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Sorry, perhaps I should make a correction in the post's title, "The World's new version of  normal Abnormal ."

Image by Katie Nagy
Well, every once in a while, something comes out that brings back a sense of what most consider normalcy. We live in a perverted degenerate world of counter-protesters on steroids. But not long ago, a first grade teacher from North Haven, Connecticut, Mrs. Nagy wrote that beautiful letter to her students the day after the 2016 Presidential election that they read aloud in class. She then posted it to Facebook, where more than 40,000+ people have shared it. The goal of course was to help the students understand and appreciate that very important decision-making is far from being a job exclusive to a President of the United States or any other leader of any country. Today it's become hip, chic, or in vogue to disrespect a leader if he or she doesn't meet your own personal flavourite worldview. 

In reality the biggest decision-making job has always been every person on the planet. The old biblical text that says, "If possible, as far as it depends on you, be peaceable with all men," hasn't exactly been practiced in decades. Everyone's small choices and actions combined are what make any society. Nobody is prevented or forced away from showing compassion to famile friends and neighbours. Anybody can help the needy, or cooperate with your fellow brothers and sisters for a better community and world. Nobody is stopping any parent from raising their children with wisdom, love, and compassion so that they become better stewards of the Earth. I wonder how many parents did what Mrs. Nagy did the day after that election ? From watching the News Media headline stories ever since, I highly doubt many have. Take this ABC News headline just after the election:
ABC NEWS - "Hispanic Community in Los Angeles Reacts to President-Elect Donald Trump"
Photo ABC News
In an attempt to report on the negative atmosphere since this past election and reactions from the hispanic community of Los Angeles, the ABC reporter interviewed one man who gave an opinion which was probably the exact opposite of what they had expected to find out on the streets of L.A. Fortunately for all of us, they actually published what he said. The 81 year-old Mr Rudolph Anparano who they interviewed in a parking lot has no political beliefs. In fact he is politically neutral. Often times in today's climate of "If you are not for us you, then you are against us," such a position of neutrality can be risky to admit in a hostile environment. Yet Mr Anparano doesn't really care which man or woman gets elected, wins or loses. Respect should be given to any country's office of authority. Here was his response when asked about the newly elected President Trump:
As a Jehovah's Witness (Testigos de Jehová), 81-year-old Rudolph Anparano said he believes people should "respect superior authorities" when it comes to the president of the United States.   
"Nothing I hear today is any different than I heard in my youth," Anparano said.      
Anparano and his parents were born in the United States, but his grandparents are from Spain.       
People should be "respectful of humans in general," Anparano said.
(Source - ABC News - Los Angeles)

There's no getting away from this ugly subject anymore. Everyone seems to have opposing opinions and will threaten anyone who doesn't hold to the same ideological worldview. Even many of today's non-profit environmental groups are run by prosyletizing Ideologues who are more interested in politicking than teaching and educating people to love and respect Nature. I've personally pulled far away now from many of these so-called eco-institutions because their basic message of promoting love for Nature has degenerated into some kind of perverted murderous hatred of those whose worldview of things differ from ther own. This is the biggest problem with the so-called "Free-Thought Movent," where if your free thoughts don't jive with the prevailing Orthodoxy's version of free thinking, then you immediately identified by the Thought Police and are fingerpointed out & demonized as unfit to associate with.

People have got to stop wasting their hard earned money by donating to these organizations whose basic mission is nothing more than Sue & Settle. If you really investigate many of them, very little ecology or restoration work is ever actually physically accomplished by most of these folks. One leader of one ecology group went from being arrested for shop-lifting hiking boots at a Walmart in 1994 to earning $200,000+ a year salary today. His secret to success ? "Sue & Settle." Children don't need this type of negative influence from mentors. Unfortunately all around the globe the inexperience of youth has always been the main target of those obsessed with obtaining power and control. The infamous Abbie Hoffman is known for his infamus saying, “Kids must be educated to disrespect authority or else democracy is a farce.” His legacy lives large and long on today's High Schools & College Campuses. So when a teacher like Mrs. Nagy comes along with a positive message of taking the power of responsible decision making upon oneself and encouraging kids to have healthy respect for others, it's a refreshing thing to behold. The key here is getting to youth early in life. Both sides are aware of that. Children need healthy clean outdoor activity and responsible adults (particularly parents) need to be the ones instilling the basic fundamentals of spiritual qualities like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and selfcontrol. Academia gave up on these qualities decades ago. You will not find many teachers like Mrs. Katie Nagy encouraging students to be respectful and kind to others irrespective of differences the way she has in most of today's elementary Schools, High Schools or other higher institutions of learning (Universities, Colleges, etc). One can only hope the parents of those kids when they go back home reinforce what Mrs. Katie Nagy encouraged from her class. 

As one environmental lawyer admitted, Science for the most part when it comes to a discipline for finding ultimate truth has been disappointing. Parents, that should be your cue. 😉


  1. She did a good thing. I'm sure she also enforces those attitudes in her classroom. My Quaker ancestors pretty much said the same thing. But, I wonder how those kids act at home?

    1. No kidding, one of the hardest things I suspect for a teacher is that most kids do not get any training at home. And given the low caliber of parenting these days, the old expression, "Like Father like Son," has a whole new take on it. Pity the teachers.

      On the other hand I seen news reports where teachers, especially at high school and college level are encouraging this civil disobedience thing. That's going t back fire on them one day soon.

  2. Thanks for this; I saw a recent Cliff Mass blog post on this about climate change and the day for science protests (more like anti-Trump and partisan). Good for Mrs. Nagy. Not so for we who live in the legacy of Abbie Hoffman.

    How are things in Sweden?

    1. Yeah, what struck me about the "March for Science" protest is that it mainly had zero to do with science as much as ideological worldview pimping. They claimed they were there to protest to obtain more funding for science. Yet the very person they were protesting against is the very guy who could help make that happen. How motivated do they think he'll be now given the images of seeing his named continually trashed, insulted and vulgar filthy foul language associated with his name ? Major fail if funding was their goal.

      Sweden is a mess. Since I came here 10+ years ago, the media has never revealed just how much of a mess it is or the entire European Union for that matter. This is hardly a socialist uptopia. They have a worse immigration mess than the states and it's destroying their various countries, not that their countries were doing that well to begin with of course.

      I have to keep workng and staying busy or otherwise I'd go insane. We won't be taking trips this year. Currency exchange when I first came was around 6 Kronor to the dollar. Now last I look at the Forex, it was 10.40 Kronor to the dollar. Not a good deal for coming back home. Miss the deserts terribly. People over here in their Boreal forest world freak when I say that.


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