Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Please Move the Deer Crossing Signs

This was a funny stumble upon. I don't think this woman was truly thinking about what she was complaining about and how it sounded to listeners on a call in radio talk show in Fargo North Dakota.  When you first listen to her call it sounds legit, but then you realize this woman not only has no clue about what she is saying, but she's truly serious. The call is to the Y94 Playhouse Radio Station and Donna is moaning about why she cannot get any action over her complaint about the Roadside Deer Crossing signs.

Radio Caller Donna Believes Deer Can Read Road Signs

I stumbled across this on YouTube and it has already received almost six and a half million hits from viewers. 6,457,565 hits to be exact as of this post. 

She calls in and identifies herself as "Donna" and wishes to complain that she is getting no satisfaction from authorities about something that has bothered her for a "really long time". She says she has contacted all the newspapers and TV Stations but everyone just blows her off.

As you listen to the show, you take note that the Radio Host asks Donna in a serious concerned voice what the problem is and that's where everything unravels. The woman explains to the Host and audience that over the past few years she has experienced three car accidents and all of them having occurred after seeing a Deer Crossing sign. She demands to know why the Minnesota and North Dakota Department of Transportation "allows these deer crossings to be in such high traffic areas ?"

Donna says in an outraged tone of voice, "I've seen them (the signs) on the Interstate. Why are we encouraging Deer to cross at the Interstate ?"

This whole time you can hear the Radio Host and his assistant trying to contain themselves, but you can still here the background snickerings. 

"It seems to me that it's irresponsible of us to allow these Deer crossings to be in an area where these Deer are more likely to be struck by oncoming traffic. Wouldn't you agree ?" At this point the Host can only respond with "Uh . . "  "Errr . . " and all the while trying to contain his constant snickering. When he finally gets composure he attempts to explain to the woman that the signs are not there to direct Deer to cross here or there, but to warn oncoming motorists of the potential for risk of hitting Deer and to proceed and drive more cautiously,  the woman still doesn't have a clue.

The woman later offers her own genius plan for correcting the problem and that is moving the signs to safer areas for the Deer to cross and when the Deer see the sign, they will know to cross there. Seriously that's what she said and believes.

Yeeeah, you betchah! (just a little Minnesota lingo there)

This road accident with Deer, Elk and/or Moose are certainly nothing new here to Sweden. Mostly we have a Moose Crossing problem. Wonder if Moose here read Swedish ? Oh wait, it's just a picture sign, so they don'y have to. 

This is a favourite Souvenir of many a German Tourist
who visit
Sweden in the Summertime. And you thought those Gerries carried tools like wrenches with them because they
all are naturally engineering experts!

Careful Donna, Moose only read Swedish, even in Minnesota!

Who Speaks
Swedish anyway ?

Certainly not Franck!


  1. Oh this is so funny!
    I needed a laugh to start my day today!

    1. No kidding, I can't believe that after listening to the radio host, this woman still couldn't get it through her thick skull that Deer don't read and follow signs. Signs are for people.

      Wonder what she's doing now with all this publicity and if anyone admits to knowing her or being related to her ?


  2. Ahhh....this is very funny. People are so stupid. The more I get out in the field; the more I'm realizing that a lot of people "don't get it." But with my work in the garden, I'm helping others learn and that is good. Small steps to a bigger realization.

    1. The follow up article I wrote was funny as well, but also some suspicion there as well if it could have been a set up from another event in 2011 by a guy named Tim Abbott in Crown Point Missouri..


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