Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inspiration Green

"Inspiration Green"
I was looking for info on Green Living Roofs and I stumbled upon this website. I want to do a piece on these types of living plant roofs as we have many here in Sweden where many small succulents are used. I stumbled upon photos of Living Walls in Spain and Bus Transportation with living roofs right on the Bus itself as seen below.

It was then that I came across the website listed at the top. They actually have entire pages dedicated to things like 

Green Roofs on Homes and Sheds in the Country

Here in Sweden we often have roofs such as this in 
commercial buildings with regards to Succulents

Other natural water features like the Natural Swimming Pools or Swimming Ponds. This works for me far better than the conventional commercial chemical technologies involving Chlorine, Acids and other dangerous cleaning agents. Great gallery of photos and definitely inspires the imagination with possibilities

Don't forget that when you click on their site and specifically Natural Swimming Pools and Ponds, to scroll down and read the references on how to build one of your own and educate yourself on it's holistic approach to maintenance
Nature Series like the one on Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis - Gorgeous images of amazing creatures...

I have as yet not even begun to see all there is on the site, but not only are there interesting subjects to follow, but also large lists of resources and how to ideas. But it goes beyond that as it has categories going into Bamboo Construction, Recycling Doors and Shutters,  Art and Music and more. 
By all means bookmark this to your favourites if find this would be beneficial for you and your lifestyle.


  1. I like the green roofs and the wall looks beautiful. It seems strange to see a green roof on a bus though. What a great idea. The swimming pool looks very natural and very pretty too. Lovely GREEN post. Happy Sunday!

    1. Wasn't that a really kool site Arleen ? And there is so many other ideas and things to see on that website. My favourite by far is the natural pond swimming pool kept clean by natural filtering.

  2. Thank you so much for the info about Burnt Cabin! I will look into the upcoming walk along Hamilton Creek! What an opportunity to see what I pass by every weekend! I appreciate the tip!
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

    1. I'm glad I could have helped out. i really miss that area. It's like a part of my body that was amputated never to return. My son and I use to walk that creek all the time.

      There is a rare willow that grows down in that creek bottom and it has a rather tough leathery leaf. The same willow grows also in Garner Valley along the streamsides running through the center of the grassland. I never looked up the name or paid much attention about it until later.

      Glad I could help.

  3. I'm learning about bamboo products. We need to replace our carpets, after 30 years and untold pets...sigh...

    1. That site is really so kool not only in the sense they provide resources, but also the visual get your own wheels turning for adveture and planning of your own back 40.


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