which was released in June 2011. Immigrants come to industrialized nations believing the grass is greener so to speak. But often reality is a terrible lesson. The public relations schpeel pushed on modern people today often equaltes materialism with happiness. For most immigrants, the reality is the exact opposite. Many hispanics come from close families that they leave behind. This story is beautifully illustrative of that life. It'll tug at your heart strings and make you cry. This is what some call the "American Dream," which is often held up as an ideal by which equality of opportunity is available for anyone. It is said that anyone can achieve their highest aspirations and goals of buying a house, car, business, etc. Mostly it's always been only dream to the majority. Even when people have an appearance of success, often a great amount of debt is attached. Still the movie here is a reminder of how many are taken in by the promised advertisement.

Here below is another post of mine. The post deals with subject of Mexican ingenuity by a people who are generally faced with having to depend on themselves with impossible odds stacked against them (corrupt government officials, business leaders, clergy, etc). For 20+ years I learned a lot by working side by side with many hispanics. I marveled at their MacGyver-like abilities of resourcefulness. Always seeming to be able to solve complicated problems by making or fixing things out of ordinary every day materials. Many of them are like living human Swiss Army knife with multiple talents. Put several heads together and they are almost genius.
Mexican Ingenuity: If Anyone Can a Mexi-Can !
Later in life this helped me to take on jobs I normally would never have gravitated towards. What makes it easier is being able to find a sense of purpose and pleasure through creativity of accomplishing the task I would have otherwise rejected. Many hispanic workers are very talented at their jobs. I suppose one other area in which I relate to them is they don't have the material possession achievements many strive for, but they are still happy. I never really gravitated towards acquiring a whole lot of material possessions mainly because I always hated debt. Still do. I hate shopping. But below here is a take from Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe who talks about the falacy of the expression, "Follow Your Passion." Almost as bad as 'follow your heart' which basically has the same meaning.

Discovery Channel's Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs is a far better spokesman  for working class peoples, irrespective of cultural background

Anyone remember this poster on the right here ? This was always meant as an intellectual put down on blue collar jobs. This irresponsible worldview has had an infectious effect that you can find within every industrialized developed nation on the planet. This poster's platitude was what I dealt with in the early 1970s with my own high school guidance counselors. I remember growing up as a kid in the 60s and every adult asking you, "What do you want to be when you grow up ?" My response back then was I wanted to be an engineer. They thought that was cool and explained to me that I would have to be very good at math. I hated math and asked why would I need t know a lot of math to run a train. Then horror and shock set in the adults who attempted to dissuade me out of such a notion because, "You don't want that kind of Job." The only one who understood me was the El Cajon Valley High School counselor and Vice-Principal Ben Amador. I wasn't exactly keen on going on to college. I loved agriculture, ornamental horticulture, forestry, etc, but I hated the conventional science-based direction things were taught back then (Still Are). He told me what he did was to go down to Imperial Valley where he made good money picking lettuce and then later decided what he wanted to do. My parents freaked at the idea. You can imagine. Like Mike Rowe says, many people are fully qualified, they just aren't credentialed. That's what I am, over qualified and not at all credentialed and I love it that way. In the landscape & habitat restoration field I have been involved with, I truly know far more than what universities are spitting out as the new age prime candidates to care for our planet. Now, almost everything I touch when it comes to plants and landscape turns into success, not because of me personally, but because of what I know about whole plant ecosystems that I basically taught myself. That almost never get's taught at school where University Professors are shackled & committed to the Industrial version of Science. Here's another look at Mike Rowe and College if you have the time.

My main post is above and concluded. This below is merely a supplimentary info of interest for those curious
On another interesting note, ABC News interviewed some hispanics from the Los Angeles area about how the feel about the new American President. If anyone has followed this craziest of US Presidential Elections, you understand that the media did not get their approved candidate and are very unhappy. So perhaps wanting to continue shaking things up and get a sampling of outrage and negative reactions, an 81 year old man named, Rudolph Anparano, replied in a neutral way which is probably not they were expecting. I copied it down here:
ABC NEWS - "Hispanic Community in Los Angeles Reacts to President-Elect Donald Trump"
Finally, here's another area of supplimentary information on this post's immigration/refugee subject if you have the time to read. It's an article on how people should treat peoples of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, cultures, etc. It is an article I read from the October Watchtower magazine two weeks called:
"Do Not Forget the Kindness to Stranger"

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monsanto-Bayer & the Jolly Green Giant makeover

Industrial Giant in EcoGreen Clothing 😕 ???
Well yeaterday the world was treated to a public relations makeover bit of news from Bloomberg, announcing that new Ag giatn of Monsanto-Bayer was going ecogreen. Suddenly they have a love affair wit mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria. This was strange, since for decades they have done nothing but push synthetics as to mankind's answer to a modern improved world which corrects Nature's flaws, imperfections and bad designs. For the past few years now, even Monsanto and Agro-Chemical technology defenders, under their coward cloaked avatars as well known professional Internet Trolls have been demonizing and spitting vitriol at anyone opposed to synthetics and assigning anti-science labels towards anyone who spoke about mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria as the sustainable answer for agriculture. But low and behold, we are told Monsanto in partner with a Danish company called, Novozymes, have created a Corn inoculant seed coating called, Acceleron B-300 SAT, which will be released in 2017. Supposedly this product will produce more roots which causes higher yields. I'm not going to elaborate on what the public relations piece has to say about their latest miracle being championed as brand new. Fact is, this has been found in nature for countless 1000s of years which has been pointed out by many good scientists, but only now are they finally getting on board. You wouldn't know this from reading the article as it is being spun as a completely brand new discovery.
Bloomberg News: Monsanto Says Next Breakthrough for Farmers Is a Friendly Fungus

Gallery Image by National Geographic

I'm all for mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria as I have an entire record of belief and practice within my Earth's Internet blog. But these fungal and bacterial tools have to also work in conjection with other natural ecosystem checks and balances found out in Nature to work effectively. This Monsanto-Bayer version is being promoted as more efficiently working with the synthetics they still want to sell farmers for a hefty price, so we're not exactly talking true ecogreen here. There are still fortunes to preserve here.

Back in 2017, National Geographic, published an article called, "The New Green Revolution," where they often extol the virtues of science in the general sense as what will save mankind. For example, they still champion the old 1950s Green Revolution as life saving to mankind. But was it really ? The article had a meme which in reality was more of a religious faith affirmation which said, "Science prevented the last food crisis. Can it save us again?" Seriously ? Science did this ? Nobody champions science as much as a scientist does. The problem with the words, 'Science' and 'Scientist' is that they are generally used in the most general and broadest sense which often renders them meaningless. Diehard "Culture of Science" followers have a terrible time differentiating between good and bad science or scientists. In their worldview, anything that makes them feel warm and fuzzy all over is considered good science (think anonymous internet trolls), while something they don't like is quickly labeled (without taking the time for true critical reflection) 'pseudoscience' or as the Washington State University Garden Professors would say, "Voodoo Science." But are scientists really all that realiable ? It depends on who they are, who they work for and what motivates and drives them. There is also the problem of the flaw of imperfection which drives personal bias and prejudice. This is why all Science Societies including Academia (those who champion GMO safety for no other reasons than the consensus says so) are just as much subject to group think herd mentality just as any other type of human institution whether they be political, business or religious. Science and Scientists are not above all this. How & Why you should understand and differentiate betweeen good and bad science:
I given the illustration of a courst case being tried before. When a defendant loses his case and is sentanced, peopl on the outside (even some journalists) will often be heard to say, "The Defendant's Lawyers had no evidence." This also is reasoned in various forms of debate, "They had no evidence." This is absolutely not true. In a court trial, both sides come to court with evidence, they would be unprepared and stupid if they did not. What actually happens if one side or another loses the case is that the evidence they presented wasn't compelling to the jury or judge. Same with Science or a group of consensus screaming scientists. Both sides of an issue (Industrial or Environmental or Ecological) claim to have "The Science" on their side to back them up. So science cannot and should not ever be generalized. People need to develop the ability to differentiate between good and bad science or good and bad Scientists and not blindly follow something or someone merely because they claim that only they have the settled consensus science. 
Analyzing exactly what Industrial Science saved Mankind from in the Green Revolution
Prior to the so-called green revolution, all of mankind had just come out of a terrible World War II. Pestilence and famine are generally the natural consequences that follow wars, hence the symbolic biblical references to the ride of the four horsemen. Firey colored horse (war), pale horse (pestilence/famine) & black horse (death). But if we examine the evidence on what science saved us from, we find that the so-called science saved us from the consequences of the misuse and abuse of science. And it's tough to differentiate science here, because the very industrial science corporations who built the bombs and other munnitions which brought us famine and pestilence are also the same ones in the 1950s who said they could also save mankind. Unfortunately their remedy was synthetics, the very same synthetics which killed people during previous years. Monsanto & Bayer were at the forefront for both the Allies & Axis power's death machines. Fast forward through the bogus green revolution to the present with all it's secretive dirty history since and we are now told to put our faith and trust in them once again because they found out about Nature and only they are capable of harnessing Nature for the ultimate good of mankind. 

The Bloomberg public relations piece insisted this technology would bring greater yields, but frankly speaking, yields are truly meaningless. What good did bumper crop yields do for farmers and starving people last year ? Did anyone read this year's news on the 7 billion dollar payout in subsidies for grain farmers ? Once again, Bloomberg brought us the news back in April 2016 of the $7 Billion Farm Subsidy which would bailout farmers because of horribly low prices of corn and soy. Organic Farmers BTW do not qualify for participation in this program because they do not conventionally farm crops by investing heavily in synthetic inputs for which these very subsidies help reimburse these farmers who follow the industrial ideology. The reality is in fact that the subsidy is mainly a guarantee the Agro-Chemical and Biotech companies are paid monies owed to them. This US Government safety net has been a huge advantage for US Farmers over farmers from other countries. For example, remember the News of how hurt poor indigenous Maize/Corn farmers of southern Mexico were hit hard in their bank accounts when the dirt cheap American Corn flooded Mexican marketplaces after the NAFTA agreement ? It will be interesting to see if any subsidies will be forthcoming to these same American farmers who decide to purchase the new Novozyme fungal inoculated seeds. Although they will still use the conventional synthetic weed, insect and fungal pesticides, not to mention synthetic fertilizer inputs. Maybe it will be welfare as usual. Another interesting development will be how the fungi respond to synthetic inputs being used since the plant will shut down chemical signaling for biosymbiosis association. Many questions remain and will probably be unanswered. But you can count on more smokescreening as various marketing schemes are employed to keep the industrial status quo in power over the long haul even if the world wants to go completely organic.

There have been many legit companies and their scientists who have championed Mycorrhizal fungi as a number one option for all manner of plant health care and ecosystem management. Mike Amaranthus, Paul Stamets, Dr Donald Marx, Dr Gary Harman, Dr Kris Nichols, Dr Wendy Taheri, etc. Now in the mean time, if you want some legitimate mycorrhizal inoculum, there are several long time companies that have been totally immersed within the mycology field long before Monsanto and Bayer gave their phony blessing to officially make mycorrhizzas cool.

Professional Companies & their Scientists who have been doing this for years

Thursday, November 17, 2016

"I Welcome Questions - I Hate Assumptions," by Chris Clarke - *cough-cough* - I mean by 'Red Haircrow'

Untold History: The Survival of California's Indians
by Science Writer, Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke
Today I read an interesting article (lesson) on the history of California Indians by Science Writer/Author & Poet, Chris Clarke of Joshua Tree California. I've been following Chris for some time now ever since I first discovered through google an article on the Mojave River Chub which is a rare desert fish. Although once more common than now, Desert Fish in general are becoming more and more rare as their riparian stream or spring fed pool habitats are rapidly disappearing like most everything else on Earth. Chris writes numerous articles on various environmental issues, but his desert pieces are closest to my heart. See, I'm by nature a desert rat like Chris and for the past 10 years I have lived in a Scandinavian (Göteborg) Boreal forest environment which for a desert rat is something like a sort of Frozen Hell. Well, that's how the middle eastern refugees here in Sweden & Finland describe the place where they've been relocated in those far north wilderness detention camps far away from the contemporary Scandinanvian designed utopian centres to the south. His article on California native Indians had two opening paragraphs which immediately captured my attention. About a week ago, when talking to my Swedish wife about what first got me interested in California native plants, so I googled an old classic 1964 docu-drama film about the Nicoleños natives who once lived on San Nicolas Island off the Southern California coast who were evacuated in the early 19th century by the Spanish padres of the California mission system. These people were molested and many killed after an attack by Alaskan Fur Traders. But one lovely young woman remained behind and the account in the film documents her survival. Chris' words were similar to an article I read a few years back by a native American born in Germany who also writes about his hertitage from the same perspective as Chris Clarke. But first, here are Chris Clarke's two opening paragraphs from his latest article: 
If you grew up in California, you probably learned most of what you know about the history of California Indians while you were in fourth grade. All that several generations of Californians learned of the state’s Native peoples can be summed up thusly:   
California was originally populated by people who did not farm but made very nice baskets. The Spanish padrés arrived, and California Indians moved to the Missions to learn farm labor. Some of them died there, mainly because their immune systems weren’t sophisticated enough to handle modern diseases. By the time Americans arrived Native Californians had mainly vanished somehow. The Gold Rush happened and California became a modern society with factories and lending institutions. Finally, in 1911, Ishi, the last wild California Indian, wandered out of the mountains so he could live a comfortable life in a museum basement.
That was my experience as well. The fourth grade class in my elementary school gave us all a picture of the seemingly simple idyllic life of the average Mission Indian under Spanish colonization and domination. Why, we even went on some of those Pepper Drive Elementary School sponsored field trips to the original Mission in San Diego just above the present day Mission Valley overlooking the San Diego River. I was also interested in native American Indians because we had several ancient native settlement sites in and around the foot of Rattlesnake Mountain between El Cajon & Santee where I grew up. When climbing and exploring on that mountain, I'd often ponder away at what life must have been like for those unknown Native families and how they must have survived. But the film, Island of the Blue Dolphins , changed all that for me. First, even though I was a child in elementary school, it angered me to come to the realization of truth that life for the Mission Indians was actually no picnic. To be honest, most of the world of mankind who have heard of the American Indian probably have in their heads the more romanticized version of Natives dressed in Plains Indian attire. They are probably only familiar with more written about culture of Indian Nations such as the Souix, Cheyene, Crow, Blackfoot, Comanche, Apache, Arapaho, Navajo, Hopi and so forth. Admittedly, we only have early historical paintings which reveal the early encoutered Native Californians as having a kind of primitive half naked appearance by comparison to the tribes of the other states. Early photos are not helpful as they show California Mission Indians already adapting to Euro-culture and dress. Even in the Spanish explorer, Juan Bautista de Anza & the Padre Pedro Font documented in their respective journals of the many smaller clans of tribal outcasts thay encountered and their pitiful condition. But the docu-drama I watched as a kid did a couple other things for me that I now admit looking back was extremely important in the way I view things at present. It made me more fascinated about life of the natives and how they lived off the land. It also made me hungry for more historical writings not only of this region of Southern California, but also expanding my horizons well beyond to other areas around the globe when it came to my developing interest in native plant communities by those early original world  explorers who first encountered them and how whole plant ecosystems must have worked and functioned prior to human disruption. Chris in his opening introduction on his Facebook page also wrote about how his research on the subject made him feel, which also triggered another memory of something similar I read in an article back in 2013 by a fellow named Red Haircrow and the German people's obsession with American Indians. First, here is what Chris wrote:
"It offers me solace because the descendants of those who suffered the unspeakable evils I fleetingly describe here, who knew this history all too well already and didn't need to sit down and research it, are still willing to work with non-Native people to set things right. Eager to work with them/us, even, provided we non-Native people do a little bit of elementary learning and display a little bit of elementary sensitivity."
Yup, most of the native peoples don't have to dig and scratch in various libraries for research to understand what they've known for decades about the plight of their ancestors. The gentleman to the right here is Red Haircrow. He is a writer, filmmaker, chef, counselor. BSc Psych, Grad Student Native Studies of Apache/Cherokee descent. He lives now in Berlin, Germany. I found some of his interesting articles in an online journal called, "Indian Country - Today Media Network." Take a look at the Meme photo with quote below. When I first read this, my first thought was, "This is like something Chris Clarke would coin." Notice the uncanny similarity of thought in both paragraphs from Chris Clarke and Red Haircrow. Hence the silly title I chose for my post:
"As a Native American in Germany, when I am asked honest questions, I give honest answers, and if I don’t know something, I direct the person toward a reliable source of information. When I am dismissed by hobbyists who think they know more about my people and culture than I do, I do not let them bother me. Instead, I try to educate those who are willing to listen and hope they will support causes that help improve the life and future of Native Americans"
(Author - Red Haircrow)
I'm not going to post any other links about Red Haircrow or links to other references which would detract from the message within Chris Clarke's article which I'll link below. There is so much more to say about the native descendants of the California Indians, but I'll let Chris' article say it. For me personally, my own family has a  personal connection to the Sycuan Kumeyaay Tribe east of El Cajon through my Sister and her daughter. While as Chris mentioned in his article, Gaming Casinos have financially benefitted some tribal nations, it has not always resulted in genuime happiness and contentment. This has a lot to do with not only the  general human imperfection common to all cultures, but also a result of the conquest of more technologically advanced foreign nation peoples imposing their will and aggression on indigenous peoples which took a heavy toll on their traditional family and cultural structure. This is also mirrored around the globe everywhere. From personal experience myself living in Anza California and associating with members of the Cahuilla Tribe up there, it was a challenge to get them back in the 1980s to rebuild the forested ecosystems which once existed on some parts of their Reservation. Even when I volunteered to purchase the Forest Service grown bareroot trees and teach them what I had successfully done with a native species of mycorrhizal fungi found in the foothills of Anza Valley which I had collected up there for years, long before such techniques were ever spoken about as they are today, they just had no interest. Mostly I was dealt with suspicion and mistrust. I didn't take it personally, but conversation always ended with "It's the White Man's fault and he should fix it." Back in many remote lesser known Indian Reservations there is a purvasive apathy, lack of purpose and hopelessness that has been around for generations through no fault of their own. But you'll also find this same negative effect in many of the world's inner cities as well. But every so often you will find many individuals who will recognize their hopeless situation and work hard to pull themselves up and out of that dark abyss. Keep in mind, not all tribal circumstances around North America are equal. Just like any European countries. But anyway, below here is Chris Clarke's informative article. Again if you wish any further references on these other subjects mentioned here, Google is your friend! 😑

A young Cahuilla woman in the early 20th Century | Photo: Edward S. Curtis 

Chris Clarke: "Untold History: The Survival of California's Indians"