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"A Sci-Fi Classic that Accurately Foretold Today's Reality"

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So many Sci-Fi  Classics in past decades showed us so many imaginary possible alternative worlds for the future have been just that, nothing more than Science Fiction. Many had themes showing humankind's technological advancements along with a further enlightened Socialistic Secular Society living on a much more improved technologically advanced futuristic Earth. They picture a future time of flying cars like those utilized by the cartoon Jetson family. More often than not, these futuristic advancements came only after some catastrophic Global War event which destroyed almost everything on our planet Earth and the survivors [which were often times overly Mutant] having learned a valuable lesson from the failures of their 20th Century ancestors only to have created a sort of Utopian Society like that envisioned by the usually some sort of mindset which reflects a sort of United Nations which is depicted as having an environmentally conscious awareness flavour about it. The various Sci-Fi entertainment programs like the different Star-Trek series episodes which carry this same Utopian theme throughout their season episodes also try to preach a future where peer-reviewed science is going to make all the difference in the futuristic new world. Most of the Movie scripts usually carry a Hollywood version of ideological worldview created as a reflection of it's own image of what a more perfect ideal world should look like. [spooky I know, since they are hardly the picture of perfection] As usual, the advancement only comes after all conventional religious elements are removed and a more secularist version of religious metaphysics is introduced into human society. Seriously, I don't like the history of things done by the present  failed religious elements either, but replacing them with the same business model of "because it's for your own good"  religious concept and cloaking it all under the guise of Secularism is not the answer either. But that's another story.
(Please Note, this post will be updated with more news reports as modern day events play out)

Logan's Run - Religious Renewal Ceremony
The world's history is unfortunate and of course the ideologues on both sides will argue differently in favour of their own version of Utopian Society with each one promising a false renewal program like that from Logan's Run which was nothing more than Eugenics cloaked under the guise of the new age secular religion. But history proves the majority mankind for the most part have been given the shaft by the ruling power minority on both sides. On that there is no argument. But getting back to those Sci-Fi World flicks, ONLY ONE of these past or present films has ever come close to the reality of the world we experience today. I'm not much of a Sci-Fi follower or viewer anymore, as I find that many mainstream films of this modern era, like those of the past, don’t seem to necessarily reflect any type of possible realistic positive outcome for humankind. They are designed as more of a  continued ongoing distraction to the moviegoer from the troubles outside in the real world through fantasy and some sort of virtual escapism. While most folks will find these types of films fun and thrilling, the joy can often be like an overdose of sleeping pills that comforts you while it kills you at the same time. They offer no realistic hope of something better. I am much more appreciative of films that invert distraction with a truthful slap reality right in your face or perhaps a sort conscious wake up call.

The 1973 Sci-Fi flick, "Soylent Green"  unlike other Sci-Fi Utopian Future Films, had always in the past reminded me that the world could be in a worse state of affairs then was when it first came out. But fast forward to the present, and here we are at the very historical timeline point referenced in that same film. It is seriously a sort of prophetic mirror-like reflection of the very times we face right now. The film reveals a future setting that is a sort of a Dystopia (the idea of a society being in a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being Utopian). The scene starts with what appears to be a very polluted hazy looking New York City in the year 2022 like the photo at the top of this post. In the story line the civilized life has undergone an incredible ecological environmental crisis, something that was unthinkable back at it's release, but actually our today's reality.  All the Earth's vegetative systems have apparently vanished due to some sort of catastrophic events and/or the irresponsible land mismanagement, while living conditions are incredibly poor as this very dense and virtually starving population struggles to survive on rations produced by the Soylent Corporation.

The over-population of human beings along with a depletion of Earth's natural resources makes certain individuals ripe for exploitation by a minority of powerful influential Elites. A life of despair awaits those who are not wealthy or at least possessed by the wealthy. Hmm, why does this sound so familiar ? Can it really be said though, that we are really at such a junction cross road today ? How many times have we heard and read in the News about Corporate AgroChemical Science Business Industries telling us their only motive is wanting to just help feed the world and it has nothing to do with profit ?

The film "Soylent Green" has an uncanny familiarity with our planet's incredible ecological & economic hardships beginning to appear in our current times. The story line plot includes the ecological disaster from an onslaught of 'Global Warming' or 'Climate Change' which is clearly an obvious threat today. The very uncanny thing is that during the 1970s, the then ruling Scientific Dogma on climate change was that the planet was heading back to a sort of Ice Age. Does anyone else remember this ? So I suppose at the time, "Soylent Green" truly was just considered nothing more than science-fiction. Now looking back, the reality is that the prevailing Scientific model back then was in reality delusional and the film actually more of an accurate scientific reality. Of course  perhaps we should say 'Climate Change' which is a more accurate description, as the warming component is merely a symptom. However, in the movie, this heatwave appears to last all year long. The present facts show clearly that severe weather or climate change is already upon us and we cannot know for sure as of yet how the future prices of food commodities [Monoculture Crops] will increase to reflect these ecological changes as well as the increasing significant transport cost increases with crude oil prices skyrocketing on a regular basis. 

But there is one major character or entity in all of this film that stands out as a major player in our world today. Does anyone else see an uncanny similarity between the film's fictional power obsessed wealth driven "Soylent Corporation" and a similar real life company which for almost a century has an identical reputation of having a horrible notorious track record in the Media, a company called Monsanto Corporation ? Mind you let's be honest, the bad reputation is of their own making. Nobody with dastardly motives in Media or anywhere else made up any of the notorious things this company alone created and has been implicated in doing.

The real CyberDyne
Almost to a mirror image of each other these two companies (the real & fictional) are identical in every way. You almost have to go back to the movie's actual original transcript, pick it apart and make a side by side comparison of the story's fiction with regards the Soylent Corporation and the reality that exists today with Monsanto. Of course there are other companies like Syrgenta, Bayer, Dow Chemical, DuPont, etc, but no one with the obsession with political power and corporate muscle as Monsanto. They also bare another striking resemblance to another notorious corporate villain, CyberDyne Systems, but that's another film. But in the process of reviewing and comparing Soylent Green's movie script and today's reality you just might be frightened by what you find out!
Timeline Almost Identical:
Detective Thorn (Charlton Heston) comes into possession of some corporate archive books with it's time/date stamped title as "Soylent Oceanographic Survey Report: 2015 to 2019" (Wow!) which were found at the location of a murdered politician & high stationed Soylent Corporation Board Member named William R. Simonson who was assassinated for having a crisis of conscience which was clearly a liability for the Soylent Corporation. He gives these books to his roommate named Solomon "Sol" Roth (Edward G Robinson) a former Scholar who searches the remnants of these written records to help Detective Thorn's investigation. 

Recapping the Timeline - the Soylent Corporate Archived Books dated 2015 - 2019 & the timeline in the film's actual present day plot is 2022. Presently 'we' are in the year 2015, and we live in a timeline just prior to the beginnings of the global climate change  ecological disaster of the film which was 2015 - 2019 in which the climate change and an overall global warming trend had already begun. Of course today, the actual cause of this warming trend is presently being disputed by the ideologues of both sides, but despite this the facts reveal that the present situation will continue to get dramatically worse no matter what form things will deteriorate might be. 
Revelations about Soylent Corp's Business Tactics: Wakeup Call Update, we are now at time mark 2015 people

Image - pophistorydig.com
It is revealed from these archives that one way Soylent Corporation rises to the top as THE world's most powerful food monopoly is by buying out it's competition. The character William R. Simonson was director of Holcox Manufacturing in Norfolk, Virginia. The company specialized in freeze-drying equipment for commercial food processing. The Holcox Corporation was bought by the Soylent Corporation and Simonson becomes a member of Board of directors for the Soylent Corporation. So eliminating competitors by purchasing them is a means of monopolizing and holding onto power and wealth. Does anyone else see an uncanny familiar script here in today's timeline and events reality ? Monsanto buys out as many seed companies as possible and presently a massive take over of the Swiss based company Syngenta is in the works, but it will remain to be seen in the future how this will work out. 
Today's Timeline Reality as of 2013
Monsanto Corporation has grown into a giant of a  company by buying out and purchasing the companies who are their Competitors and Enemies alike. They have made numerous purchases of other Seed Companies and Seed Cleaning companies. Their chemicals have even been implicated in Bee - 'Colony Collapse Disorder' (CCD) most notably by a company named Beeologics.   Beeologics handed over the reins to Monsanto back on September 28, 2011 who purchased them, which means the gene-manipulating giant will now be able to control the flow of information and products coming from Beeologics for colony collapse disorder (CCD). Is anyone seeing what is unfolding here thus far ?
Thursday, April 26, 2012 article by: Jonathan Benson

Monsanto buys leading bee research firm "Beeologics" after being implicated in bee colony collapse

Breaking News Monsanto Acquires Targeted-Pest Control Technology Start-Up Sep 28, 2011 7:00am
Richard Schiffman, Journalist posted: 05/3/2012
The Fox (Monsanto) Buys the Chicken Coop (Beeologics)
 Update: June 9th 2015 - 
New York Times: "Syngenta Rejects Second Takeover Approach From Monsanto"
Any further list published here would be endless. But the scheming and manipulative strategies for a takeover of companies like Syngenta or Bayer by Monsanto are ongoing. But you get the idea anyway. Eliminating the competition for a global food monopoly seems to be the goal no matter what it takes. Just uncanny how well the present timeline reality of events in our time fit the old 1973 movie script. Very very spooky indeed!
Here's the Archive Report which Revealed the Hidden Truth About the Soylent Corp:
Roth has examined Soylent's Oceanograpgic reports and takes them to a like-minded group of Think-Tank researchers known as the "Exchange" to verify his conclusions. They agree; the oceans are barren, no longer producing the plankton from which the food ingredient content of the Soylent Green crackers are said to be made from, hence the label - 'Green'. In fact, if you've ever seen this film, you already know the main ingredient in reality is made from processed human remains of dead people. Unable to live with this discovery, Roth seeks assisted suicide at a government clinic [another of today's realities with the resurgence of Eugenics and Euthanasia programs being proposed] in Madison Square Gardens. So hidden from an ignorant apathetic public who no longer knows anything about close family ties (women are viewed as furniture) or close friend relationships, this powerful Soylent Corporation has the ability to manipulate the truth by means of it's bed fellow relationships with the ruling government elitist depicted in the film as having absolute power & control over everything.
Where we are at this point in history: 
There is an interesting and actually bizarre relationship between Monsanto Corporation and both major political parties in the USA who give them a free pass or "Get Out of Jail Free Card". No other big business entity, with the exception of a company like "Halliburton" and a handful of others gets such a Royal treatment and by two political entities which normally hate each other's guts otherwise. Each Party, no matter who comes to power appoints as heads of Departments of Agriculture & FDA, only individuals who have been on Monsanto's Board or as official capacity as former CEOs or CFOs to positions of power and oversight within government food guideline institutions. Even Chief Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was once on Monsanto's legal board. 

This modern day real life powerful entity has the ability to dump million$$$ into Norwegian Seed Vaults in order save wild diverse genetic plant material while it creates synthetic biological organisms which contaminate everything else or what's left of it on the planet's surface. It is continually sued for it's irresponsible behavior and is forced through court orders to reveal documented information it denies it ever had all along only to be exposed for lying about such knowledge of defective consequences of it's Franken-Creations or other chemical products it produces and their effects on all biological life. 

As well as having both political party blessings, these political allies promote and push this company's agenda for world food domination around the globe and anyone who stands in their way gets steamrolled. Are you aware of any other business model or Entity which gets such free publicity and covert marketing schemes which promotes their business ventures with government blessings  ? Remember the recent CNN & BBC News Reports on the Wiki-Leaks scandal ? Think it was only about US Military war Secrets, ? Think Again!!!

Back in 2007, the U.S. ambassador to France, Craig Stapleton, who is a business partner of George W. Bush, stated that Nations who do not accept Monsanto's GMO crops will be "penalized". He stated that the nations should be threatened with "military-styled trade wars" by creating a list of those politicians who were in opposition to this global Food Monopoly's Agenda.

“Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits. The list should be measured rather than vicious and must be sustainable over the long term, since we should not expect an early victory. Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could help strengthen European pro-biotech voices.”
Craig Stapleton (source)
There is literally so much more to this scandal but time wouldn't allow to post and publish everything about this the corruption involving this entity. But seriously, do I really need to go on here ?  This logo is your friend, remember ??????
Monsanto Corporation to get immunity from federal laws?

Here's the way other Big Corporations control the way government operates. It's actually been this way for centuries. Just more glaringly obvious now. Check out the Political Shell Game of the Insurance Industry
Here's an actual Quote from the movie's transcript of Sol Roth telling Police Detective Thorn about what life on Earth use to be like. 
(keep in mind, this script is from 1973)

"You know when I was a Kid, food was food. Before our Scientific Magicians poisoned the water, polluted the soil, decimated plant and animal life things were different. Why in my day, you could buy meat anywhere. We had eggs, real butter and fresh lettuce in the stores. How can anything survive in a climate like this ? A heat wave all year long. A greenhouse effect. Everything is burning up."
My own personal reflection on the above words for a moment.
I find myself often telling others today the same things about what the natural world use to be like when I was a kid, as this fictional character, Sol does to his friend and roommate Police Detective  Thorn in that apparently not so fictional film. In my blog articles, I mostly relate about my experiences of life from the past the way Nature use to be. When I was younger in the 1960s, I listened to older generations telling me the same things and thinking 'Man I  hope I never get that way'. In actual fact, I  have gained a large amount of my knowledge, understanding, appreciation and wisdom in practical applications of such knowledge from listening to those older ones or at least reading about the past historical experiences of those long gone who had the privilege to experience an earth on a scale of things I can't possibly imagine anymore. Amazingly, today's present generation has no clue as to what life or nature once was. History goes on repeating itself and each generation gets worse. I believe it's a sort of social epigenetics which is almost always degenerative. They bury their heads in a plethora of electronic gadgets, which BTW are also provided by means of Scientific innovation to escape the reality of the present sad state of affairs around them.

This natural world is so far gone, that my wife and I recently watched a documentary about a young man who always considered Jacque Cousteau his hero and wanted to be a marine biologist as a result. When I was a kid, Jacque Cousteau brought into the world's living rooms back in the 1960s through TV a living world of amazing undersea life that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. This young man wanted to be a Marine Biologist also because of Jacques Cousteau's work. In the documentary, this young marine biologist college student heads out on a voyage with Cousteau's Grandson to the same exact sea locations in the Mediterranean where Jacque Cousteau filmed his incredible rich sea life documentaries. What the young man saw was the same exact underwater geologic location area, but instead of a richness of sea life variety it was almost devoid of life now. Only small fish exist now where once great biodiversity and huge fish in great variety were once present in the Cousteau documentaries and almost all plants and reefs are now gone at this same Mediterranean location. They did a side by side comparison film shot of the same areas. The young man realizes and laments in this documentary that if he and other future students still want to pursue being a Marine Biologist, they can only be able to study anything about Sea Life only by watching Cousteau's films, because sea life abundance in today's reality no longer exists. This and other recent World News Reports are identical to the films timeline and ecological situation.

Incredible video below. Music Theme is taken from Sol's decision to pursue a type of government assisted suicide which is a form of Euthanasia Service as an opt out from that terrible futuristic world See the video here,
 Commodity Cropism by Stefani Bardin .
This very informative film documents the three major Agricultural Industrial Genetically Modified Government Subsidized and Produced Products which control food supply merely by their presence in almost everything we use as a food today.   
Walmart of the Future!
It has become apparent that this film I once enjoyed in the past for it's sense of escapism, now gives me a creepy feeling that I am left with after I have watched the film again, but with a new take on today's reality. Soylent Green leaves me with an incredible feeling of spooky unease, and it is one that I believe is under the surface of many individuals who fear that this may be what's coming in the not-too-distant future as more and more people allow themselves to give total obedience and faith to this type of modern science adulterated world shackled with ideological and politic bias which creates technologies and a lifestyle which goes along with the program. These prevent day events are becoming less of a Science fiction and closer to a science reality. 

I think the younger generations and even older generations should go back, rent this film and view it with an eye to a historical perspective importance from both the present, future as well as the past. Forget the actors and celebrities who starred in this film. Forget the creator of the story line Author Harry Harrison who actually wrote the original book "Make Room! Make Room!" for which the story line was based.  Make believe this is a documentary from the History Channel or Discovery Channel who created this as an historical account of a Human civilization timeline docu-drama from the past to where we find ourselves at this present situation today. People as individuals are going to have to make personal lifesaving decisions in the near future. Who and what are you putting your trust and faith into ?

Soylent Green Trailer


  1. I love this movie and it made quite an impression on me even when I was a kid. But I never made the connection in my mind about our "friends," Monsanto. Fascinating. I teach a general biology class at Palomar College for science majors and we always discuss genetic engineering in this class. By the end of the semester the students have decided that I'm some sort of Monsanto-hater (I wonder WHY?). Hopefully a few of them are listening.

    1. The timeline is especially unnerving as you also connect the major plots in the script with the reality of what is presently going on. It's the only Sci-Fi that as dropped from that category to real world documentary status in my mind.

      I know there are enough websites out there dedicated to hating Monsanto. I have NEVER seen an organization with such a dirty history as these folks.

      Take a look at David Suzuki's documentary called "A Silent Forest" if you can. He makes an absolutely intelligent and the most responsible commentary as a Geneticisit that I know of. There is also Dr Irina Ermakova who tested pregnant rats and discovered miscarriages and 65% baby mortality rates as compare to normal 15% and those 35% that did survive were half the growth size of those given natural Soy bean who were double the growth. She was demonized horribly by one Biotechnology magazine which was ab absolute farce.

      Then the researcher who helped develope the GMO potato, a plant which wasn't in any trouble in the first place. This scientist went back on his research and decided to fight against it and was demonized by the GMO community for doing so. It's NOT about the science, it's about the potential in MONIE$$$$$ to be had.

      "A Silent Forest" - by Geneticist David Suzuki



  2. Amazing -- Monsanto just never gives up. David Suzuki is one of my favorite human beings -- for years I showed my students a video of a talk he made some time ago about sustainability, loss of species and the general insanity of the "growth-mentality". This looks like another good short film to show in certain classes!

    1. Let them know that they should never let their Schooling interfere with their education. (LOL --> Mark Twain)

      I'm frustrate by many of the text books that have never been corrected with some old school traditional ideas. I just referenced this in my post yesterday. sometimes it makes me frustrated when I see Science ideology superceeding nature's reality.



  3. You'd be surprised at how many of my science majors pick and choose what they want to "believe" - rejecting global warming science for political reasons, and evolutionary science for religious reasons. And these are people who think they want to be "scientists!" And, sadly, appreciation of nature, especially for its own sake (as opposed to for making money from) is unbelievably rare!

    1. Do you know that when it comes to the subject of Global Warming, you don't even need to go to a scientist or any research papers. You can travel the globe and interview with indigenous peoples who have been observing things for decades and know that something is wrong with climate, at least in their locality. Put or string all those localities together and you've got an entire planet that understands something is wrong and it didn't take a class education to arrive at those conclusions.

      I think also there may be generations of people out there who don't have enough years under their belt to actually see a change, or they are so distracted by their electronic gadgetry that any attempt at discussion which to them translate as changing behavior, you'll most likely hit a brick wall.

      Spooky times moving ahead.



  4. I grew up in Wisconsin and I remember as a kid there was snow on the ground from early November until at least march. Had to get up every single morning and shovel the driveway and then again everyday when I got home from school. Now you get snow on the ground for a couple weeks a year, lucky to even have a white christmas. That is proof enough to me for global warming.

    1. I find there is far more to climate change than just simple warming. But it's still uncanny how this author behind that movie got our time period down almost to an exact science which went against the prevailing science of the early 1970s.

      I'm almost predicting a freezing long winter this year though. I hope I'm wrong because it will be extreme as everything now is weather-wise


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