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Soylent Corporation Buys Out it's Competitor Holcox Corporation

Sorry, *cough-cough*, I meant the headline should read this way, 
Monsanto Seed Giant buys out Israel's Rosetta Green for $35 Million
Photo by Ofer Vaknin
Seed giant Monsanto buys Israel's Rosetta Green for $35 million. 
Rosetta Green locates and develops unique plant genes in order to develop seed strains for crops suitable as biofuels and food. 
"Monsanto is an industry leaders in biotechnology and fertilizer development for the agricultural sector. It also has a collaboration agreement with Israel's Evogene Ltd. , worth about $35 million."
So let's do a background on some of Evogene's Franken-Creations. One of the latest is a Genetically engineered Salt Tolerant Tomato. This was published in an article back in September of 2007 here:
Now let's look at some interesting quotes from that article and the excuses given for the formulating of such an organism. Take special note of the excuses given which don't even come close to addressing the real reasons for increasing salinity in our planet's soils which is both directly and indirectly their fault.
Evogene Ltd. (TELAVIV: EVGN) and Zeraim Gedera Ltd, which was recently acquired by Syrgenta S.A., announced today that their joint program for the development of salt tolerant tomato varieties has successfully completed the first phase with experimental varieties currently undergoing field trials in target locations worldwide. Under a recently signed follow-on agreement, the parties intend to further develop the experimental varieties towards commercialization and develop additional varieties for new target markets. 
The use of massive irrigation practices and water sources of high salinity levels in tomato growing areas have caused a reduction in tomato yield and in severe cases the abandoning of such areas. The tomato varieties developed through this collaboration are expected to allow growers to maintain high yields under severe growing conditions displaying high salt concentrations of water and  soil.
Just Add Salt to Taste
While it is possible to use a water quality with a higher than desired salt content, like for example, reclaimed water, the major problem as I know it is NOT the water issue. Ever Since Chemical Giant companies turned into Industrial bohemoths during World War II because their products made great bombs, it was also discovered that these could stimulate plant growth and so the "Green Revolution" was born. They didn't have to down size after all. There was a new war to be fought. It was against the seemingly evil environment which appeared to be tough on Farmers, but for which Science once again had the answer, more Chemicals. Ever actually analyze many of the products you often purchase at your local Nurseryland ? Ever notice how the contents of a box of say, Scott's Miracle Gro, looks like a sort of crystalline structural form ? Remember the older term used in soil nutrition called "soluble soil salts" ? I don't here it so much anymore, but it was once common. Austrian Forester Viktor Schauberger used it quite often in his writings. The problem with using chemicals is that they out compete the soil microbes which DO NOT like the rich chemical content presence of industrial chemicals. They will actually disconnect from the symbiotic connection on your plant's root system. In that case your plant is totally dependent upon the availability of the chemical fertilizer which must now be dosed in high concentrations to ensure some of the product actually comes into contact with the now bare and raw root system. The rest of the over 50% of that industrial junk simply leaches into the soil and gradually builds up until at some future date the soil is saturated with this white chalky salty layer and plants are incapable of survival. It's kinda like cigarette smoking. Didn't look like such a bad thing when it was first introduced, and even enjoyed when smokers first started. Later however, possibly some decades, the larger problems surface in the form of lung cancer, emphysema, etc. Now you have a serious problem and one not immediately or easily addressed. This is what these GMO (Chemical Companies) are not admitting. Take a look at a quote from the article from ChienLab.
Not dealing with the actual problem. 
 The need for genetically modified crops with a resistance to salt is occurring because of the increase in soil salinity all over the world. Although creating these GMO's would solve the food problem, the actual problem here is that the soil is becoming too salty. By creating these salt resistant tomatoes, only the surface problem is being dealt with, however there is a deeper problem that should be addressed. Instead of thinking how food is going to grow in the salty soil, scientists should be trying to find a solution to decrease the amount of of salt in the soil. If people are only worrying about the food, they may be missing an even bigger problem that might arise from the increased soil salinity. For example, the salt in the soil may run off into freshwater rivers, streams, and lakes (Nielsen), completely destroying the ecosystem by making all bodies of water saltwater. This would result in the deaths of many freshwater animals, fishes, and plants, and it would even effect us humans. Without freshwater sources , it would be harder for us to drink normal water. All of the water would have to be carefully filtered, which would end up costing a lot of money.
I totally agree with the above quote, that would stifle the present ruling industrial business model that the Chemical Companies, - which for whatever weird reasons have been put in charge of world food supplies -, have set up in the interest of power and wealth acquisition for the nations they served under. There actually is an answer to this problem and it has to do with actually replicating the way nature handles things. This would be through the infusion of soil microbes and other beneficial micro-organisms to recolonize the root systems of plants. But that would shut down chemical sales completely and also shut out the Patent system for which the GMO industry was founded on. Ever here the lame justification, "We just want to feed the world" ? This is simply untrue. Every week over here in Europe, CNN & BBC have some type of Humanitarian News story series on all the poor unfortunates who live in a 3rd world environments on only one to three dollars a day. Some accounts put this at half the worlds population. Farmers from these 3rd world areas who have purchased these higher priced GMO seeds have had their crops fail as a result. Monsanto is on record for blaming these Farmers who trusted the Seed Salesman,  for not also purchasing the chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides they also manufacture for which these things were purposely engineered to work in conjunction with. Does anyone realize how much more expensive that would make this so-called miracle food for these 3rd world farmers and their dependent customers who only earn 1 to 3 dollar$ a day ? This was never about humanitarian motivation. This was a business decision to create and pimp more and more GMOs. 

They haven't even once attempted to responsibly produce on industrial farms safe forms of beneficial bacterial and mycorrhizal fungal spores for creating ecological mixes which would be cheaper and more ecologically sound. Aside from the fact that the salinity problem would gradually disappear. Take a look at this video below of the Persian Gulf island peninsula nation of Qatar. They are only a few meters above sea level and have a huge salinity problem. Dig down a meter or so and you will hit salt water in many areas on this island.  But thanks to experiments with mycorrhizal inoculents into the soil when planting crops, they can grow almost anything. This is not Rocket Science. It's Great Science for Farmers and bad economics for Chemical Corporation Giants. This video is only about three minutes in length and won't eat up much of your time. But trust me, you will get the point. The Earth has actually been performing this way for countless thousands of years. It's only been nonfunctional since Industrial Science took over.

On further ongoing Monsanto competition acquisition news

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