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Medical Marijuana: Surprising & Amazing Possibilities

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This morning I had found an article which had been reported on the Fox-News Denver website, but also reported through a documentary by CNN. It's about a little six years old girl named Charlotte Figi who suffers horribly from Dravet's Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. The little girl's story as explained in the Documentary, explained that Charlotte suffers from numerous violent siezures since birth, almost 300 a week. After enduring countless efforts and conventional science-based Lab created drugs from the conventional Pharmaceutical Companies, her mother then tried cannabis oil  a year and a half ago as a last resort, and it worked immediately. The little girl's mother, Paige Figi, told FOX31 Denver, "It's potent, it's strong, it's spicey, it's got kick,". Charlotte's mother showed the reporters a syringe full of the cannabis oil. It's diluted with olive oil, and mixed with food Charlotte eats. There are an amazing amount of possibilities with regards many plants on Earth. Many don't even realize that most of the conventional Industrial Science-Based drugs produced by giant corporate Behemoths we know as the Pharmaceutical Industry have many of their drugs synthesized from many compounds found in plants. The problem in the past when it comes to big business profiteering interests, you could never before Patent a plant. Hence, the ability to artificially as opposed to naturally obtaining these same compounds are mostly done in Labs as opposed to Green Houses. This is one main area where other Biotech Industrial Corporations have taken upon themselves to tear out a page from the Big-Pharma playbook with their genetic manipulation of organisms. First and foremost, it's all about the money. Caring is merely an advertisement strategy. You know how it goes: "We just want to feed the world" or "We just want to cure Mankind from what ails them". Yeah, sure!

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Unlike what most people picture when it comes to the medical marijuana controversy, this has nothing to do with the smoking and doping up often portrayed to get people's attention and used negatively by Pharmaceutical opponents preventing their monopoly on the people doping business. All forms of Drug Cartels [Legal/Illegal] basically operate with the same business model. This little girl is not smoking dope from a pipe, just to be clear. The particular plant used in the treatment was bred by the Stanley Brothers. It  has the lowest Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is that magic potent chemical the Street Drug Culture is looking for. This particular plant though does contain the much sought after compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) which is the ingredient that allows the individual to function normally. Cannabinoids are a class of diverse chemical compounds that activate cannabinoid  receptors on cells that repress neurotransmitter release in the brain. These receptor proteins include the endocannabinoids which are actually produced naturally in the body by both humans and animals, then of course there are phytocannabinoids which are produced in Cannabis and even other plants. 

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"Charlotte's Web" not the same as
Street bought Cannabis.
Anyway, the stories were fascinating and I have to admit that I have even changed my viewpoint on some beneficial effects of the cannabis plants. While humans will always abuse and misuse natural substances for recreational or escapism purposes, there are clearly proper uses for such plants found in our natural world. Like Tobacco, which can be used as an excellent anti-septic and certain forms even used as a vegetable green for food, there are also the misuses of it with regards smoking. I use the term misuse with regards Cannabis as opposed to abuse, because many defenders of recreational drug use will point to alcohol as an abuse example and insist that they do not abuse Cannabis. But the truth is, there is no proper use for high potency THC bred plants for higher drug addiction which is what the illegal trade is into, which eventually can and will physically harm the body and kill an individual. This is where terms like misuse as opposed to abused should be used. It should also be noted that the Cannabis plant mentioned "Charlotte's Web" in the cure of children and others with medical ticks and shaking like Parkinson's Disease has had it's THC bred down below 1% and Cannabidiol (CBD) carefully bred upwards. This is beautifully illustrated above where desired traits  can be intelligently acquired by Dog Breeders who have created either Chihuahuas or Great Danes. This Cannabis "Charlotte's Web" is not the same addictive plant that the drug users want on the streets because it doesn't offer them the high need, want and desire. Below are some documentaries and interviews and you may decide for yourself where you stand on the issue of Medical Cannabis. Perhaps this is the problem, the name Medical Marijuana needs to be dumped in favour of Medical Cannabis. 

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CNN WEED 1 A Special Report by Dr Sanjay Gupta 2013 Documentary (43:31 min)
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta cuts through the smoke and travels around the world to uncover the highs and lows of cannabis. This aired Sunday August 11, 2013 & again Monday the 12th 2013. Though much focus is directed to Street use history and drug culture, pay close attention please to the science behind this new find. The press will always over sensationalize things for it's rating entertainment value anyway. The video is 43 minutes long without any commercial interruptions. I've updated and posted the two other videos that followed - Weed 2 & Weed 3:
WEED: A CNN Special Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (2013 Documentary in HD)
WEED 2 Cannabis Madness Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports (Full HD 1080p 2014 CNN Documentary)
CNN Weed 3 Documentary 2015

My wife and I have used a protein powder here in Sweden called Hampaprotein Pulver 50% for smoothies and this comes from an entirely different variety of the Cannabis or Hemp plant family. Most people have heard of the store called "The Body Shop". This store has multiple products which offers the public over 900 health beauty products such as natural skin care, make-up, body butter, and other bathroom soaps containing Hemp chemical properties, but none of which are associated to the common street drug variety plant. You can find out more from this link here: 


Then there are other uses for hemp like the manufacture of fabic for making clothes and such equipment as in ropes. The point is there are clearly proper uses as well as the misuse for the Hemp plants. People need to get a grip on the reality of many of the benefits. Unfortunately, this will always be a tough political, philosophical and ideologically driven issue. But people will have to use good educated judgement and a properly trained conscience when deciding on these important matters.    

Dr Sanjay Gupta & Josh Stanley
As a final note, there was a group response review which involved the major people mentioned with the documentary video who were interviewed by Dr Sanjay Gupta and whose stories were told. One thing they did say in agreement [and I totally agree] is that they were all disappointed that more wasn't focused on the medical aspect and less attention on the Drug or Pot Culture, but they all agreed that this is a Media entertainment issue. Again, I totally agree. Most folks know that the Media wants to sensationalize and provide an element of  dramatic controversy for it's show's entertainment and Ratings value. After all ratings translate into advertising dollars. No one is surprised with that. But like they admitted, at least this was a start in getting the information out there to the Public. Once again, this Cannabis plant that was used to treat the little girl's epilepsy was NOT the same THC High Pot plant drug users want and seek out for on the streets. The saddest part here is the the recreational drug gang won't climb on board the legal medical side unless their addiction to legally get high or stoned is included. And that's the part that stinks most. 
Anyway, below is a link with their conversation and discussion. Mind you, it does cover an hour of time.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Response
IMPORTANT UPDATE: (August 20, 2013)
The Incredible Impact of Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Medical Marijuana Special
Tony Bower Handed Sentence Today In NSW Court - Prime News, Channel 7 (28th Aug 2014)
Tara's Law - Interview With The O'Connell Family - NBN Today Morning Show (22nd Aug 2014)
CNN Weed 3 Documentary 2015
WEED 2 Cannabis Madness Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports (Full HD 1080p 2014 CNN Documentary)
Further Updates May 19, 2017 

Good Industry, Bad Industry: Marijuana Farms rival the  Oil and Gas with same exact Environmental Challenges
Here I'm posting one article about the environmental impacts of growing operations. And another one on the marijuana industry pushing back on control over pesticides with potential serious harm to workers and users. And yet another one on energy use of the developing industry- it’s really just getting started in many states.
Denver Post: The future looks rosy for marijuana cultivation, but not very green
Denver Post: Colorado yields to marijuana industry pressure on pesticides
Green Tech Media: Marijuana Grow Ops Could Soon Rival Data Center Energy Use


  1. I saw that documentary and was very impressed. I've been following the change in attitude towards medical marijuana for many years, and it seems to have come almost full circle with this mainstream media piece.

    It's my understanding that THC is the active ingredient that helps with many diseases, while cannabidiol is curative for other diseases. It depends on the condition which chemical has efficacy. For conditions in which the THC is effective, maximizing its content through selective breeding is the goal. It seems for most problems facing humanity, the answers lie in the natural world. I think we have barely touched the surface of the nearly forgotten world of the medicinal benefits of plants.

    I am truly amazed this documentary made it into the mainstream media, where pharma companies put a lot of pressure and advertising dollars to keep information like this out of the public eye.

    1. I think if this very beneficial product is going to go anywhere as far as becoming legal to help people, they need to separate themselves from the recreational Pot Head Drug Culture who will use this as an excuse to legalize their narrowly focused obsession with getting high. Any association with Pot Smoking Culture will be detrimental to their cause of medical relief for those in true desperate need where no other viable options are available.

      You can bet the Pharmaceuticals with their multi-billion$$$ will do all they can to throw a monkey wrench into any efforts attempted to legalize the Medical aspect of this cannabis oil which makes nobody high.


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