Friday, February 24, 2017

All the King's Horses & Men will never put Earth back together again

"Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace — but there is no peace."
 Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775
Patrick Henry, in his famous "Liberty or Death" speech may have had in mind some of the biblical text examples of where the false religious prophets were trying to calm the fears of ancient Israel's citizens by providing them with a sense of false security, only later to watch the nation completely collapse under the brutal seige of their enemies.  Makes sense since most folks were more traditionally religious in those early times. Lately I've been finding today's News Media, Politicians, Clergyman & Business leaders will also often water down the dire warnings of Global Ecological & Social Collapse by telling people things are not as bad as they first thought and that they actually have solutions for fixing the problems. Kinda reminds me of those old "People Do" Chevron TV commercial P.R. Ads showing how much their dirty oil business cared about cute little animals. Remember this from 1986 ??? The cute little kit fox being given synthetic science-based manmade burrow box dens within the massive oil field complex in the southern San Joaquin Valley near Bakersfield was one of my flavourites.
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Today there seems to be another strategy trending in the news media today where many articles appear to be watering down the real dangers and previous dire warnings of impending ecological collapse. Especially where climate change is the subject. First, there are the environmental folks telling us that the solution for sustainability is massive wind turbine farms and solar farm infrastructure. Seriously ? Does people really want to see massive amounts of industrial infrastructure throughout the rural countryside ? Below is the new face of the industrial complex's, "People Do" public relation advertising.

The New Look for "People Do" Ads ???

The idea of course with most industry advertising is to clean up their not so clean environmental image so as to promote eye appeal. Throw in some flowers and pristine blue sky and the thought is conveyed that using this product is good for the environment. Unfortunately the reality on the ground often out of sight is far different than what we were told in the Ad or TV commercial.

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California Flats Solar Project

The second major problem are those who deny there is any sort of environmental problem on earth in the first place. People should be capable of coming to the conclusion that there is clearly something wrong in the natural world from the things the see around them in real time going wrong and failing. For example the millions of dead and dying forest trees, the lower annual rainfall totals (or extreme weather events which flood & destroy) and clean water availability, claims that climate change does not make drought worse, etc, etc, etc. Here is how climate scientist Michael Mann expressed it not long ago:
“What is disconcerting to me and so many of my colleagues is that these tools that we’ve spent years developing increasingly are unnecessary because we can see climate change, the impacts of climate change, now, playing out in real time, on our television screens, in the 24-hour news cycle,”
Author Tom Roberts
His concern is certainly legitimate and logical. It's also something I have been saying and writing about for well over a decade now. Future ecosystem degradation was revealed to me by San Jacinto Mountains wildlife biologist, Tom Roberts (now an author in the Bay area), back in 1982 where he told me that Idyllwild would loose all it's  giant Ponderosa and other pine species and the Giant Sequoia would be the best replacement. At the time such a suggestion seemed absolutely impossible to believe. Everything looked so clean and pristine. What was he seeing that I couldn't or wouldn't ? Nevertheless I've have personally observed the fact of his 1982 claim when I visited Idyllwild California back in 2014. Huge trees everywhere have died or are in the process of dying.

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‘A Walk in the Woods’: The Hiking tale that takes a few missteps

So how could we illustrate how people everywhere should have been keenly aware of where things have been going wrong for a very long time now ? Clearly most folks have been purposefully turning a blind eye because responsibly looking ahead would have been inconvenient to one's personal lifestyle choices. Same is true for many other calamities that may come in one's life like HIV, Lung Cancer, Sclerosis of Liver, Diabetes, etc, etc, etc. People who succumbed to such consequences turned a blind eye to the clue-like early symtoms way back when. Let's illustrate our natural world's climate change decline from the film with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte called, "A Walk in the Woods." So take an innocent enough walk in a forest and what happens if you disrespect and ignore numerous warning signs of potential danger ahead. What would most folks think if they saw a tree like this one below?

Looks harmless enough on first glance and almost unnoticeable to the average novice hiker. But some of us would understand that this is the tell tale signs of perhaps a grizzly bear marking the boundary of his territory. But we continue on anyway.

Credit: Alexander Kopatz (

Yup, here comes another sign. Most would also pass this up unnoctied and if they did see it, would also discount it as anything of import. They might even reason that it could be hair from some harmless feral cow. 

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Now this next sign is hardly a harmless cow patty, meadow muffin or prairie pizza. This comes from a whole different type of animal. Something big and not necessarily a strict herbivore. Still, many folks out there won't be a scat (poop) expert and will discount it as a harmless creature of nature, say maybe a deer. Of course deer droppings are far different to those that know what they look like from experience. At this point an experienced hiker would be very alarmed when coming across this type of specific poop scenario.

Image - North American Bear Center

Now this next one is much spookier. If you stumbled across such a giant "Big Foot" type paw print, you have to know you are close to the point of no return. If you are rational, you would suddenly realize that you are pushing it if you discount this poop sign and continued forwards along this same pathway. At this point from here forward you know a different course is advisable. Can you imagine someone going forward anyway and all the while comfortably reasoning there is no danger whatsoever ???

Associated Press File

The famous, "Bart the Bear," on movie location in Haines, Alaska, 1993

Finally at this point looking forward, it's clear the danger is real and it is also apparent that you mostly likely have reached a point of no return. Seriously, on a hiking path in the real world of Yellowstone National Park, if you suddenly and surprisingly stumbled around the bend on such a sight as this one and the Grizzly sees you, you come to the quick realization that you are more than likely toast. You also realize that the point of no return was a couple of signs back. You had opportunity to change your direction but refused. You could try to out run this potential calamity but it's probably too late and the Grizzly is too strong and powerful anyway. You might get lucky if you could jump of a cliff into a lake (just like the movies), or find a crevace or slit in some rock face or boulder outcropping, or perhaps climb a tree that this large beast couldn't. But even then such narrow escapes only delay the inevitable. So it would be reasonable not to be a stupid hiker in the first place. Right now we are just a couple steps beyond the Grizzly paw print.

And here we are!

California’s 70 Million Dead Trees: A ‘Botanical Emergency Room’
Short Excerpt from the article:
"Until recently, strolling through a California forest meant walking in dappled light along a path strewn with leaves or pine needles."   
"But across the state, once-towering pines have collapsed, their desiccated limbs sprawled across forest floors. Toppled oak and tanoak trees, their trunks bleeding, decomposing from the inside out, litter the ground.  Choked with the detritus of at least 70 million dead trees, vast tracts of the landscape have become a botanical emergency room, parched by drought, invaded by damaging insects and infected with a deadly organism that may have piggybacked its way to the state on rhododendron leaves." 
"In many communities of the central and southern Sierra Nevada range, “80 percent of trees are dead,” said Ken Pimlott, the state’s top forester as director of Cal Fire, the state forestry and fire-protection agency. “There will be no conifers [there] when this is done.”
Wow, "In many communities of the central and southern Sierra Nevada range, 80% of the trees are dead." & "There will be no conifers there when this is done." I've written about this subject previously (HERE) . Many on the Ecology side attempt to put a happy face on the matter by downplaying the severity of it all. They tell us that beetle infestations are a natural occurrence and that life will find a way. Then the Climate Change denier's strategy is to smokescreen things, definition shell game other things and deflect attention away from the true causes. In otherwords, "We've always had change in the environment, so this change this is nothing new." Wow, where have I heard that before. (2 Peter 3:4)  . Yes it's a biblical text here, but that is because as a rule the majority of those who claim there is no problem with climate change are quite often the very people who themselves claim to be bible believers. I've no problem with that, but I'm just saying. 😕 *sigh*
Will mankind ever be able to tame the beast they've created and learn to live with it ? True, only time will tell. But time is also fast running out.