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Addendum to The Whole Truth: Is the Survey Lying or Just Not Telling Everything

Credit: GreenPeace
I previously , well yesterday wrote a post titled 
Today looking for some info on Google, I somehow I stumbled across the GreenPeace USA site and was looking at an article dealing with the historical global increase in Earthquakes. In fact they had this very chart above. I have seen this chart some years before and I have an actual placard I had made of it for when I have given Public addresses about this historical increase of Earthquakes which effect mankind and the most likely connections to a irresponsible human error for Earth's Resources as a possible cause to this increase in intensity, not general increase of the quakes themselves. Earth movement through tectonic plate activity is normal and natural. It happens all around us continually, but for the most part we don't feel it's operation. It's part of Earth's recycling of water and carbons mechanism. But for some strange anomalous reasons these movements are growing in their global intensity and of course that means they will effect mankind even more in the future.

Let me illustrate the picture this way. The human body has alot of mechanical processes & functions going on all the time and these processes never stop working, they are ongoing. Take the heart for example. It's the hardest working organ muscle you have pumping all the time without stopping and yet you never notice this strong pumping piece of complex machinery doing it's job inside of you. Any other muscle in your body would freak out at such hard continuous without real workouts. You also don't even feel or notice any sensations of the major pipelines for which this pumping station is connected through an amazing sophisticated network. This is because for the most part it is very finely tuned, much the way a Honda Car Engine is. No real noise and very little noticeable if any at all vibration. Now, if you live a lifestyle where you could care less about your health by drinking like a Fish, smoking like a Train or eating like a Pig, suddenly this machinery's once well oiled mechanisms clearly becomes more noticeable. You start to feel pressures in normal every day movement or exertions you never experienced before. There may be slight to small tremors in the form of mild heart attacks. If you continue to abuse your body you may wind up with a 8.0 heart-attack which is most assuredly life threatening as are these large earthquakes of late. 

 I was going to do a post on this very subject at a future date and have kept putting it off. You know how it is ? There are clearly some indications of irresponsible human activity as a result for this obsession with acquiring as many of Earth's Natural Resources as possible before some other country gets them for their ecomonies and evidence points this as almost directly responsible for this increased failure of the natural world's life sustaining mechanisms like climate and geological forces, but no one really wants to talk about it or discuss these possibilities. Well, other than the usual government conspiracy sites. Generally we get the same excuses and Apologetics from the usual P.R. crowds who support & lobby certain specific big business industry interests or political ideologies. I had some charts saved and cataloged on my old computers and have them somewhere, but these other historical charts with have to do with other seemingly unrelated subject matter from Earthquakes, yet all have an interesting similar historical pattern to them that precedes this Horizon Project chart at the top of this page.

Without going too deep into this and missing the OP here, there is evidence that the same historical pattern of historical gradual deforestation, uplift in global temperatures and rise in CO2s had the same gradual historical 20th century climb as the Horizon Project's Earthquake chart, but the sudden sharp dramatic climb happened much sooner than in the Horizon Project's 1998 timescale point in the Chart where sudden increases in Earthquake intensity (not earthquakes in general) effecting people,  rose up sharply only to skyrocket on the year 2000. The sharp uplift in CO2s and deforestation (actually all vegetation removal) started to climb around the early 1980s (building boom years where resources were needed) , but took a sharp extreme uplift in the early 1990s (Where Communism feel and Capitalistic Boom Models were needed for rebuilding ruined economies). Suddenly places like Siberia opened up for resource removal programs. None of these climate Change folks ever make this connection. Instead their whole argument is CO2s and Higher Temps cause Global Warming but they never connect the why of this being so. (The global medical industry services human health care the same way, focus on symptoms and ignore causes = more money) Does anyone else notice these are only symptoms being argued about and not the actual mechanical causes where things went wrong in the first place ?  I guess the symptoms, like the devastation caused by more intense earthquakes is a more emotional trigger for these debates, but we need to understand more than just emotions here.  The Green side seems to just hate anything connected to industry in a blanket protest of emissions are bad. (I agree - But) The pro-Biz side just hates Greenies who have different ideological political leanings and support to there own detriment things that causes the problems in the first place. Try and point some of the important factual data to them and just like any other religiously motivated and dedicated to a follower, they will still dogmatically defend their position in the face of overwhelming evidence.
So what does all of this have to do with telling the whole truth - from both sides ?

Let's go back to that chart, but from the website link point of view, but let's physically look at it once again before we do that.

Okay, but now here is the actual website link to Horizon Projects site with this famous Chart.

Now on that above link on Horizon Project's own webpage, where this chart is, you'll notice that this is an interactive animation where you may run your mouse over any one of the green bars in the graph and up comes a window with some stats for that actual year. The BIG MISTAKE that the Green Gang does on almost every website promoting an emotional exposure of big-business & world government conspiracies is that they will all tell you that this is a historical chart show the years between 1900 and 2008 and this is not true. (to their own shooting themselves in the foot for their cause). You see, they are not telling the whole truth. Why ? Because they ran with instead with the emotional Eco "Eye Candy" the chart's graph offered for the drama of it all. Had they done their research homework as a responsible skeptic as I wrote about in my last post on the whole truth, they would have discovered further data which could make their position much stronger than it really is, but they didn't. Run that mouse over to the very last green bar in the graph. It comes up with the year 2006. But they said 2008 ? Because they didn't do their homework. The Horizon Project just didn't invent this chart out of thin air for sensationalism. They actually used the United States Geoligical Survey recorded historical information on Earthquakes that have effected humankind for the past recorded century.  Now here is that link for the data taken:

So now as the Skeptic I am and before I wanted to share this with anyone else and not look like a fool, I followed and researched ALL that data and it's quite detailed for every year and quake in that year with numerous details and stats on each quake location and effects. When I came to the numbers of quakes for the missing years not referenced in that popular chart, this is what I found. In the years following 2006 which would be 2007 through 2010, I found that a whole new chart would have to be created in order to reflect properly just how serious this historical data really is. In fact a new chart would be far more dramatic in showing more than double the animated SPIKE shown on the Horizon Project chart. But no one has done this because no one attempted to do the homework. See how not finding out the whole truth shoots the Green Gang in the foot ? But there is more of the not telling the whole truth saga. The incredible thing is that every Global Warming/Climate Change or other Eco-Green site on the Net using this Horizon Project Chart misses this same thing. Not one gets the deeper more critical point and to the detriment of their own cause they are championing. It's gotta be the politics and not the science!

This USGS site where this has been recorded from has ALSO taken up a prejudicial editing stance on not reporting the whole truth since the end of 2010. Not every Earthquake which effects human loss of life or property damage gets recorded on this page anymore.  Why are they trying to water down the recorded data away from the historical precedent guidelines they used before ? It was January 2012 when I started to notice this. When I first discovered this above misreporting about the data, I viewed the Earthquake News and reporting almost daily from that time forwards from the end of 2008. It was after all, incredible info and worked nicely with my research on deforestation and general vegetation removal globally. What I particularly noticed was the large scale anomalies off Japan's coast far preceding the giant quake. They were having 7.0s and numerous quakes in the 6 point range prior and it was intensifying. They should have known this was coming. But most importantly is something that happened a week or so after the horrific Tsunami event. There was a 7.1 which was downgraded to a 6.9 in the remote areas of Myamar next to Thailand. It was briefly reported on in the News Media, but the overwhelming Japanese Tsunami event took the spotlight. I'll bet most here don't even remember this quake ? After all it did kill over 100 people and devastated several remote villages and towns, but guess what ? There is no record of in in the above link for 2011 following the historical precedent for qualifying it as an important event which effected humans on that page. Now it doesn't mean this wasn't recorded period, it was. But on another page here: 

Now under the title of that page you'll see links to each year. Click on 2011 and notice the report on the Myanmar quake but with no real human factor data.

2012 Significant Earthquake and News Headlines Archive2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | More
The above data for Myanmar under 2011 does NOT appear on the other link for which the Horizon Chart was created. Are they telling the whole truth as the previous reporting historical  precedent followed. No they are not. Why ? I can only conclude that they are covering some info so as not to create panic. So not exactly lying here, they are simply not telling the whole truth so as to create a more rosy picture than the actual reality would suggest. The State of California did this same stunt when they decided up upgrade what they considered more informed enlightened criteria for what should be defined as Violent Crime throughout the state. I believe this was in the 1990s. It provided a better picture of the state not being so bad after all. This played well in attracting future economic interests, housing, business commercial interests and other image improvement stats for the government there. But was it really the truth ? If the there are no absolutes and truth is relative then the truth is whatever they want it to be at any one time for whatever purpose. 

As some other side points and charts which also support some of these conclusions, here is a chart showing increases in historical human population in the billions over a long period of time gradually growing around the turn of the 19th century in to the twentieth century and actually spiking dramatically after WWII. This certainly follows the Human factor on Earth's degradation by a huge consuming population in need of natural resources to satisfy demand. Puts a different slant on that capitalistic saying "Whatever the Market Will Bare". In this case what the "Whatever The Earth Will Bare". But that apparently is proving a failed model.

Personally, I think if the average person behaved themselves properly and even with the existing technologies we presently have, with a little conservation and if more areas of Earth were properly vegetated and managed, these complex systems would probably even handle some increases in CO2s, but even then responsible work at reductions should always be taken. But we don't live in that kind of world. Still, plant life ecosystem abuse is killing all of us and hiding this truth about this by both sides more interested in winning debates in some stupid popular combat forum in front of their anonymous buddies who have no more of a real life then they do is not going to accomplish anything. I don't follow the Earthquake chart events any longer. The evidence is out there now for everyone else to see and make their own personal decisions on what they'll believe. The best I can do is share personal experience about my plant life care and ecosystems management and restoration techniques and hopefully help some individuals in making responsible conscious choices in how they live life.

So is deforestation causing these increased intensity Earthquakes globally ? I don't know for sure, but the evidence is most certainly circumstantial here that it does. I wrote a post on my "Earth's Internet" site on possible links  of deforestation (actually all vegetation removal) and the possible degrading of our planet's electromagnetic field as reported on in the United Nations global environment reporting website. So does vegetation actually recharge this field as reported ? Again I don't know, more research will be needed, but I doubt will be undertaken unless there's a buck to be made on the deal. What I do know is that Earth's vegetation does control climate and stupid irresponsible removal of it depletes climate's ability to sustain life. I wrote about this here:
Trees Recharge Earth's Electromagnetic Field : Earth's Internet Goes Wireless
Also also created a page which will always be added to as time and research permits about vegetation's amazing ability for facilitating cloud formation around the globe. Some for which research does back up.
Earth's Vegatation Effects Global Cloud Formations

Also wrote about trees plugged into the Earth itself have the ability at electrical conductivity which effect this incredible phenomena.
Earth's Internet: Electrical Conductivity of Trees

So What is Truth ?

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