Thursday, May 24, 2012

Helsinki Trip and the Urban Woodlands

This is a quick post on my trip to Helsinki Finland last week. I didn't really take pictures of the city at all mostly because of my strong dislike of anything City-ish. Here are some pics from a walk I took outside of my friend's house. Like Sweden, the plant community is almost identical. The other familar thing is the great amount of trail and pathway work they put into their city nature areas which include constant lighted areas all along the pathways. This walk believe it or not was after 9:00pm at night. Remember this country is near the Arctic Circle.

Okay Okay so I took a slight detour off the proper pathway into a more natural one

This plant is even common to Sweden and is found blooming only in early Springtime.

One of the things I appreciated about this walk is the plant biodiversity which also resulted in a great many biodiverse animals and birdlife. The forest was ringing and echoing with the sounds of songbirds even this late in the evening, not that you'd know it was late of course.

These next two picture are of the tree stumps and fallen logs left in the forest. I'll give them credit for leaving alot of these plus many tree snags or tall dead tree trunks which offers wildlife, especially cavity nesting birds to find holes to nest in. The first two pictures I took because I love logs with mosses, lichens and mushrooms on them. The third one is a large tall dead tree trunk and you can see how a woodpecker has started drilling a hole in it for nesting. Later it most likely will be used by some other species of forest bird and all the cycles continue.

Scandinavia has alot of bogs everywhere and these plants love wet moist areas. I'm not exactly sure what they were, but they were going to flower almost certainly very soon.

I got myself back onto the pathway where all the hiking and bicycling traffic was and headed into a large open field on the other side of the woods. The field turned out to be a Golf Driving Range.

After that came back to the apartment of my new found friend from Shanghai China who's been living in Finland for 17 years already. He was our hospitality servant for those five days. I really miss him now. But we'll keep in touch.
Now was the day I was leaving. Just before I jumped into the car to catch my ride back to the Airport and home back to Göteborg, I couldn't resist one city photo shot. See if you can guess why I took this!!!  I already miss his Chinese cooking.


  1. Gringos Locos...uh oh!

    The forest plant types you show seem to be what people above 4000' in the west, except maybe further south, are ever trying to recreate. Everything! The Abq land-scrape industry included. Maybe we can convince them to move to Helsinki?

    1. Actually, I believe they aready recreate these in Santa Fe and Taos don't they ? Aspens could certainly replace the use of Birch. I actually find aspens far more beatiful than any Birch I've seen.

      But truthfully, recreating anything is possible if you can create the proper micro-climate if that is possible.


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