Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wildflower Viewing Time of Year

Well, maybe it is for some folks, but not here in Sweden
 The high mountain community of Anza , California will be holding a nature flower viewing walk sometime soon. Though I'm not really sure there will be much in bloom. The month of March always reminds me of looking for wildflowers down in Borrego Springs or somewhere else in the Deserts of Coachella Valley. But just in case, here is some of what they may be looking for

This one above is Western Wallflower  (Brassicaceae (Mustard Family) which around there usually grows one or two flowers on a single stalk through tall bunch grasses. I always found them around the pine meadows.

This next one many will recognize as Indian Paint Brush  (Castilleja ) and of course you can take your pick as to which variety. But they really stand out, usually in several stalks to a single plant and most always in the company of other grasses and meadow plants. 

Another common springtime wildflower in Anza is Purple Owl's Clover ( Castilleja exserta ) and closely associated with the flower above it in the pictures. Same habitat and community as the other two as well. And finally last but not least here is one of my favourites, especially when it's in association with thousands of others.

I love these flowers. When I see scenes like this I realize how much time I no longer have to enjoy such pleasurable outings like this. I'll be glad once one day when such things become the norm in my life again. Like everyone else I've got a busy lifestyle trying to get by and handle other responsibilities. I also find it stressing when I watch or hear the News Reports of just how much this world sucks as a result of human stupidity, greed, selfishness and downright ignorance. When I lived all those years up in the mountains, our place was literally on the edge of wilderness and TV reception was almost nill. Hence we found other things creative to occupy our time with. Like many nature walks and off road exploring.

If you've never experienced being right somewhere in the middle of the blooming season, then once in your life you have to visit such an area as the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve. Take along a pair of sunglasses because you'll be blinded by the brilliance.  One other area that used to be loaded with them were the steep mountain slopes along Interstate 15 from Lake Elsinore to Corona California. 


  1. I grow California poppies and African daisies in my yard every year. This year, I readied the soil, cast the seeds out...and NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING sprouted! I just stopped today and bought 2 more bags of the seeds. I just hope it isn't too late! I've grown African daisies for years and I always collect the seeds and use them the next year. Unfortunately, I've used ALL my seeds. It must be the clay in the back yard. I'm going to have to bring in some horse manure! :-)
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  2. Beautiful photos of the wildflowers! I also enjoy the lupines. I actually bought a wildflower mixture the last couple of years and had lupines here at our house. I didn't buy it this year...sigh...


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