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Genetically Modified Information: Spending Million$ to Pimp a Business Monopoly

More money now is being spent to inform the public about how anti-science they are for rejecting GMOs and how they don't care about people in poor countries. It's pathetic and disgusting the lengths the proponents of giant corrupt corporations will go to for  helping pimp a food monopoly obsessed business model. Think of what could be done to improve real holistic sustainable farming technology and practices with those million$ as opposed to an Amoral obsession with acquiring a global food monopoly. Here is the latest News in the GMO Wars:
image by Jordan Ross
The misinformation and propaganda wars are just mushrooming all over the place. One of the latest examples of manipulating the truth is coming from an young aspiring sciencey type who finds it a secular Sin to criticize anything considered Science. [well, certain science] Let me clarify, anything that comes from corporate industrial science appears to get a passing grade as far as what get's labeled "Real Science". He has a website and is pleading and begging for people to send him money so he can finish his film documentary. He has a short trailer which almost from the start misrepresents the so-called *cough-cough* settled consensus science on genetic engineering. Take a very close look below.
Genetically Modified Information: "A Science Based GMO Film"

Wikipedia for Schools: Soda Pop Isle
In the film video's trailer as time mark 0:14 he flashes an image which he took off the Wikipedia for Schools page to highlight some of the wonderful GMO products that are already in out there in the supermarkets and informs us that the public already consumes these GMO products with *cough-cough* no ill effects. Unbelievable! Although I must say, the fact that he actually highlighted this junk in the photograph above, is just about the ONLY admittedly honest thing he did in his in this Film Trailer. But seriously, he is correct that these junk products are made of gmo ingredients and on that fact nobody will dispute. There is of course a U.S. Government mandate on so much production of "High Fructose Corn Syrup" [you know, that name with the bad reputation that they are trying to hide by changing the name to something else ?]. And why "High Fructose Corn Syrup" ? Because it makes substandard low grade quality ingredients for the manufacture of Junk Foods which would normally taste like cardboard actually taste great aside from the fact that from a business repeat sales perspective it's also addictive which causes craving for more consumption which translates into repeat sales which is good for business. Then he pans to this image below.

Photo by Lyza uploaded onto Wikipedia - Supermarkets
At time point 0:17 this image from Wikipedia flashes up on the trailer video illustrating and highlighting all of the Junk food processed products which generally do have some sort of GMO ingredients. If you go over to the Wikipedia page, you can click and magnify from their link all the Junk Foods which contain the gmo garbage ingredients. You know, brands like Gerbers, Dorritos, and all other major well known junk food brand labels which dominate the American food markets today. Now, oddly enough, he didn't reference anything like this image below when highlighting foods. You know, when you walk into any supermarket, you are normally directed to the beautifully presented produce section before venturing elsewhere ?

Wholefoods Produce Display
I was actually surprised that the produce section wasn't shown, but maybe I shouldn't have been. There are only a couple items of import to take note of like gmo Sweet Corn and maybe some Crooked Neck Yellow and Zucchini Squash. But mostly they have yet to infect their wares in most produce sections. It's a different story however in the dirt poor countries, where Eggplant, Bananas, etc are being sold and promoted to overpopulated 3rd world countries. But you know they are just waiting. The main targets of Biotechs across the globe are the grain type commodities crops. These can be easily stored for a very long time periods without spoilage and sold across the globe as needed or as prices are manipulated by Wall Street Commodity Broker game playing. You just can't play those games with fresh produce.

Jordan's next stunt on the trailer was to show the Seralini Study Rats and explain how anti-gmo people unnecessarily torture rats and mice with long term testing which he insists is not at all necessary. Seriously, the entire global world of Science unnecessarily subjects rats and mice to needless experiments for whatever purpose, so no one anywhere is a shining example of light when to comes to that point, even biotechnology corporations. We should also remember that GMO testing by law doesn't need to go through the same long time studies to reveal long term health effects like other food additives. So, real human beings consuming their Junk Foods are their version long term health studies. The attempt was lame and adolescent, but then look at where the source is coming from, an individual with inexperience of youth. 
Update April 12, 2016 Article from online journal, "The Hill"
Companies Hide Dangers; Attack Scientists 
Now on his website, he claims to be taking his documentary to another level to be different than those other documentaries which only focus on the USA. His main target of course is the plight of the poor starving people around the world whom he insists will benefit from his beloved GMOs. He gives the example of Kenya and other places in Africa where GMO Maize/Corn has now being genetically engineered and manipulated to withstand heat and drought. Also, these GMOs will ward of viruses and diseases on plant roots. This still remains one of the most bogus promotional schemes out there for making Corn drought resistant. Remember the Mycorrhizae ?

University of Florida, Drought Stress Study with Mycorrhizal Fungi on Corn Roots

Let's do a little discussion and comparison here on how Nature has been doing drought resistance in most all plants on Earth for countless thousands of years. One of the things Jordan Ross said is that his documentary was going to highlight the how and why GMOs are Science-Based. Thus far in the trailer, other than the usual definition shell games and usual truth manipulation we are usually force fed by the Biotech shills out on the internet, there is as yet any real clean beneficial science to be discussed. So let's take up his claim of drought resistance in Maize being genetically modified for Kenya since that was going to be one of his main science based talking points he was going to focus upon in his video. For the sake of illustration, let's say these pine seedlings to the right are actually Maize or Corn seedlings just emerging from the soil. Now, the seedling on the left which has had the fungi digitally removed from the photo which shows only three main roots is actually illustrative of that conventionally grown so-called drought resistant GMO Corn which is also engineered to manufacture toxins, pesticide spraying resistance and greatly dependent upon the conventional synthetic chemical fertilizers for food. In fact with such a limited root absorption structure underground, the high potency percentage of any fertilizer is a  must because this is mostly a numbers game. Those GMO roots will only absorb around 20% of those synthetic chemicals as opposed to 80% mycorrhizal absorbing root system of a mycorrhizal plant which would only require a tiny fraction of the fertility of the conventional plant. Now remember, those chemicals have to end up somewhere and that place is generally leaching into the water table of as runoff into stream, rivers lakes, oceans etc to create vast areas of dead zones. The seedling on the right is representative of a Non-GMO Corn seedling, but instead as you can see is colonized with Mycorrhizal fungi. Notice the vast differences in root absorption area ? Now the fungi on the right side in this illustration is not the usual VAM which does colonize crop plants, but instead is Ecto-mycorrhizae which colonizes pine roots, but for the sake of illustration we are able to see this fungi on the root system and what it is capable of accomplishing. Now this VAM Fungi provides a number of things. It will give conventional heirloom variety Corn a 200% increase in water and nutrient uptake as compared to the GMO bare root variety. Those fungal mycelium strands can be considered a huge extension of the corn root's absorption area which goes well beyond the plant in search of raw materials to cycle back to the plant host. Hence with the GMO program where there are no such tools from Nature's tool-kit and it's advantages missing, an excessive amount of chemical fertilizers are necessary to assure that at least 20% of those chemicals will feed the GMO plant. With the superior mycorrhizal root system there is normally an uptake 80% of the nutrients with far far less application of fertilizers needed. That hurts the industrial business model tremendously. So with the conventional GMO Corn, they have to play a numbers game. Dump a high volume of fertilizer and hope that at least 20% of that rich concentration will suck in somewhere and feed the corn plant. The GMO plant does NOT have the same root absorption capacity as the mycorrhizal corn root plants, so more pounds per acre of fertilizer are required.

Image: Mycorrhizal Applications Inc
It's basically an element of luck that at least GMOs might suck up 20% of that large application amount, with the rest either infiltrating into the soil and leaching into the water table or being lost through runoff into streams, rivers, lakes etc only to pollute and contaminate aquatic systems which in turn cause an explosion of Algal blooms which depletes the water of oxygen which in turn kills fish and other beneficial creatures in the aquatic environment. The mycorrhizal fungi also have the advantage of manufacturing a natural anti-biotics for it's host's root system. Protecting and providing for the host not only benefits the host, but also acts like an insurance policy for the Fungi's own home and meal ticket. Amazingly, Mike Amaranthus' product MycoApply which was used in two potato studies, used 30 lbs of Phosphate per acre as opposed to the normal conventional industrial application requiring 130 lbs per acre and even got a 15% yield increase over the conventional farmed potato testing. The photo above is the comparison of the non-gmo Corn mycorrhizal colonized root system as compared to the conventional Industrial farmed Corn as advocated by Industrial Biotechs. Irrespective of the brand name or company who farms the mycorrhizal fungal spores, the results are the same. There is also something else serious to consider here.

Image: United Nations
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization came out with a far sighted prediction of increased usage of Synthetic Fertilizers by 2018. An incredible 200 million tonnes of chemical fertilizers are expected to be dumped on the Earth by Farmers at that time. This photo to the right is the FAO's distributing seeds and fertilizer in Pakistan's Khyber district after the massive flooding which took place in 2010. But globally, industrial nations are presently land grabbing for their own needs at home for farmed goods as industrial growth has mostly swallowed their country's own valuable farmland over these past decades. There have been 100s of 1000s of people in these poorer countries who are being displaced because of the needs of industrial nations. This isn't even hit upon in the video. But let's get back to global increase of Synthetic Fertilizers, 200 million tonnes was it ? What if the holistic approach was used instead. What would happen if the world practiced what was done in those university experimental potato study stats for other crops as well ? Would this not chip away at the massive amounts of synthetic fertilizers required by the industrial Agrochemical business model ? Remember, instead of 130 lbs per acre, only 30 lbs per acre were needed and yields were higher ? Let's say that under this practice we only needed 20% of that 200 tonnes of synthetic chemical fertilizers in 2018. Can you understand the vicious hatred and reason for attacks by Agrochemical companies against a holistic approach of utilizing true biomimetics in agricultural practices ? Can you see what this would do to the Industrial Ag business model ? And I haven't even touched on the fact that mycorrhizal crops out compete weeds for phosphorus which would negate much of the herbicides needed to kill weeds. Weeds need phosphorus. Conventional Farming provides a rich unnatural habitat for most all ruderals [Weeds] to actually thrive and explode populations-wise. Hence the only answer we are given is, chemicals to kill unwated plants, even though lousy practices have caused this increase in the first place. I mean the Agrochemical companies just can't lose. So question, why isn't this type of science-based practice acceptable to the world of industrial agriculture when it makes so much logical ecological sense ? The problem is economic, not ecological.
United Nations: "Fertilizer Use to Surpass 200 Million Tonnes in 2018"

Image: Jordan Ross
The GMO film documentary creator  who is producing this GMO new film says all he wants to do is provide a science-based explanation of why GMOs are superior and user friendly to farmers down in third world poorer countries. But why this particular science ? What's wrong with the science of Mike Amaranthus, Dr Donald Marx and Dr Paul Stamets who are all mycologists who pioneered this field back in the 1960s, 70s and 80s ? What evidence does he have that their methods are not science-based ? What proof does he have that such Mycology science-based agriculture is inferior to his favourite version of science-based synthetics ? I didn't make this stuff up folks, I write about the use of Mycorrhizal Fungi in forestry, Agriculture and Landscaping [although I've practiced the basic fundamentals and principles for over two decades], those people and others like Tom Volk  discovered and wrote about it in numerous scientific research papers years before Jordan Ross took his first breath of life. The GMO seeds are also more costly to ALL Farmers at $150 per bag with non GMO seed at a rate of $50 to $65 a bag. How is this an advantage for dirt poor farmers in third world countries who would have to pay almost double for such seed along with the expensive synthetics they are engineered to work in conjunction with, which ultimately are inferior to the traditional seed and biomimetic farm practices with higher yields ? And how about the end consumer, you now, those poor people who need to be fed ? In the majority of those dirt poor countries people make a wage of $1 to $3 a day and almost all of that goes towards food purchasing. Those people don't have home mortgages, car payments, etc. Most industrial nation people are totally out of touch with the reality of life in poor third world countries. These people who been hard pressed to purchase this more expensive food which farmers would have to pass on the costs, but hey, some commodities broker and GMO Biotech companies would still make out like bandits. 

The other argument is that the world needs to feed millions and only GMO crops can help third world farmers. Poor country farmers cannot afford more expensive seeds and all the chemicals that need to be used with them. As I mentioned the prices would also be higher for the end user or consumer as well because most poorer people. How would they really be helped when paying for more expensive produce ? So what strategy would they use to get the poor farmers of Africa to accept their expensive seed and chemicals ? Apparently, if you've watched the latest News on this, these Biotechs are cleverly giving away free seeds, free gmo trees, etc etc etc. They are using the same identical tactics and stunts most any street corner drug dealers use on the unwary and ignorant in poor neighbourhoods in the industrial Nations. Like the pushers passing out the free samples at the Elementary School to the inexperienced, illiterate, and ignorant in hopes of a future clientele, so it is with the industrial biotechs who hope the results would be that these poorer uneducated often times illiterate farmers will believe that the Biotechs have their best interests at heart. There's even a historical precedent to this practice. Great Britain did this during the time of the Opium Wars in China. They farmed and manufactured opium poppies in what is now India and Pakistan and gave out loads of free samples to the public in cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai etc. Once the public became addicted, a market was created and Great Britain could save their gold and Silver and trade Opium for Chinese goods to be sold back in Europe and other global markets. That's what world power means. The film's argument is that our increasing world population needs crops that produce higher yields. That's baloney. This world has often had problems with an over abundance many many times over and the problem has been storage, transportation and other infrastructure issues. All my life I grew up around farming in Imperial Valley, Coachella Valley, Central Valley and other regions of the southwestern United States. Often times you could see farmers dumping truckloads of potatoes, Onions, carrots and even melons back into fields with the drivers given strict instructions to run their vehicles back and forth over the produce to ruin it so that no one could glean from the fields. It was a price issue, there was no money for the farmer if they sold it and also at a loss even if they did. You see, unlikely GMOs, farm produce isn't subsidized by the USA Government, only commodity product grains. If grains over produce, their is generally a safety net for those farmers should they take a fall. Take the examples below.   

Image: Ralston Iowa - New York Times (2005)

New York Times: "Mountains of Corn and a Sea of Farm Subsidies"
This scene above was common back when I visited family regularly in Iowa back in the 70s, 80s when Corn Farmers had bumper crops and nowhere to store them. Mountain after Mountain of Corn was piled up alongside overflowing Grain Elevators next to railroad sidings in small towns. 
 No problem though, taxpayer funded farm subsidies pay the farmer anyways. And seriously folks, this over production has existed long before the precious GMO Monopoly took over, but the average person who sadly is often nothing more than a Lemming who has been conditioned to accept everything that spews from the authority's mouth generally have short memories when it comes to this kind of stuff. What happens to much of that corn if it rains or snows ? Generally it's ruined and not even fit for livestock feed if it molds or other types of debilitating pathogens ruin it's quality. In fact feeding it can be outright dangerous to livestock. Never the less, we are force fed that the world of agriculture has yield problems for which only GMOs can fix. This is bogus propaganda people.

Image: Michigan - Off the Grid News

US Government Orders Farmers To Destroy 30 Million Pounds Of Their Own Crop

The quotes from the article below are self-explanatory. I don't need to comment any further.
"In one of the worst examples of government regulation and intrusion, the US government ordered Michigan cherry farmers to literally dump 30 million pounds of cherries on the ground. Even worse, many cherry farmers are being driven out of business because of the outrageous rules."
“The food pantry shelves are bare, people going hungry, and here we are dumping millions of pounds of cherries on the ground,” Michigan cherry grower Rob Manigold said of the 2009 incident. That was the same year farmer Leonard Ligon dumped 72,000 pounds of tart cherries along a road outside Traverse City, Michigan, to protest US Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations on his state’s cherries.

(Reuters/Francisco Bonilla)

Mexican farmers are trucking produce into an Arizona town—where tons of it gets thrown into landfills

"Nogales, Arizona, is the largest inland food port in the world. Much of the fresh produce trucked up the “food superhighway” of Mexico’s west coast comes through there—and a shocking amount of it doesn’t travel much farther, dropping into local landfills instead of being sent to consumers."
“If the Florida tomato prices drop on a certain day,” Nabhan narrates, “120,000 pounds [of tomatoes] might be thrown into a landfill” in Nogales, while much smaller quantities might end up in food banks or in livestock feed.
Check out this video which is 8 minutes in length and view the crisis of distributing an overflowing abundance of food. This is not about yield problems. That would be a lie. Notice also the quote below the link: 
Vimeo: "Man In The Maze" | Sundance Short Film Challenge

“Man in the Maze,” embedded above, won the Bill and Melinda Gates-sponsored Sundance Institute Short Film Challenge in 2015.

Seriously, if Bill Gates who invests heavily in Monsanto and other Biotechs and is continually pimping only GMOs will give us the higher yields to feed the people, if he gave this Sundance Institute a film award about high yield waste problems, then he also understands that he is not telling the truth about so-called challenges to the global food supply. He continually talks about the challenges of higher yields and yet lo and behold now we all know better. This has always been about a big industrial food monopoly, obscene wealth and the power that goes with it. 

Image - Mother Jones & Article on waste

CHARTS: Everyone Is Throwing Away Too Much Food

Now below is another documentary film Trailer called "Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story" in which "The Clean Bin Project", Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin attempted to produce zero waste in an examination of our throw-away society. As a followup, they turn their eye to food waste from farm to fridge. They vow to stop buying groceries and for six months to survive exclusively on discarded food. The myths behind corporate food production and marketing make for easy pickings as the directors dismantle best-before dates and show how our idea of "perfect produce" encourages us to discard perfectly edible and nutritious food—collateral damage in an age of food security headlines. Living off rescued goods their stockpile of found food demonstrates how the supply and demand chain is out of sync. It becomes immediately apparent this is a widespread problem with simple solutions. 

Seriously folks, google India and Food waste and you'll see farmers dumping produce because there was too much bumper crop. 

The planet doesn't have a crop yield problem folks, it's a corporate obsession with a global  food monopoly and any means of manipulating the truth to obtain that goal. Don't be Lemmings following the crowd. 

"All we want to do is feed the world" Robb Fraley


  1. Whole Foods alone generated almost $16 billion in sales in 2015. Please tell me how Big Organic aren't doing it for the money?

    1. Tim, thanks for the reply and legitimate question. Actually I am no more interested in Industrial Organic than Industrial Synthetic, but then you wouldn't have nown that if you hadn't followed ALL my posts and read only this one. Here are two examples below which should reveal that I don't play favourites:

      INTELLIGENCE SQUARED DEBATES: "Genetically Modify Foods" - the Winners & Losers

      HEADLINE NEWS FLASH: Biotech World & Organic World duke it out for that much coveted Scientific Consensus Prize

      Below here are a few more links of importance. First one is of just one farmer, Gabe Brown, who farms 5,400+ acres without synthetic inputs which includes not only fertilizers, but also herbicdes, fungicides, insecticides, etc. The following links are of three soil microbiologists who work with soils and they are hardly anti-science Luddites. I relate to them because everything they are all saying I have practiced for over 30+ years in habitat restoration and commercial landscaping

      Gabe Brown: Keys To Building a Healthy Soil

      CCTA - Wendy Taheri, ARS-SD, talks on Fungi and its utmost importance

      11 21 2014 Dr. Kris Nichols

      The Roots of Your Profits - Dr Elaine Ingham, Soil Microbiologist, Founder of Soil Foodweb Inc

      Tim, keep in mind that the words/terms "Anti-Science" and "Pseudoscience" used by those claiming to be pro-science are cowardly. There is only good science and bad science and the prevailing orthodoxy in Science that runs the way we do things is mostly bad science. Our planet and we ourselves are paying the price for this greed and obsession with power and control.

  2. Actually there's only science. Good or bad depends on your point of view.
    There are pesticides in organic crops too, some of these are more toxic to the environment in far smaller doses than glyphosate. Salt,for example, is lethal to humans at around 3000mg/kg. The LD50 for glyphosate is given as 5600mg/kg.

    1. Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned, I am often seeing very little differences between industrial synthetic Ag and Industrial Organic Ag. Organic pesticides will kill as many non-target organisms as Synthetic pesticides. Science itself is a general term, but it's often not used that way by the proponents of either side, hence the usual name calling or label attachments used in discussion. Once I learned to stop synthetic fertilizing years ago and provide an environment for beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi to thrive, I also found I had fewer insect pests, and almost no weeds after a few years, question is why ? Because in a heavy healthy predominantly mycorrhizal soil, weeds (which are ruderals) cannot compete for the phosphates with mycorrhizal plants which outcompete them. Mycorrhizal colonized crop roots have a 200% to 800% nutrient and water uptake infrastructure, than crops ground conventionally the way the industrial business model recommends. Again, I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm simply revealing I do not follow the Big Organic line of practice as many pro-biotech folks want to believe I do, I simply use nothing. However, if I am restoring a weed infested and choked landscape, then I will use Roundup as a necessary emergency application to rid the massive problem. But once the system is turned around, there is no need to really ever use it again. At best any weed that appears is greatly stunted or dies an early death by starvation if the system is restored correctly.

      BTW, on these boards, if you want to provide a link, use the code below


      Below here is a further post explaining what and how mycorrhizal fungi can dramatically reduced or completely eliminate need for synthetic inputs and there are further references at the bottom.

      Using Nature's Mycorrhizal Tool-Kit to compete with Weeds vrs killing them with Glyphosate

      You because of your profession should appreciate looking at biology as a brilliantly constructed piece of engineering that should be replicated through the practice of biomimicry as opposed to creating sloppy short cuts to supposedly reduce costs. The fact is, the industrial Agro-Chemical and Biotech is far more expensive than the biomimetic approach.

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  4. It's a bombastist article. To further show that the anti-GMOs don't care about the poor countries, the author of this article only puts bombastist images how plenty of food there are in the rich countries. There is no image of blind population of poor countries due to lack of vitamin-A, no statistic of malnutrition and buying power of the poor nations. No statistic how many millions of hectares farmland cannot be harvested in poor countries due to drought, flood and pest. And to complete the misinformation: still no prove that GMO is harming our health and environment except from the low quality publication by Seralini (who is also a supporter of big homeopathic company Sevene Pharma). Why not using the recent fraud publication by the Italian about the danger or GMO that had just been retracted?

    1. Dean or whatever your name really is, did you even read the VOX post about genetic engineering crop seeds for drought resistence ??? There is no need to do any such thing. Nature already has tools which make crops drought resistence, it's a waste of time and energy and only drives up the costs of the seed which people in those so-called poorer countries cannot afford anyway.

      The aspect of a grain crop with supposedly higher Vitamin A content is a farce. It's a justification excuse argument to side step tests and approvals normally demanded by industrial nations for Patent and marketing approval. There are no hoops and fences to jump over and through in 3rd world countries. Poor people should have the same rights as people in the richer countries to obtain Vitamin A through fruits and vegetables, not some generic livestiock feed. The biotech industry does not view them as human beings equal to themselves, in fact the modern day transhumanist attitude is that there are just too many of them in their over populated countries and they need to be reduced. I appreciate English most likely isn't your first language, but you have to stop buying into the Biotech talking points on their Public Relation sites and get down and do the hands on research and practice yourself. Get outdoors, what I am finding is that the majority of these people defending all this stuff over on the VOX website have inexperience of youth and their entire belief system is based solely on what they've read as opposed to actual practice and field work. Of course that's most always been most of mankind's in general problem. But the youth are hit worse.


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