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Silent Snow : The Invisible Poisoning of the World

Silent Snow - Dutch Documentary from 2011

Swedish Version

Grönlands Osynliga Miljöhot (Greenland's Invisible Environmental Threat)
In Greenland there is an invisible threat to the environment that gives the young native born Greenlandic Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann a reason to embark on a journey around the globe to explore how it can be that there are so many toxins in the environment in Greenland. Where do the chemicals originate ? Greenland is hardly industrialize, so from where does the pollution come from ? The Documentary follows the travels with Pipaluk to Tanzania and Uganda where incredibly they still are spraying with DDT against the malaria mosquito. She also travels to India and Costa Rica to try to track down where the toxins that end up in Greenland, come from. The Documentary is 59 minutes and may be seen from the link below. There are however some Swedish subtitles & Text but the audio is English.

Here is a link to the films website and non profit group:

The Silent Snow Project

Incredible film as it exposes the business as usual with regards the Chemical/Pharmaceutical world and corrupt officials. Things never change. DDT is still manufactured and used in Third World countries as a cheaper easier way of dealing with pest management. Most westerners probably think this chemical went out in the 1960s/70s after the exposure from the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, but nothing could have been further from the truth. In Uganda DDT has been used and promoted by the Ministry of Health under the care of Dr Meyers Lugemiwa a senior medical officer with the National Malaria Project who states in the film that 320 a day die from Malaria. Later he is arrested along with others of his team for corruption only to be later acquitted. Things never change. One has to wonder when they will.

Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann and Ellady Muyambi  

Uganda's Network on Toxic-Free Malaria Control
VJ Jose who is the riverkeeper of the Periya River in India and  monitors pollution by the chemical companies whose operations look like something from the Industrial Revolution era with zero pollution controls. Countless Indian States compete for these factories for jobs and VJ Jose is hated for the work he does in research. Like many pro business types in industrial countries, these average illiterate people in these regions don't want to know what is wrong with the environment. They want jobs and pay cheques and are willing to live in ignorance as if to say in their own minds, if I know nothing about it, then it doesn't exist. This is usually the attitude on most ecological problems globally whether deforestation, industrial agriculture, GMOs etc, etc, etc

All in all it is a very illuminating documentary because places like Scandinavia for example have to import now from all these countries that have no ecological controls or strict rules on these dangerous technologies. If they even do, the sad fact is corruption is a great bypass tool which has been around almost as long as mankind has been in existence. Even for Greenland, most all vegetables have to be imported and this is yet another way pollution enters into a country even IF it has strict policies governing chemical pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs. One way or another these dangerous Earth ruining environmental components can enter your body without you realizing it or believing you are disconnected somehow by your geographical location. The globe is a much smaller place these days.


  1. It is certainly very sad to see what humans have done to this planet, and still continue to do unfortunately. But I do hope things will change soon, I actually feel like more and more people are starting to open their eyes and care more about how they act in this world. So I do believe in a brigher, healthier and better future for this planet and all of us that live on it.

    Anyway, these documentries sounds very interesting. So thank you for sharing. :-)

    1. Thanks

      Let me know what you thought on my Göteborg Bontanisk Trädgård Ökenliv series. I really enjoy the desert theme this year even if I couldn't be there for real. I'm a former landscape supervisor from San Diego California and loved the ideas I found for a faux desert landscape theme here in Svenskland.


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