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Date Palm Juice: A Greener Anti-corrosion Cleaning Agents ????? 
The search for a “greener” way to prevent corrosion on the kind of aluminum used in jetliners, cars and other products has led scientists to an unlikely source, the common Date Palm.
Date palm juice: A potential new “green” anti-corrosion agent for aerospace industry

These are the types of stories I love reading about. I'd love to see the already existing Date Palm growers get yet another beneficial product out from their Date Palm Groves. Industrial solvents and other cleaners are unfortunately over used. Your average employee working on a project which requires cleaning will reason to themselves, "If a little bit of product works, then more must be better". This couldn't be further from the truth. This flawed thinking is very common even with the average human being utilizing cleaning products for private home uses view most manufacturer's instructions on the back of a product label are never conscientiously followed to the letter. Product is wasted and more bad chemicals end up some where in the environment whether it be land, water or our atmosphere. 

Citrus Oil Extraction from the peel
Florida Oranges were always the best
I remember when working for Coors-Biotech in Golden Colorado, we had a product called Bio-T Max which was pure distilled Limonene which was used as an natural industrial solvent replacement. I found it could be cut as much as a 50 parts water to one part Bio-T Max for use against insect pests. It also attracted countless members of the bee and wasp families, so it's potential at inviting beneficial predatory insects was huge. Unfortunately I don't think that division of Adolf Coors company exists any longer or it's gone under another name. We were associated with the same group that developed Coors own strain of Barley which it contracts farmers in the high mountain states to grow for them. Still, there are many uses of many plants out there waiting to be discovered, even if only by some organics enthusiast. There is one former distributor I ran across in San Luis Obispo California area in the year 2002 and he still has a wealth of that product left in his warehouse. I think I'll pay him a visit next year when I go back. 

Hmmmmmm???? The possibilities!

Extraction of Juice From Date Palm Trees in Bangladesh & other uses

The gachhis extract juice from date palm trees by first scraping the soft part of the tree just below the cluster of   leaves with a da (chopper) and then inserting a short   BAMBOO pipe into it to allow the flow of juice in drops into a vessel fixed to the tree. The incision is made every evening and the juice is collected every morning. The juice is sweet and refreshing only at the early morning. But if after collection in the morning, it is stored for some two hours or more, it gradually ferments and becomes an intoxicating drink popularly known as tari."
"The juice of the date palms is largely turned into molasses   (gur ) by being boiled in a vat. A special variety is the patali, a hardened circular cake of molasses generally consumed with rice and milk. Sugar candy is also made from molasses. The small amount of juice extracted by gachhis  from the palmyra palm trees has the same use as the juice   of the date palms. The hardened sugar mould prepared  from the juice of the palmyra palm is locally called talmisri. The fermented juice of palmyra palm is more intoxicating and is a more favoured tari to many, especially in urban slums. 

Here is an interesting link from the "Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) site where uses for the Date Palm Juice are explored. Very interesting read.
Produced by: Agriculture and Consumer Protection Title: DATE PALM PRODUCTS 

Interesting. There are new er and newer things to learn about every day. I'm sure now that some western kids will learn about the intoxicating effects of the fermented juice and find creative ways of obtaining the product. You know how it is in the west ?


  1. Lovely. Something I did not know about the Date Palm. Traditional medicinal value I know of: wound inflamation, bronchial infection, clearing 'white' eye, headaches, kidney disorders i.e. stones and gastric upheavels.

    1. Yes, neither did I. It's amazing what products are yet to be discovered and utilized without interference from Giant Corporations trying to cheaply synthesizing it into a cheap imperfect reproduction for which to derive more profit. I hope something positive works out for Date Palm Farmers.

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