Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Leisure Boating Polluting Swedish Waters ?

So said Gothenburg University here yesterday when explaining the problems of pollution surrounding the west coast's archipelago in an article titled,
"Leisure Boats Threaten the Swedish West Coast Archipelago"
This is not what Sweden's Waterways look like, is it ?
This is an area in central Gothenburg called Bunnsparken
No of course they don't, but the pollution by abundant leisure boating crafts are apparently a real threat. I know from experience here in Gothenburg that in the central city canal system where long narrow tourist boats glide tourists along a canal system where it makes a loop out into the Harbour and back through the second canal that as the boat passes underneath a bridge, that all manner of human filth as in rubbish are churned up by the boat's propeller and the stench can be almost unbearable. Seriously, at the very bridge seen in the photo above this is common. In winter time when that canal is frozen over solid you can see the reason for the garbage on the bottom of the canal. Everything from beer and soda bottles to Mac Donalds lunch bags and even  bicycles or shopping Carts will be thrown into the mix by unruly young people on their usual weekend Drinking Binges which have become a normal cultural activity here.  It all lays there for four or five months until Spring thaw sometime in late April after which it to sinks to the bottom of the Canal. The creepy thing is the Fishing derby they have with all the long pole fishermen. Who would eat anything out of there anyways ? All of this of course makes it's way eventually to the Sea via the polluted Harbour and eventually the surrounding archipelago islands. 

The typical idyllic scenery imagined by most tourists is like the photo here to the left. And there still are many islands with quaint seaside ports or small fishing villages all surrounded by a Gingerbread housing neighbourhood. Our favourite one is called Brännö Island where no cars are allowed and walking is the only means of getting around or bicycle. Actually there is one Taxi. There is a little Cafe in the very center of the island and many tourists go there in summertime. Many German Tourists even have homes there. But the place does get packed out and the boat traffic is at it's greatest in summertime. Even the multiple Ferries no doubt add to the pollutants in the water. Here is the basic content of the article two days ago.
GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Oct. 22 (UPI) -- 
Pollution tied to a rise in the number of leisure boats on Sweden's west coast is threatening the most sensitive fjords and archipelagos, scientists say. Increases in both the number of boats and in boat traffic in recent decades have brought negative consequences for the environment, researchers at the University of Gothenburg reported. 
"The toxic, anti-fouling hull paints on the boats release both heavy metals and toxic substances to prevent growth on the boats," earth science professor Kjell Nordberg said.
"Motor boats also emit large amounts of noxious hydrocarbons and acidifying substances into the water through their exhaust fumes, which have increased as boats have become greater in number and are fitted with more powerful engines that also consume more fuel." 
Various sediment samples in one fjord showed not only high levels of polyaromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals but also a lack of oxygen during late summer and autumn, he said. 
"You could tell from the occasionally black sediments, laminations and bacterial mats that this has been going on since the 1990s," Nordberg said. 
"There's not much alive here in the summer." 
(SOURCE) http://phys.org/news/2012-10-leisure-boats-threaten-swedish-west.html

Swedish Word of the Day - Segelbåt
(pronounced 'Say - Gal - Boat') = Sailboat
Don't kid yourself about these types of boats being clean because they have a Sail. They are all motorized and used more often than the Sail. Only during the peak of summer do folks actually sail on the winds. Most of the time cruising is done with the motor. Often Sail & Motor are used together.

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