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"It won’t be long before CRISPR allows us to bend Nature to our will." Jennifer Doudna

This stereotype of the Biotech Mad Scientist has some basis in fact. Knowledge without bioethics is in fact madness
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Almost 150 years ago the scientific world suddenly became enlightened or so they thought. Science up to that point was mainly about discovery and wonder of our natural world around and how things in nature worked and functioned. But the so-called new ideologically driven revelations caused many among mankind to question origins of how things came into being. But in reality the consequences were even bigger than this. Because the new enlightenment also called into question traditional definitions of morality and accountability. After all, if the new secular religion was true, then all previous traditional worldviews on what was considered morally right were now wrong. Christendom's record of bad examples and conduct up to that point would seemed to have added some validity to this change of heart. Unfortunately this also opened the door to a newer worldview where previous ethics were changed. The industrial revolution in the late 1800s helped to change everything. While it did provide some measure of technological advancement, without ethics, it was also a miserable time for the average worker and city dweller. The biggest hindrance towards responsible technology through biomimicry was that the new secular religion began to teach mankind that nature was flawed, imperfect, badly designed and that Nature was a wild brutal beast that had to be tamed and bent towards mankind's will. In reality this new Scientific Dogma was in fact a smokescreen for the gross scientific ignorance on the part of it's adherents. Humans ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution have gone forth in their ambitious pursuit of economy by working against nature rather than working with it.  
Examples of bending Nature to Mankind's collective Will when it comes to Agriculture
The Wilderness Society

Down under in Australia, these bulldozers and chains are being used to clear vegetation in the northern region of Australia called Queensland. But the loss of native vegetation undermines efforts to tackle climate change since healthy vegtation moderates and drives climate mechanisms. The Global Warming  movement's main target has always been the criticism directed at Industry around the global, with deforestation getting honroable mention once in a while. This deforestation by stripping landscapes is yet another example of bending Nature towards some future Ag corporate's will. In so doing they are inadvertantly dismantling piece by piece various climate creation mechanisms and weather moderating components. Yet, the Global Warming folks rarely hit on this because demonizing industries and political ideologies they oppose are considered a goal more important than the truth of climate change. Land clearing by big Agricultural Business interests is not the only climate damaging culprit. The Smithsonian magazine online journal came out recently and reported that 84% of the world's wildfires are caused by humans, not lightning, not volcanoes, etc. Why is this significant ? Because earlier this year, NASA scientists came out and reported that Wildfires are the cause of Droughts and not the other way around as previously thought. So Wildfires are causing an increase in Droughts ??? Yeah, surprise surprise or maybe not. It's another way of saying deforestation by mechanical means causes desertification. We understand that, but wildfires on an increasing level do the same thing and no one reports on this, in particular the environmentalist gangs. One wonders why ???

India’s National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR)

Well, well, well. There's a new GMO Rice that has been developed by India’s National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR) for which they insist can improve uptake of natural Phosphorus from the soil, cutting back on the use of artificial synthetic phosphorus fertilizers. This GMO Rice was created in a Lab by introducing a gene called OsPAP21b which was taken out from a traditional rice genotype called Dular. The research study was published in Plant BiotechnologyJournal demonstrated that this introduction of this gene produces an enzyme, which when secreted into the soil through the roots of the rice plant helps in absorption of organic phosphorus not otherwise readily available in the soil to the plant on it's own. And yet what they are proposing as an improvement over what settled science considers Nature's bad designs has already being accomplished for 10s of 1000s of years through mycorrhizal fungal networks colonized on plant rootsystems. Up to 85% of plants depend on this mycorrhizal fungi to survive. Plants and fungi depend on each other for nutrient cycling and water absorption.

 Image: Landeveert 2001
But why in the world would the Biotechnology companies and Academia in India not explain and educate to Indian Farmers just how this biological machinery has been doing this for countless 1000s of years for free ? Right there is the problem, the word, "Free." Industrial Agricultural Scientists do not own the patent rights to their work but are "bought out" and owned by the industries financing the research. The Biotech Geneticist's sole aim is to invent new products in order to increase the profit bottonlines of their corporate masters who pay their salaries. Bioethical problems are conveniently shelved by these scientists and totally ignored by Industrial Biotech Agriculture as a whole. Take this image on the right. This is a thin-section micrograph of a tunneled feldspar  Scale bar = 100 micrometers. Back in 2015, Scientific American, author, Jennifer Frazer, wrote about a study which was undertaken to find out exactly how mycorrhizal fungi actually mine the tiniest soil particles for nutrients which are otherwise unavailable to their plant hosts. Here are some quotes about the image above right:
"If you sift the mineral particles from conifer forest soil, wash them, and examine them under a microscope, you will discover a startling detail: tiny tunnels, three to ten micrometers across"  
"The tunnels curve and branch and sometimes more than one pierces the same particle. What could have created these microscopic boreholes?"  
"The tunnels seem like they were made by something … alive. They are the spitting image of hyphae – that is, filaments – of fungi."
(Read the rest of the study Here)
Fascinating. Apparently for countless thousands of years Nature has been sustaining itself with great efficiency. This is something the prevailing Scientific Orthodoxy has been denying during the past 150 years. Oddly enough other scientists at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History have informed us back in December 2015, that humans have been what's wrong with the environment ever since they began spreading their version of agriculture across the planet starting 6000 years ago. Seriously, 6000 years ago ? Those aren't my words folks, it's the researchers own words. They paint us a picture of how a once pristine sustainable Earth existed, but then a shift disrupted the calm pattern that they insist had been stable for 300 million years. Wow, how could that be ? Here is how Kathleen Lyons, a paleobiologist in the Smithsonian's Museum’s Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems (ETE) program put it, “This tells us that humans have been having a massive effect on the environment for a very long time.”  Lyons was the lead author of the study, which was published Dec. 2016 in the journal Nature. One can only imagine as Humans became more enlightened how much more damage resulted to the Earth's with the advent of science-based Industrial Agriculture. Now we are faced with CRISPR, whose co-inventor said those infamous words which are the title of this post. The Biotechs want to bend Nature to their collective will. Today's science has two major flaws:
Groupthink - is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences. 
We could otherwise easily label this groupthink phenomena as  Scientific Consensus, Settled Science, etc. And this is where the collective's "Argument from Authority" brain washing techniques through clever marketing skills by means of media come into play in getting the majority of the population in line by means of an intensive indoctrination scheme. First, throw at an otherwise gullible ignorant public cute little animated cartoons which illustrate how inept the Earth is for home gardeners and farmers, but how giant Agro-Chemical Corporations can save the day. Second, it's important to con them into believing and accepting this belief system is what democracy is all about.
Herd Mentality or mob mentality, describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. Examples of the herd mentality include nationalism, stock market trends, superstition, and home décor, etc.
The Groupthink within Science and Herd Mentality by those with a vested interest in a product for profit whose approval can rain down a windfall of wealth, will often gang up on anyone or anything which threatens their little money making venture. For example, Professor Marcus Pembrey and a band of other Scientists dared to challenge such an Orthodoxy on genetic inheritance with their research work in epigenetic inheritance and for doing so they were branded heretics. They showed where certain negative actions could turn on or off specific gene switches causing a negative gene expression. Recently, a paper in the journal, New Atlas, also suggested that the CRISPR gene-editing tool caused unintended genetic mutations. Here is one paragraph from the article:
In examining the entire genome from the CRISPR-treated mice, they found that the tool had successfully corrected the specific gene they were targeting, but it also potentially caused a great deal of other genetic changes. In two CRISPR-treated animals, more than 100 large gene deletions or insertions and over 1,500 single-nucleotide mutations were identified.  
This set off a firestorm of controversial flaming on the part of Industrial Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology companies and their internet troll defenders (IFL Science Cult) who hope to gain billions of dollars off this technology. As the CRISPR cas9 co-inventer, Jennifer Doudna, proudly proclaimed about CRISPER's potential, they will be able to bring back:
“woolly mammoths, winged lizards, and unicorns. … It won’t be long before CRISPR allows us to bend nature to our will.”
Aside from the irresponsible last sentence in her quote of 'bending Nature to human will,' which is the title of my post here, you should first of all be aware that most of this resurrection of extinct creatures or bizarre unnatural creations of mythical beasts is pure fantasy that will never happen. CRISPR headlines are closely related to the same sensationalistic headlines when it comes to NASA's Astrobiology Program news reports. Such clickbait headlines are meant to create fascination and interest in funding. There are two links here you should read which provide glaring exposure on why Mammoths and other mythical beasts are nowhere near coming around the corner. First, here is something from Live Science:
"The road to bringing back the mammoth — a giant that went extinct at the end of the last ice age — is filled with barriers." 
"Even if pieces of preserved ancient DNA are uncovered, they might be contaminated with foreign DNA from fungus, bacteria, plants, animals and even from humans handling it for research purposes." 
"This DNA contamination can make it difficult for researchers to know which DNA molecule belongs to the animal, and which is from contamination, especially if the extinct animal doesn’t have a living relative whose DNA can serve as a roadmap," Shapiro wrote.
Live-Science: Mammoth Resurrection: 11 Hurdles to Bringing Back an Ice Age Beast
Second, here is another article written by Paleoanthropologist, John Hawks, who stated that all these sensationlist headlines making bold predictions of imminent herds of woolly mammoths trampling around the local sanctuary are nothing more than fake news fabricated by Harvard Geneticist, George Church, who talks about artificial wombs, elephant embryos, all backed and supported by a gullible science media:
Media outlets this week have run more than 60 stories about Church’s press announcement, with breathless headlines, like “Woolly mammoths ‘to walk the earth again in TWO YEARS’ after massive breakthrough”, or “Woolly Mammoth Could Be ‘De-Extinct’ In 2 Years, Scientist Says”. 
"Five reasons convince me that this week’s mammoth cloning story is beyond sensationalism, it is fake news. Looking at how this story went wrong says some depressing things about the state of today’s media coverage of science." How mammoth cloning became fake news
You should also be aware that Corporations which utilize industrial science use Pop Science Media outlets to distract an otherwise gullible public from all of their previous past & ongoing failures. The prevailing Scientific Orthodoxy (which has modeled itself after Christendom's medieval ecclesiastical hierarchical structure), uses these news outlets to pound "consensus science" into the human psyche to create unquestioning faith in their ambitious technologies and future consumable goods. Their tactics are so aggressive, that they remind me of the Sci-Fi World's imfamous Borg Collective:
"We are the Borg. You will be assimilated into our collective. Resistence is futile."

Source -

Here's another example. Almost immediately after the negative exposure of CRISPR cas9's potential for unintended mutational consequences, this industry's Thought Police came out with numerous articles in science journals condemning these scientists and their methods. So now the scientists mention in Nature-Methods were now guilty of a Thought Crime. Their claim was that the mice themselves used in the experiment were inbred related mice and it tainted the experiment from the start because the mutations were already there. To illustrate their accusation, the media they used to poke derogatory fun at the research paper and it's scientists,  provided an unflattering photograph of an Apalachian family. This is nothing new. For many years now the prevailing consensus science has fabricated other illustrations showing people of colour being inferior to the European white man with their March of Man Progress icon. So now they pick on a pitiful people whose culture is often demonized and made fun of by today's media elites. It's true, these people in many ways are handicapped in the sense that they have not had the advantages like proper homes, healthcare, educations etc as others in the more affluent parts of the United States. But like people of colour from the past, they are often singled out and made fun of by people with a secular minded ideology from both the east and west coasts where critics view themselves as scientifically literate progressives. Of course the real purpose of targeting these people was to provide a damage control  to smokescreen the glaring flaws of this technology so that Biotech Stocks & Shares would bounce back after the negative News.
Further attempts at killing the Truth about CRISPR cas9's potential for unintended consequences
This is not CRISPR gene editing technology. It's a strawberry-rhubarb crisp. (AP )
FORBES: "CRISPR Gene Editing Controversy: Does It Really Cause Unexpected Mutations?"
In an attempt to demonize the alarmist researchers of the damning study of unintended consequences with CRISPR, self-proclaimed, pseudoscience fighter, Steve Salzberg, Professor of Bioengineering at John Hopkins University and Forbes Magazine contributor, says he wants to set the record straight. He claims to have read the research and found what's wrong with their science. Unfortunately one of his leading paragraphs exposes the real motive behind the charges of heresy. Follow the money people, because it's never really been about the Science.

"Not surprising, the resulting news headlines were gloomy. The stock in three companies trying to commercialize gene editing–Editas Medicine, Intellia Therapeutics and CRISPR Therapeutics–all fell sharply. (Interestingly, the stocks started falling on May 24, and bottomed out on May 31. The paper appeared online on May 30.) Scientists involved with these companies quickly responded, arguing that the study was flawed, but of course those scientists have a lot of money at stake."

A. Dudzinski/Science Source

Today the prevailing Scientific Orthodoxy demands that people everywhere globally bow down and worship the image of their religious icon known as the secular version of the Tree of Life. That's what that March for Science a couple of months ago was all about. Step out of line by expressing a preference for Biomimicry over CRISPR and you are accused of a Thought Crime. And yet out of the other corner of their collective mouths, this same secular religious Icon is also the very same tree they insist is flawed, imperfect and badly designed. Hence the image above beautifully illustrates how in every corner of life on this planet Earth, these ideologically driven Scientists are attempting to provide numerous major tweaking & alterations of all ecosystems they believe where Nature has fallen short of perfection. I would think this is quite a dilemma for most of the environmental groups out there who violently protest in the streets and demand that Nature be preserved just as it is and be left alone to it's own devices and yet all the while still believing Nature is flawed, inept and poorly designed. Is it any wonder mankind's leadership has collectively failed ??? Could this Orthodoxy's worldview take on life have caused all this present negative chaos we all view on the Nightly News each day ??? Is the flaw really with Nature or human ignorance cloaked with an air of arrogance ??? Originally, the concept of science was intended to be practiced by means using noble traditional values like objectivity, integrity, curiosity, fairness, diligence, honesty, respect, cooperation, self-sacrifice & humility. If these virtues had really been the guiding force all along, would our planet Earth today really be so degraded as we experience it now ??? 😱

"It is time to destroy those people who destroy the earth!"
Rev 11:18 

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