Thursday, November 26, 2015

All I ever did was respectfully ask a simple Question (time to delete my DISQUS account)

Hmmm, comments removed and banned from "The Hill", "The Daily Caller" and sometimes even at the "The Heartland Institute" & "The Genetic Literacy Project" online journals ??? In the modern world of Free-Thought, when supposedly enlightened society is above an power obsessed Orthodoxy of Censorship, nothing's really changed. You are free to think what you wish as long as your free-thought is in line with everyone else's free-thought on a particular subject. 😞

The News headline in an online journal I have never in the past  visited nor really read before had a headline over the Yahoo News  feed which rang out:
"Nevada Girl Makes School Pay After They Denied Her Pro-Life Club"  The Daily Caller 
(Source: The Daily Caller)

Image: The Daily Caller
"A Nevada girl who fought a long legal battle with her school over a pro-life club didn’t just get her club approved, she got her school to pay for it."   
"The Thomas More Society, the religious liberty legal group representing junior Angelique Clark, announced Friday they would drop their lawsuit against Clark County School District in Las Vegas and that the school has agreed to pay $30,000 in attorney fees. The school agreed in September to allow the pro-life club after legal pressure."
Okay that much of the quote basically provides the gist of the article and what the subject is all about. Frankly I was just curious when it came over the News feed. I don't have television and so most of my news comes mainly from online news feeds and this was one of them. I'm not overly concerned about who the girl is or anything about her club's mission and purpose other than I asked a simple question about the name title chosen for the school club which was, "Pro-Life Club". Here is what I asked:
"I'm wondering if maybe her club should have been instead labeled as Anti-Abortion Club. Frankly I do not support abortion either, but I also feel it's none of my business what others do. The problem with the terminology of "Pro-Life" is that these people need to be consistent in their beliefs on living a pro-life lifestyle. For example, many people who label themselves pro-life to save a child have no problem with that child growing up and going to war and going out and killing someone else or being killed. Here in Europe people were stumbled by both world wars and church involvement on all sides by people of the same identical religious persuasion. But especially after World War II did most of Europe become secularized and stopped going to churches. In Central and Northern Europe, Secularism rules, not religion. Often times the only religious folks are those immigrants coming in from other countries. What if all the churches had followed their leader Jesus Christ and kept themselves separate from the world having nothing to do with Nationalistic pride and War, in other words taken a true Pro-Life stance ? Would secularism have really gotten a foothold ? Something to ponder and again I am against abortion personally, but I find it sad when religious leaders have failed horribly at teaching the common man morality but then ride the backs of politicians to have their personal version of morality legislated on others. True pro-life stance should have the same morality throughout life, not just the beginning."

Well, okay, not everyone was pleased on this news website. One comment stood out from someone whom I imagine was a typical American God & Country flag waving American.
Navyvetew1: "You live in Europe yet you seem to support that people do not go to war if they are "pro life" So, I guess it was a mistake for the US to set foot in Europe in WWII?"
Here was my respectful reply to help bring him around to what I was trying to say previously. Personally I don't think it was overly complicated nor did I use the usual foul language, derogatory insults or name calling generally aimed at me in the comment box sections:
"Okay now Navy Vet, I want you to slow way down here, think, ponder and mediate real long and hard on what your next answer to this question is going to be. Okay ??? What would have happened if ALL the Churches [Catholic, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Baptists, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Mormon, etc] in Nazi Germany and Austria had in the very beginning before the war ever started REFUSED to support Adolf Hitler and his racist anti-Christ message and ideology where using scientific Social Darwinism set out to conquer the world and exterminate those who didn't genetically measure up to his blonde hair blues eyes standard of the way things should be on the Earth ??? Now remember, his agenda was known a decade long before the war, so no one can say people were unaware and ignorant and fooled. Geesh folks, this is so simple, even a child gets this."
This was never meant as a snark or a put down of their religious beliefs, but rather a reality check of those belief systems. It was a serious question. It was a legitimate question. How different would history have been had these people actually believed the teaching contents found within their own holy book ? Especially in the section of what many call the New Testament. I'd say the world today would look far different. But this wasn't the only site to refuse my questions. The two other online journals besides "The Daily Caller" are called, "The Hill" & "The Heartland Institute" (both heavily politically conservative), which I have only been to once as a result of recent News feeds which both have carried articles dealing with their strong pro-GMO stance. In all three journals, people concerned about GMO Crops and Agro-Chemical companies are called left-wing liberal hippies. Oddly enough on another Pro-GMO website called the, "Genetic Literacy Project" which indeed is indeed a liberal trans-humanist ideology promoting website, the anti-GMO people are made fun of and labeled anti-science religious conservative Luddites and those are the more cleaner things I can repeat in this post. Other Pro-Science sites on Facebook and elsewhere around the internet which are likewise Liberal and Left-wing sciencey sites likewise point fingers and parrot the same anti-science - pseudoscience - right-wing - conservative - religious nut job Luddite sound blasts rather than actually discussing any of the issues in any intelligent manner. All these sites have many of my posts Pending or Removed in my DISQUS backoffice. I find the fact that Pro-GMO and Agro-Chemical people are from both ideological worldviews to be extremely humorous. Like Revelations picture illustration of world religions depicted as a Harlot riding the back of a Scarlet Coloured Wild Beast [which represents world government (religion and politics in bed with each other), so too the left and right pro-gmo folks need to turn on the bedroom light and see who they've been playing slap and tickle with under the same BT Cotton bed sheets all this time. Frankly, they deserve each other. Whatever!

All these silly websites (Left-wing Right-wing, Middle-wing, No-wing or Buffalo-wing) have rejected my posting of these people below who are hardly anti-science Luddites as per accusation of the Pro-GMOers. See what you think about these professional people who have been labeled Anti-Science Luddites below:

Frankly I believe my time is up on DISQUS. I opened the account in 2009 and up till a month ago I only had around 900 posts in that time. Most of the others have been there since 2014 and have anywhere from 7000+ to almost 20,000 posts. What do any of them do for a living in order to rack up that type of time wasting mileage ? Most all are wearing Sock-Puppets avatars so you have no idea who they are, even when many claim to be Farmers. I don't know many hard working farmers who have that kind of 17,000+ post time to kill while ignoring all that hard farm work that needs doing. Many folks suspect they are all biotech and agro-chemical company damage control trolls, but there is no way to prove that. In any event my time there is finished over there, just like Facebook. 


  1. I realize that this is 3 years old, but I just wanted to point out that I think you may be attributing the non publishing of some of your comments to the wrong motivation.

    Different websites set up things differently, but for most of them that I've seen your post will end up in purgatory if it includes a direct link or curse words. it's not your content that's being censored, it's the way you're expressing it. No one is ever going to read your flag post and approve it, but no one is reading your post to disapprove it either.

    1. If only it were that easy. Many of these site Admins view their comments section as their universe with themselves as it's god. Yes, if I had used curse words (I never have) or other derogatory language or insults, then yes I understand. But that was not what happened in either scenario.


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