Monday, June 10, 2013

Fond Memories of Hawkeye's Hometown Crabapple Cove

Anyone remember where Crabapple Cove is from ?

Artist Robert A Wieferich - Crabapple Cove, Maine
Was watching an old episode of Mash with Hawkeye Pierce and the subject of his old hometown came up. The name is of course a mythical place, but most don't remember that there was a novel titled "M*A*S*H goes to Maine" written in 1972 by Author Richard Hooker who was famous for his 1968 book, "MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors". But that hometown of Hawkeye got me thinking about some pictures I took last year while leaving Slottsskogen Park in Göteborg after work one day. The subject of course is Crabapples which are popular here in folks gardens. The bright red tiny apples hang on afterwards for ages during the first part of winter. These particular trees were on the front of a commercial store front and Apartment building.
Photo Credit: Mine
These trees are attractive in their own little way. I've never seen them attacked by any insect pests and the blend very well in a wonderfully put together woodland garden landscape design among just the right plants.

Photo: Mine

Photo Credit: Mine
Admittedly, these little fruits are so perfect looking in shape and colour. No disease blight or insect attack blemishes. Makes you wonder why we can't grow standard apples with such perfection without chemicals. For those who know Crabapples you may think their sour tartness is a protection for them. I mean what self respecting insect would dare attempt biting into such a pucker puncher. But truthfully, I did try a couple of these little bright red gems and they were not at all insipid as you may think. While they definitely had a bit of tart, they were also very flavourful and slightly sweet. This tree's variety would have made some of that great Apple Butter Jam people back in New England are known for making with handed down family recipes.

Photo Credit: Mine

Norway Maples in Autumn Colour

Photo Credit: Mine
These photos were all taken on November 1, 2012. This is an ice covered pond, but not the type of ice you can walk on, as you can see it is a mere thin crust. Just the beginning of winter coming. As much as I hate cold and winter's long dark season here, I have to admit it makes me think of certain food items like the Crabapple Jam or for that matter any type of apple butter jams, especially the ones below which I use to distribute for back in the middle 1990s when I distributed Dudley's Bakery from Mel Ashley and Marylee Stretch. Certain foods taste better on such cool crisp or even very cold days

Credit: Carlos Rull

Julian Jams at Dudley's Bakery,

Santa Ysabel CA
Julian Jams actually does have a Crabapple Butter Jam among others. My flavourite is the Natural no sugar added Apple Butter and the Brandy Apple Butter. But as far as Crabapples go, they'd go great in any woodland landscape setting. Even if you don't eat the apples, they will be utilized by the wildlife anyway during the long cold winter months. In the end, that is really what a woodland garden should be all about, the attracting of wildlife. 

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