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Catch 22 Funding for more Prisons or Universities ???

"All we are saying is give peace a chance" John Lennon
Photo, Museum of History & Industry, Seattle.

May 5, 1970: Thousands of University of Washington students occupying and blocking Intersate Highway 5 (I-5) and facing state troopers in riot gear as they protested the killings at Kent State Universtiy and the invasion of Cambodia.

This photo image over here on the right is a sample flyer from May 1970 urging student demonstrations all around the country following those infamous Kent State studen shootings. I grew up during all those Vietnam War era protests (& others for ecology, etc). Prior to graduating high school in 1975, I would have had to register for the USA draft. I wouldn't have gone of course. The draft law was due to expire at the end of June 1971. But President Nixon decided it needed to continue and asked Congress to approve a two-year extension. In March 1973, 1974 and 1975, the Selective Service assigned draft priority numbers for all men born in 1954, 1955 and 1956, in case the draft was extended — but it never was. Rather than angrily protest, burn my draft card or run away and hide in Canada or some other foreign land, I was prepared ro simply reveal to the authorites that I was a "conscientious objector." Whether that brought prison time or some other consequence, who knows. But I never ever considered a violent angry option for expressing my views. I remember watching the Nighly News back then reporting various civil disobedience and organized protest action and thinking, wow the world really is going down hill fast. I remember thinking and pondering about what kind of world we'd be living in when all those angry 'baby boomer' generation's children and grand children grew up and started running the World. Wow, and here we are living the nightmare. Interestingly Colleges are still ground zero for protests and general opportunities for anarchists. But it's been building up for decades. Remember the 77 years of tradition called "College Days" otherwise known as "Spring Break" which generally occurs in April ?

Take a look just a few years back the reason for rioting. Spring break has gotten out of hand for decades. I remember working in downtown Palm Springs at the Caadillac dealer on Palm Canyon Drive when those first of several Spring Break Riots happened. I packed up at 2:00 and left for home in the San Jacinto Mountains. When I hit Palm Desert heading up Hwy 74, I heard on my radio that the police had closed off all streets around Palm Canyon Drive and Indian Avenue and made 120 arrests. That was my first taste of college student insanity.

photo image by Daily Mail
Anarchy at Michigan State University as fans riot in East Lansing, Mich., early Sunday. Michigan State University students celebrated their football team’s first invite to the Rose Bowl in decades Saturday by rioting through East Lansing streets. Street revelers hate being behavioural restrictions, always have.
photo imahe by David Stephenson—Zuma
University of Kentucky fans celebrate on State Street after their team's come from behind victory over the University of Louisville to advance to the Elite 8 in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament on March 28, 2014. Now keep close in mind that both groups above back in 2013 thru 2014 are actually happy campers. No anger here, just Nation Lampoon Animal House Party Revelers.
Fast Forward to Post USA Presidential Elections January 2017 & onward
Image - Rob Borsdorf

Militant Anarchist Protesters actually protesting
against Free Speech at Berkeley in California

Image - Jeremy Breningstall/ZUMA

Anti-Trump protesters using "black bloc" tactics –
covering faces, dressing in black – arrive at the protest
at Berkeley, California

Image - Noah Berger/Redux

Early 2017 riot at University of California Berkeley raised big
questions about the future of the free speech movement which,
was originally incubated & hatched at Berkeley in the 1960s. 

Image - Aossociated Press

Ms. Melissa Click, a University of Missouri communications
professor, was taking part in a student protest over racial
issues in November when she grabbed at a student journalist’s
 camera and enlisted other activists to help her with a call
 that ricocheted across social media:
“I need some muscle over here!”

Photo: Jay Janner, Associated Press

Arielle Moore, 19, argues with a Trump supporter during a protest
at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, Thursday Nov.
10, 2016, opposition of Donald Trump's presidential election victory

To be perfectly fare, it's not just the Students, but almost always the Professors as well. There's no reason to provide more photos, since we all know what's going on regarding academic insanity. But what struck me is a meme which has long been floating around for a few years now, but I ssaw again today. I saw it once before in 2015, but it has more impact now. Here is the billboard statement below.

By  Katharina Kienboeck and Jason Gardner

Seriously folks, considering where we all are at this point in time, whether to fund more prisons or more universities is quite the dilemma. I mean universities haven't exactly been overly productive and/or beneficial for mankind for a couple decades now. Remember what I said about how I wondered what the world would look like when Babyboomer kids and grandkids grew up and started running things ? Okay, we're here. But the spookier scenario now is what will this world look like when these GEN Xer's or Millennial's kids and/ot grandkids grow up and start running things 30 or 40 years from now ? What type of parenting will they provide ? What type of State funded Education will be filling their heads with whatever nonsense ? Already here in Sweden, a Dagis (Daycare) teacher's aid can and will be fired if they are caught using a male or female pronoun with these under Kindergarden age pre-school kids. So the Swedish State has borrowed a word from Finland, "Hen," (a kinder gentler way of calling someone "It") which provides a gender neutral designation. Whatever!  😣
A Future Millennial Dystopia, otherwise known by it's old description Soylent Green 😨
Image brought to you by  The Economist

Sentavio Isometric World
Today's youth, Millennials, expect to leave higher education and have the good life handed to them on a silver platter. But the sad reality is they have never known or been shown what the real world is like. Here in Sweden, industrial secular culture raised youth don't want so-called Blue Collar Jobs (hey, just like the States). They want IT work at Google or Microsoft, etc. They want to be Lab Techies working on creating some new bizarre GMO product which will bring them fame and fortune. They have zero knowledge of how our natural world really works. How could they, it's been mostly dismantled through the misuse and abuse of science. If they want to study Nature they must do so through historical film documentaries. They want to live in that imaginary Jetsons cartoony World from the 1960s. No pampered Swedish Millennial wants to be a plumber, electrician, forester, farmer, etc. And the funny thing is there are all manner of these jobs which are actually well paying blue collar jobs everywhere in Scandinavia. Everything these days is about obsession with anything to do with electronic devices and the SciFi World they are taking us to.
My wife does the payroll accounting for a large construction company and they are losing many of these workers because other competitor companies are making them better offers. Oddly enough a month ago I was at a week long school in Copenhagen Danmark and spoke with a friend who told me the very same problem exists there. Oddly enough this may proven to be a gold mine for the 10s of 1000s of immigrants coming here who still have a wholesome work ethic and are already familiar with many blue collar trade jobs. But the big down side of this modern day secular ideological movement is that it's changing traditional family structure for the worse. Despite hard times many immigrant families still have traditional family structure intact, even if not perfect. Whatever anybody thought normal was is now long gone. Welcome to the new abnormal. And as far as more Universities vrs prisons ? That's getting tougher and tougher to answer. Of course this subject's debate always comes up when some charismatic ideologue wants to be elected to some political office and will tickle the ears of a potential voter market that has yet to be tapped into (Millennials). Funny thing about change, the centuries old political tactics really haven't changed or reformed all that much despite for calls for change.
False Hope Sermons making Millennials believe that one day things will get better 😵
Image - REUTERS/Steve Marcus

photo by Jim Wiegand
Today's youth are being force fed that science is going to solve the world's energy & ecological problems. But what the Millennial kids aren't being told is that the misuse and abuse of science in the first place brought about these problems of climate change to our natural world in the first plaace. So the same cause (bad science) of ecological problems is now going to provide solutions for the climate problem ? The very Techie giant firms listed above are not only on board with all these supposedly new eco-schemes, but they are also financially heavily invested in the very corporations they hope to further profit from. This isn't to say that wind and solar shouldn't be harnessed, they should. But thus far they have been headed down the wrong road and the real shame is educators are providing today's youth with false hopes in this ever working. But when it comes to funding more colleges vs prisons, that's still a tough one because places of higher education are now flashpoints for more and more criminal activities and behaviour. Education is really taking a back seat. Most colleges and universities are pushing an extremist form of identity-politics cloaked under the guise of a newly enlightened way of viewing the world. Of course they want to label this under the cloak of Democracy. World renowned author, Salman Rushdie, in a 2013 CNN Europe interview said this about today's social unrest which in particular infeacts today's youth:

“We live in an age of identity politics in which people have been encouraged to define themselves by what makes them angry. You know, I mean, I would say that the more healthy definition of the self is to define it in terms of the things you value and care about and love, you know."  
"But now, we seem to be—or many of us—seem to be defining ourselves by what we hate. You know, and that rage, as you say, becomes a badge of identity—becomes a kind of selfhood."  
"Classically, we have defined ourselves by the things we love. By the place which is our home, by our family, by our friends. But in this age we're asked to define ourselves by hate. That what defines you is what pisses you off. And if nothing pisses you off, who are you?"
Yup, sure enough. Many today are encouraged to identify themselves by what they hate, not what they love. This is true of all sides, even environmental movements. Below here is a wonderfully put together video where an author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, explains how the millennial generation became so entitled. He illustrates where a combination of failed parenting strategies, technology, impatience and degraded unnatural environment have created a wave of young people who can't hack it in today's real world. It's about 12.34 minutes in length, but well worth the watch, entertaining and probably the best illustrative piece I've ever watched which truly informs people just how far down mankind's youth have sunk to and the collective reasons as to why this has happened.

What we really need is divine intervention soon, not some promise of another benevolent dictatorship under the guise of some new version of democracy. Oh and BTW, John Lennon's other peace prtesting song was "Imagine," which also is just an illusion and I really like John Lennon songs. Maybe what today's youth need (as well as many adults) is a good boot camp experience at an old fashion Israeli communal Kibbutz where they'll be outdoors and learn the value of a good hard work ethic for nothing more than room and board.  😉
BBC reality show to put Brits on an Israeli kibbutz
Photo by Yaniv Nadav/FLASH90

Picking grapes on Kibbutz Tzuba, near Jerusalem
References on scary trends Why millennials are ditching religion for Witchcraft and Astrology
Millennials turning from capitalism toward socialism, study shows

Update Nov 11, 2017
"Universities Tell Students: We Run Campuses, Not You" - Wow, go figure!

Photo illistration by the Daily Beast
Universities Tell Students: We Run Campuses, Not You
“Administrators should be responsive to student concerns, but there’s a limit to how much they can bend to student demands.”
Well, in this day and age (Millenial Culture), good luck with that. 😒 Sign of the times. 

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