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Chemical Memory of Water & Homeopathy ? Hmmmmmm!!!

The subject of the "chemical memory of water" is actually one of the most interesting, most made fun of and most misunderstood research phenomena we have today. It's one of those topics that gets the unfortunate label of Quackery, Pseudo-science, Myth, Fable or whatever misinformation tag a condescending modern day intellect can assign to it. And yet, I love what many ~intellects otherwise dismiss or consider fables, myths, etc, not necessarily for their entertainment value, but that just maybe when someone from the historic past wrote something about a natural phenomena in terms and expression we don't use today, I find it just may be key to finding something important that science is ignoring for no other reason than they can't explain it. If the authority can't explain it, then it doesn't exist. Our planet Earth's unhealthy natural world is a reflection of that prevailing attitude. But below is a quote of some interesting findings with regards the term "Memory Water" which generally receives a negative put down. 
"Researchers working with Prof. Dr. Boris Koch, travelling on   the Polarstern research ship, took water samples   containing dissolved organic matter or DOM from the sea.   The subsequent analysis in the mass spectrometer   generates a chemical fingerprint which indicates the origin   of the organic substances. Do they originate from land   plants or marine organisms, or did they enter the ocean  via dust in the air or along springs on the sea bed?   The analysis also permits conclusions to be made about   the age of substances in the water – they can float in the   ocean for several thousand years!"  
Quick Definition by Wikipedia - Water Memory
(Just a quick important note on Wikipedia. Your next door neighbour's little 12 year old girl can login and make corrections if she sees mistakes in definitions. Seriously, always take it with a grain of Salt)
"Water Memory" is the claimed ability of water to retain a "memory" of substances previously dissolved in it to arbitrary dilution. No scientific evidence supports this claim."
My My My. Well here is a link to the article and research team from Bremerhaven Germany Professor Boris Koch, a Chemist at the Alfred Wegener Institute for the Polar and Marine Research in the Helmholtz Association which had this to release a few days back.
The Chemical Memory of Seawater: scientists examine the biomolecules dissolved in the ocean and read them like a history book of the sea

The above is from an article on findings published and released on September 27, 2012. This is a reverse of sorts on this subject which has for years been an object of the usual arrogant ridicule from Scientists and other Researchers whose view is if they don't know about it or if they haven't discovered it, then it simply doesn't exist. It's understandable since many terms like "Information Water" , "Memory Water" , "Structured Water" etc have been used by many a group attempting to pimp a product for ecological health reasons or any other holistic business endeavor. I have no problem with that, except that normally these same people [not all, but manyalso talk about and associate such phenomena with government conspiracies to hide the truth, Angels,  other Spirit world entities, secret Nazi Research Programs, Ancient Aliens who once visitors Earth [this is becoming more & more common now than ever before - seriously, watch Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc], UFOs or other mystic explanations. I generally run in the opposite direction when I hear or read such New Age-ism texts which offer nothing of real value other than many of these writers or speakers claim inspiration from some other worldly super-natural source. And this is sad, because there are some measures of truth about some anomalous properties of water phenomena to be found and observed in nature.  -  (See footnote on Emeritus Professor of Applied Science - London South Bank University - Martin Chaplin)

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) - [Austrian Forester & self taught Physicist who rebelled against the Conventional Bad Science Orthodoxy of his times] discovered countless anomalous properties of water for which he is well known for in his theories on obtaining energy from water and his various inventions concerning water. It's most unfortunate that when you Google his name you run into the above list of characters I mentioned in the first paragraph. This simply leads to normal skepticism & the usual insults from the present Scientific Orthodoxy which still rules with the proverbial Iron Fist for which the sad health state of our natural world is a sorry testament.

Then there are the scammers of products that actually worked, though not necessarily in some of the over exaggerated claims made by such MLM brochures as the now long time defunct marketing pyramid schemes like the Scientology backed venture Company called TradeNet. They took an amazing bit of technology which can accomplish some incredible things, but made went way beyond in their wild claims of what it actually could accomplish. This all have to do with Laundry Ball pyramid marketing schemes back in the 1990s. This guy was really unbelievable.

Trade Net Laundry Ball
Many will remember the late 1990s mlm ponzi scheme controversy over the so-called Laundry Ball technology where they claimed you could dump all your laundry detergent chemicals and the Ball would clean your laundry through breaking the bond of water molecules and making the water softer or wetter. The heavy marketing arm of this  company was a guy named, Dr Erwin Annau also a native from Austria who no doubt had knowledge of some of Viktor Schauberger's work. Most folks there in Austria actually do know of Schauberger's work, but Erwin Annau  took it to low levels. Later of course he distanced himself from the company in a disclaimer after criminal suit was filed against he and TradeNet. He presently has a company called EcoPlanet, but it appears to be the same marketing scheme with his "rivitalwasser" device invention, but under a different cloak of disguise. And there are many many other companies out there who no doubt Hucksters pimping a product line, but incorporating an element of the physics we've just discussed above and below here. One I'll discuss further on down with regards plant growth.

The terminology used in their marketing pack instructions of course was "memory water", restructured water or  information water . The company behind the technology was a publicly traded company called American Technologies Group (ATG) which is now long gone. Though some others have resurfaced with the same individuals. They made a huge mistake of getting this Florida MLM TradeNet Scam to promote their product. The original blue laundry balls were just plain smooth plastic simply filled with water, but water that was restructured at the molecular level through vortex compression which created implosion and a form of electrolysis which broke the bond of heavily clustered water molecules into something tinier structural components which would fit much easier through the tight knit fibers of clothes being washed. The technology which was coined - IE Crystals, did everything they said, but it was the further wild claims of the marketing company and their ignorant distributors which did them in. The illustration above of the hexagonal shaped water molecule is explain deeper in Prof. Martin Chaplin's site - "Anomalous Properties of Water"
(See Footnote for home page of Martin Chaplin's website)
The idea of dense water molecule clusters (70 - 90 to a cluster)  being downsized utilizing forced high pressure flow through a double helix vortex device and at the same time running an negative electrical charge to break the bonds between the hydrogen & oxygen atoms in the water is nothing new. Take a look at the ingredients of your favourite powdered Laundry Detergent. You will find a number of surfactants which are there to chemically break up those bonds and create what is termed - "Wetter Water". You see it's water that actually cleans your clothes, not soap. But water is often to thick and sticky in the sense of what's called water tension. So heavy bonds are broken so that tinier clusters move easier through tight clothes fibers. (see Footnote)

Here is a kool trick. Take a drop of water and put it on a counter top. Notice the water tension allows it to stand up in a bubble. Now put a liquid dish soap on the end of your finger and barely touch the top of the water droplet. Notice it quickly flatten on the surface of the counter ? The bond was between the hydrogen & oxygen was broken chemically instead of electrically through hydrolysis. 

Wetting Agents
How many of you knew that Agriculture uses petroleum based surfactants (surface active agents) to break these same hydrogen to oxygen bonds to allow another phenomena called emulsions which causes the oils to blend with water more efficiently. Water and oil don't however mic, which as you know will under normal circumstances floats on the water's surface. Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides are often petroleum based in their formulas and need to blend with water in order to more efficiently move through the spray nozzle and allow for even distribution coverage of the product to do it's work effectively.

Without Wetting Agents, Monsanto & Dow Chemical's Agent Orange product wouldn't have mixed so thorough to perform the wonderful task for which it was assigned in Vietnam. And I have every confidence that this world various Militaries have assigned any number of important tasks for the use of Electrolysis for their own defense and offense technological applications, whatever that may be. 

Another area where this is used is in the Cargo Freighter Ships bilge water tanks where what the industry uses what are called sacrificial cathodes in a form of electrolysis inside the water holding tanks prevent mineral scales from building up or what are termed sacrificial anodes are used on ship hulls to prevent corrosion. The practical applications on an industrial level are huge. They are also used to prevent corrosion withing pipelines, oil rig platforms at Sea, etc. This same type of system and process are used in some swimming pool devices which deionize the water making it softer and in the process prevent scale build up on pool's tiled perimeter.

Ultimately my point here was that this same process was used to change water molecular structure inside those laundry balls and from this the terms memory or information were used to describe the powerful effect that the crystalline hexagonal water molecule structures gave off in the form off strong electrical charge which also affected water on the outside of the ball to create the same simplified bonds which made the water wetter and also charged with the same energy phenomena as the original clusters. These structures and anomalous properties are also found in nature in Thunderstorms and deep underground Aquifers which have harmonic resonance and negative electrical currents from within deep inside the Earth itself.

NASA also uses such technologies for water purification in space. Another company called  Carefree Clearwater Systems uses just such a cathode and anode system which creates such loose bonded waters. The technology which they claim to have licensed from NASA utilizes a form of electrolysis for freeing up heavily bonded water molecule clusters. For pools, this means descaling through nothing more than physics without chemicals. Companies utilizing this same technology are everywhere now around the globe.

Beautiful illustration showing the changes to the water's structure. This same effect is found in naturally out during summer monsoonal electrical storms and is the cause for accelerated or boosted plant growth experience after the event. Why or how so ? If the water tension is broken up and water molecules of 70 or 80 cluster structures are made into 6, 7 or 8 to a cluster, then hydration will be far more rapid for a plant as water movement within the tiny micro cellular plumbing conduits is made much more efficient. Let's discuss mycorrhizal fungi. In most fungi, hyphae are the main mode of vegetative growth, and are collectively called a mycelium. Now if we take the even tinier plumbing network of  the even further micro-sized mycorrhizal grid we call hyphal strands which are long branching filamentous structure of a fungus, how much more efficiently would the fugal grid operate with a fluid dynamics much more compatible to it's infrastructure ? I believe this is why after Thunderstorms, the electrical charge of the more loosely bonded water triggers the growth and formation of many truffles out in the wild. This is another one of those phenomena that Scientists label as myth. And yet, two or three weeks after storms, this is where I found most of the matured PT Mycorrhizae Truffles I was looking for when I went out collecting. For me personally, the arrival of the Thunderstorms was imperative when collecting. Timing was everything. Same in Africa. Indigenous peoples are known for collecting the Kalahari Truffle after Lightning Storms. Now just because these indigenous native people of Africa don't have a modern day PhD or other credentials, doesn't mean they are incapable of observation and practical application with replication - in other words, able to employ what is otherwise known as the scientific method. And yet time and again when you read the literature out there on this phenomena, they will acknowledge this was also historically a part of Greek and Roman Mythology or Fables. This is called attitude. Given the present bastardized state of  affairs with regards the poor health of our Earth's Natural World, I'd say attitude has actually stifled some otherwise amazing findings out there had the research been more honest. 

Most of those product marketing companies will get in trouble when their marketing sales people make health claims or misuse and abuse terminology in order to sell products. Claims of being healed are suspicious and often cannot be verified. You only have their word to go on. But there is a way of telling whether or not such incredible effects are true or not. People are shackled by exaggerating, embellishing or out right lying about an anomalous effect. But plants and their growth cannot lie. What you see is what you get. Many studies are even now being presently conducted. One company is Watreco here in Malmö Sweden who presently has greenhouse growth experiments being conducted at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. I've conducted them myself back in the 1990s with the laundry water where the Blue Laundry Globes were placed in clear tap water in the washing machine and you could actually watch as the water started to take on a micro bubbling process which made it look much like champagne. The effects on plant growth could be seen when compared to regular tap water hydrated plants. The beauty here is anyone can do this, but you've got to have a reputable product.

Recently Mike Amaranthus of Mycorrhizal Applications Inc provided a link to a story from Acres News magazine where photos are provided to show those plants grown with mycorrhizae fungi and those control plants with just conventional nursery care techniques. Here's that article in the (footnote section) and below just an example of a photo I've referenced before.
This is just one of my favourite subjects when it comes to replicating Nature by means of a far better scientific field than biology by itself and that is biomimicry. It's Manzanita seedlings which may lack the same root hairs like other plants for the purpose of absorption. Arbutus (Madrones) are similar. They have to have mycorrhizae colonized on their root system. Everybody has seen other countless experiments around the globe with or without photos. But I have been able to get this type of plant growth with just using this restructured water. The combination of both fungal spore inoculum and revitalized water should at least double the benefits. Clearly this anomalous condition or properties, which again can be found in nature have amazing properties which excite plant growth. However, here is where the terms information or memory water come into play. When conducting the experiment, you need to separate from quite a distance both groups of plants, the control group and the revitalized water group. The faint but powerful electrical energy of the restructured water will influence to hydrated soil irrigated with plain tap water in the control if they are next to each other. That's why these terms are used. It is said that the memory or information of the restructured energized water is transferred to the other groups.

Personally I don't like the use of the term 'information water' because technically there is no information as in the informational instructions, blueprints, algorithms etc found in DNA which are clearly complex and sophisticated in what they accomplish. For example, a single water molecule or group of water molecules have no instructional information etched into their structure for building a snowflake as a group of protein molecules do with DNA for building complex specific structures in all living organisms. In our modern times of course countless ideologues attempt at arguing and fuzzy up this definition, but most people will get the point here. 

Another term I saw recently by a water conditioning company called VI~AQUA utilizing an electrolysis technology to restructure water molecules uses a term that isn't exactly truthful. The term I've read in literature & online articles about them uses the expression or term - "Aquafertilizer System" which is incorrect because this does not replace fertilizers. It's simply a system that makes water softer or wetter through physics and nothing more. Nutrients are still needed by the plant for life. The many online articles going on around the internet were championing how this would replace chemicals and GMOs. No not true, but it could & should be offered in the accompaniment of mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria as a large scale agricultural solution.

 As a final point here on my original reference to "Memory Water", there appears to be some justification for a practice many will be aware of called Homeopathy. Homeopathy was developed in the 1700’s as a kinder, gentler type of treatment than those in popular use at the time. Homeopathy is based on the principle that “like cures like” and on the minimum-dose theory. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by repeatedly diluting a healing agent—at times, diluting it so much that not even one molecule of the original material remains. This is yet another one of those demonized practices by the conventional intellectuals touting it as pseudoscience because some practitioners have gone above and beyond what the therapy can do by making claims far beyond it's provable capabilities. Nevertheless, there have been some officially recognized benefits.

Nonetheless, when compared with the use of a placebo, homeopathic remedies were found to have some effect in treating such things as asthma, allergies, and childhood diarrhea. Homeopathic products are considered quite safe, since they are so diluted. 
An article published in the March 4, 1998, issue of the "Journal of the American Medical Association" (JAMA) observed:
“For many patients suffering from chronic problems that lack a specific diagnosis, homeopathy may be an important and useful treatment option. If used within its limits, homeopathy could complement modern medicine as, ‘another tool in the bag.’” 
In potentially life-threatening emergencies, however, it may be wiser to use more conventional medical treatments. But still, there is more and more credibility being given here that no doubt the usual skeptics in conventional science institutions who prosper off the status-quo will always reject out right no matter what future studies come to the fore in defense of "Memory Water". Still this latest study is intriguing. 

Later in my other blog "Earth's Internet" I'll post deeper details on specific companies I've dealt with in regards to water reconditioning or revitalizing systems. I know it's mostly a boring subject to many, but I hope some of this info was worth the read. To me water has always held a fascination.

Water Research References:
Martin Chaplin 
Emeritus Professor of Applied Sciences
London South Bank University 
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Martin Chaplin: Homeopathy
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