Saturday, July 16, 2011

Viktor Schauberger and 'Living Water: Source of Alternative Energy'

Viktor Schauberger

The above name for this post's subject matter is actually taken from a book written by a Swedish author named Olaf Alexandersson who worked with Schauberger the last couple of years of Viktor's life. You could say that the book "Living Water" describes a pioneering iconoclast of sorts in Schauberger who went against the conventional scientific understanding of physics and revealing an entirely new way of looking at the natural world as it really is. Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958) came from a family of foresters in Austria. He was a Forester, Naturalist and self taught physicist. 

He broke through the conventional scientific dogmas and offered a refreshing and enlightening understand of just how the natural world works and how humans and their technology could work with nature as opposed to the destructive way humans abuse earth's natural resources presently. He lived at a time when much of the Earth still had abundance of pristine old growth forests. He could observe healthy natural phenomena which sadly is nonexistent today in most areas around our globe. He made a profound observation (mentioned in the book) where he pinpointed the Earth's various pristine environment's deterioration and destruction from the start  World War I onward to the present. But it's his work with water and theories of deriving energy from water that are the most fascinating.

Viktor Schauberger observed the natural movements of water in rivers creeks and streams and created many theories and inventions based on these observations and experiments.  In fact he won several awards for his River engineering designs for reconstructing and bringing back damage hydrological water courses to a pristine state they originally had. This goes along with many other testimonials by well known people from the same period who historically mark World War I as a major turning point in human activity and affairs upon the Earth.

One of the fascinating features for me in the book was Viktor Schauberger's comment of water's natural ability of upwards movement in a healthy pristine old growth forested ecosystem. He also explained that with this upwards movement came beneficial and necessary salts [an old expression meaning trace elements] from deep in the earth which would feed and nourish the plant life above ground. Under cover of old growth forest canopy water does indeed seem to have an energetic upwards movement as evidenced by numerous springs. Remove and take that forest cover away and these springs disappear. This was observed by Viktor Schauberger when he observed a stone covered spring with a roof overhead. When the stones were removed and taken away and the spring exposed to sunlight, the spring water disappeared. When put back the spring reappeared. Viktor in many ways couldn't explain in the same scientific terms what we understand today. That's why I love to focus on many forest mechanisms he wrote about observing. Sadly much of this fascinating phenomena is rapidly disappearing. Viktor had a real front row seat privilege to witness first hand just how these forested ecosystems in a healthy pristine environment actually operated and functioned.

 I won't spend too much time on this anymore, but many things observed and written about by Viktor Schauberger were ultimately used in the numerous inventions he created and patented. What has come about now as far as the mechanical understanding of what could create upwards movement of water in any forest ecosystem and indeed any vegetative system is what I'll focus on in a future post. Unfortunately the majority of those discussion groups who say they relate to Schauberger's theories are focused solely on his inventions like the Flying Saucer models for which he was renowned for when employed by the Nazis during the end of World War II. Often these groups are involved in conversations dealing with government conspiracies, Aliens, Spirit Realm and so forth and I become disinterested at that point. So I'm a skeptic, not of Schauberger, but of the following that crud it up with such inside such Groups.

For further info on Viktor Schauberger , his life, research and the practical applications used today, please consult the following links:

Here is a non-profit organization based in Sweden dedicated to the researching of the observations of Viktor Schauberger and the creation of ecological technologies based on his research, principles and guidelines.
 Malmö Sweden which has invented and patented several devices for the replication of healthy energized water for numerous practical applications as in exceptionally hard surfaced Ice creation, Landscaping, stronger Concrete manufacturing, waste water reclamation, desalination processesdegasing and descaling mineral build up with properties of energized water in any plumbing applications. Here is a link to their company's ( Watreco ) website. 

For more info on Viktor Schauberger , please go to the Schauberger family's own website where the 
PKS ( Pythagoras Kempler System Institute ) is actually located in Bad-Ischl, Austria. 
Later on on this website I'll deal further with info on the  Watreco Group.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Timeless Environmental Applications

Practical Applications for a New Earth!
Adenostoma sparsifolium

The main purpose of this blog will be to provide practical application that the average gardener, landscaper, rural landowner and even land restoration manager will be able to use for successful results on whatever project they may be involved with. Understanding some of the mechanics are of  just how the plant world works and interacts with their environment through mycorrhizal networked relationships with other unrelated plants in such a complex sophisticated system, how it functions, importance of water quality and response of these plants to such just such a healthy system as opposed to the convention science-based maintenance regimens are of huge importance as far as practical applications in a modern day world where Nature presently is being ruined by humankind. Ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, selfishness, greed are but a few of the reasons our planet's various natural  components are ceasing to function properly. No real need to give modern examples, as they appear in daily News Headlines on a regular basis. 

Replicating Nature - Range Free Chickens
Throughout the blog I'll introduce a few subjects and videos which will help the reader get a feeling for what is presently happening to our Earth and the reasons why these things are happening. Many of these present modern day failures in nature had a forewarning decades ago by numerous conscientious researchers who've been either laughed at or never taken seriously by those who profit by the way the economic system presently operates. While one would think that "Science" is such an  amazing and wonderful tool, which it could be and at times has been, the truth of the matter is that it has actually been the very cause of the numerous failures we see in nature. Why ?

animation: Nature Blogs
It's because it is run by men and women who unfortunately have all the same imperfections that are common to all of humankind. In some cases these imperfections are even further magnified and enhanced as a result of the so-called higher conventional education they have received which still adheres to conventional philosophical Ideologies for farming, gardening, landscaping etc. There is also evidenced by the lack of cooperation between nations, politics elements within those nations, competing corporations who lack empathy for the consumer while at the same time looking out only for the bottom line interests demanded by it's investors. This is NOT however the case with all researchers, but unfortunately those who run the world we live in, those that is who are in charge do often operate and manage with these imperfect qualities and lack of morals which cause them to fail as true leaders who are supposed to serve for mankind's best interests. Humans have failed miserably when it comes to their historical record to proper custodianship of our planet earth and hopefully the main purpose of this site is to magnify just how nature was meant to operate and what we can learn from it and what  personal application we can make from that point forward.

As Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms often says, "What if Nature and the Ecology had a Manhattan Project ?" Rather than science-based Chemicals which were great for making Bombs and brought us the failed "Green Revolution" which was said to stimulate plant growth for greening the world's deserts, we would have had a healthy planet using technologies based on the observations of just how the natural world actually works and replicating these observations into viable technologies for our economical systems.
For a further in depth discussion of the intricate underground workings of the plant world's networking relationships, see my other blog at:
The photo at the top of the page is of a high desert shrub called Redshank or Ribbonwood (Adenostoma sparsifolium). This shrub is rather dominant in the wild landscape where I use to live in Anza, California. I hope to do a piece on this shrub and highlight it's importance to the overall environment up there is the San Jacinto Mountains. There are clearly other key dominant plants which live in other ecosystems around the globe which play key roles in what happens to life in those ecosystems. Redshank or Ribbonwood is clearly one of those plants as a future article will bare out. 

Enjoy the reading!